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How do I solve (how to get paper)?

Where and how do i get paper for the person asking for paper in the locked toilet of the dormitry???

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Ravendjinn answered:

Talk to cawlin in daytime near the toilet, he gives you a love letter to take to karane, either take the letter to karane in day time, or wait till night and give it to the ghost.
either way you get gratitude crystals it just alters the story a tiny bit
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yab answered:

Talk to Cawlin (short guy in the academy) and he'll give you a letter, you can either give the letter to who it's for or you can give it to the hand.
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multieman101 answered:

What Eavendjinn says is true because I have done this also. I think there might be another mission withe Cawlin but i am still not sure. If you really want to gey all the gratitude crystles I would recomend giving it to Karane. You may not get all the gratitude crystells but you get more for givin g it to her.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

Assuming it is still nighttime in the game, go into a bed and sleep until morning.

Afterwards, go back towards the restroom and you'll find Cawlin. Speak with to receive a love letter. Just tell him you'll give it to its intended recipient. Afterwards, sleep in a bed until nighttime and you'll be able to go to the restroom to hand over the paper. The next night (sleep in a bed until night), go into Groose's room where Cawlin should be and speak with the disembodied hand for five Gratitude Crystals.
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