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Asked: 2 years ago

Shoul I do Hero Mode?

I'm near the end of the game and I've read a lot about hero mode. I just want to know: is it worth it? Should I overwrite my game file to do it?

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Copy your normal save file first to another slot before fighting Demise, if you want a separate copy of a Hero mode file.

The only things that are different are:
1. Faster Skyward Strike from the start
2. Bugs and Treasure upgrade items carry over from Normal mode
3. Enemies deal double damage to Link
4. Some scenes are able to be skipped

That's about it so I don't think it's worth it since you only get a fancy Triforce logo on your save file after completion, but if you want the bragging rights, then go for it.

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Do what Gunsm1th said first so you still have your old file. There is one more change that he didn't mention, and that is that hearts never appear anywhere in the game unless you are holding a Heart Medal, so you will need more potions. There isn't that much of a point to Hero Mode, but it is fun and there's nothing wrong with playing a great game again.

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I agree. I found it fun to get the chance to play through again. I copied my save file before Demise, so I was fine. It isn't that much harder since you already know what to do. Once you beat it, yoh will have truly beaten the game and a triforce logo will appear next to your save file. And you get bragging rights.

However, it is only fair that I express the other side of the argument. Others say that it is overly repetitive and too easy to be worth it.

Happy playing!

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It depends on how bored you are. Personally, I quite enjoyed it. I would do it again. However, it IS repetitive. All the puzzles are the same, so that part is totally obsolete. If you enjoy the gameplay more than the puzzles, go for it.

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My favorite part of hero mode was beating every single boss in the thunder dragons boss challenge. Now that was challenging, and still fun. That alone made hero mode worth it for me.

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It's worth it, but there's no hearts either. It's also a nice challenge. What I did, is that I copied my normal file onto another save file, then I used the original as my Hero Mode file. The only thing that would probably be really hard is attempting to get the Hylian Shield. But you'll eventually see patterns that the bosses do.

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