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Sandship Treasure Box?

Hello again. I'm kind of stuck once again. I just beat the sandship dungeon, where you get the 2nd flame, but I noticed that there's a treasure box that seems to be off the map in it's own section of the ship (a narrow corridor on B2 level) but I've no idea how to get into that section of the ship to get the treasure box. If someone could please help with this I'd really appreciate it, thanks!

rubius316 provided additional details:

No, but thanks for that info. The box I'm talking about is alone & on the opposite side of the ship from the 5 treasure boxes found in the area you were talking about.

rubius316 provided additional details:

that's it! Thanks!


simpoldood answered:

When you rescued the ship's crew, you had to go down below and use the whip to swing over some huge pistons. A section in there while you're swinging from the whip, you can face Link to another path and go up a ladder. I think this is what you're talking about.
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simpoldood answered:

That sounds like the back of the ship. So you need to climb the masts, where the Time Shift stone is, and work your way to the back of the ship then using the Hook Shots.
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