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Ornamental Skulls?

What is the best way to get Ornamental Skulls?

Talaeladar provided additional details:

Where are the most bokoblins? Eldin Volcano?

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joegt123 answered:

Equip Both treasure medals and the curse medal. Then run around in and out of Faron Woods, killing all the bokoblins you can find.
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pokedude900 answered:

Equip the cursed medal and fight a lot of bokoblins. That's pretty much it.
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Hikari_Sparrow answered:

Equip the treasure medal and go fight bokoblins; it has the same effect of the curse medal but you can still use your pouch items.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

For the best results, equip the following:

- Treasure Medal (both, if possible)
- Cursed Medal

Then go to Faron Woods or another place with many Bokoblin and get to slicing.
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Threebdog answered:

Just go anywhere and kill bokoblins the best would be around faron woods.
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