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Where can I find a Dusk Relic??

Okay, I'm in the Lanaryu Province and I have never found a Dusk Relic. It's starting to get very annoying because I need it to improve a few items.

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KeyBlade999 answered:

You'll find it shortly after finishing Lanayru. When you finish Lanayru, you'll later go back to Faron Woods. There will be a Silent Realm you complete there. In the Silent Realm, there are Dusk Relics.

Note however, that the Dusk Relics are ONLY found in Silents Realm, of which there are four. After getting the piece of the Song of the Hero from Lanayru (much later than you are in the game), you can replay the Silent Realms as you wish to find more Dusk Relics.
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Gunsm1th answered:

You won't find any for the first time, until right before the 4th dungeon.
So that's a few hours after Lanayru Province, after you complete the 3rd dungeon.
They can only be found in one kind of place, you'll know it when you get there.

Later on, you can play some of the minigames. Randomly, you might win it.
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pokemonfreak97 answered:

Once you clear the Lanaryu dungeon, you will eventually be led to a challenge, and during the challenge, you can find Dusk Relics. You can also do so during similar challenges.
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Glitz_yoshi answered:

You can only found them in silent realm or you can buy them from moonlight merchant in skyloft
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ash991 answered:

**SPOILER** Well VirtuallySkywar, I was where you are and you get the dusk relics from the moonlight merchant (after the sacred realms) or in a silent realm. I recommend the silent realm because the are literally EVERYWHERE and stay with you even if your spirit is shattered by a guardian.
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