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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I solve Dodoh's Party Wheel?

So... I just did the Island of Song stuff got the new song using the Walkthrough says goto Fun-Island and blah blah, I went there Dodoh just is sad he won't give me the option to help him. I did goto the Desert and find his Wheel but I can't get Fi to let Snapper pick it up. So what am I doing wrong that I can't get this quest activated?

Additional details - 2 years ago

ahh okay thanks! I only have the Dragon Scale(I think) and Heart locator in Drowsing machine and I have 1 spot open that was the only reason I question that. Thanks though!

Accepted Answer

From: u_jus_dun_know 2 years ago

It's not activating maybe that's because it's not yet time for it.
There are no missable side quests in this game so you're ok, don't worry.

Also, you might have already activated a side quest that has a dowsing option.
You might need to finish that before the Dodoh quest activates.

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