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Asked: 3 years ago

Where do I find the Dragon Scales so I can start diving?

I am now halfway thru the game and I have been all thru the Faron Woods and the Deep Woods and the Temple, but I did not find the Scales it was talking about. Did I miss something?

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From: dancinkayley 3 years ago

After completing the main temples/dungeons in each of the three areas (Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano and Lanayru Desert) eventually you will be asked to find three sacred flames. The first sacred flame is in Faron Woods, where you have to do a Silent Realm trial (you will be able to dowse for the location of this trial when it is made available to you). Upon completion, you will get the Water Dragon's scale.

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It's at the north side of the Deep woods. Make sure you play your harp next to the butterflies.
If there are no butterflies then you probably have not learned the song yet.

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The dragon scales are found after finishing three temples, when you obtain the harp and learn your second song. Go at Faron woods, In front of the great tree you will see butterflies. Play your harp there, and finish the silent realm to get the scales.

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