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    FAQ/Walkthrough by yoda2323

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 06/19/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    This is my first FAQ for a really popular game. This game is huge, so be ready for a long read!

    Version History

    • Version 0.3 (submitted 6/19/2012): Walkthrough complete up through the third dungeon, and corresponding sections like enemies and PoH are filled in up to the third dungeon. EDIT: In my haste to get the guide posted, I forgot my contact info. :P


    Here I will list the controls of the game, listed by category. If you ever need additional help with the controls, refer to this section of the guide, or press 2 while playing the game to get a brief explanation of basic controls.

    For any actions that use the nunchuck, it doesn't matter which direction you move the nunchuck unless otherwise noted.

    Moving, Dashing, and Rolling

    Move around by pressing the control stick in the desired direction. The farther you press it, the faster Link moves.

    To dash, press and hold A. Be careful not to let your stamina meter, indicated by a green circle, become depleted; if this happens, Link starts moving very slowly, out of breath, until his stamina is fully restored.

    To roll, shake the nunchuck while dashing. Rolling into trees or other objects can make rupees and other goodies appear.

    Throwing and Rolling

    Some objects, such as pots, jars, barrels, and bombs, can be picked up. Stand next to such an object and press A to lift it up. Hold the wiimote in the natural level position to simply hold the object; pressing A while doing so will set it down. Point the wiimote at the ground to prepare yourself for rolling the object. Tilt the wiimote left or right to change the spin on the object, then perform a bowling motion with the wiimote to roll the object along the blue line that appears when you can roll the object. To throw an object, point the wiimote up, then perform a throwing motion with the wiimote to throw the object.


    Climb onto a box or short ledge by just walking at it for a short time; Link will automatically climb up onto it. For ledges that are just a little too high, dash at the wall; Link will run a little up the wall.

    On occasion you will find vines or other such climbing material on walls. Link will automatically grab onto this material. Use the control stick to climb along the wall, and shake the wiimote to jump in the direction in which Link is currently moving. Jumping like this is a good way to cross small gaps in the vines.

    Rope Swinging

    While you are holding onto a vine or rope, point the wiimote at the ceiling. Swing the wiimote backward to swing backward, and swing the wiimote forward to swing forward. Press left or right on the control stick to move left or right. Press A to let go. Press and hold B to stop. While stopped, press up or down on the control stick to move up or down.

    Tightrope Walking

    Point the wiimote upwards, at the ceiling. If you start to lean right, point the wiimote left (while still keeping it parallel with the TV), and if you start to lean left, point the wiimote right. To jostle the rope, shake the wiimote vertically; jostling will make objects on the rope fall.

    If you lose your balance, you will fall off the rope and start hanging on with your hands. Press left or right on the control stick to move left or right and shake the wiimote to jostle the rope. While hanging on the rope like this, your stamina depletes very quickly.


    Treat the wiimote as the handle of the sword. There are 8 primary directions to swing your sword: up to down, up right to down left, right to left, down right to up left, down to up, down left to up right, left to right, and up left to down right. However, you can swing your sword in more directions than these basic eight, but for the purposes of fighting enemies, only those 8 directions matter. You can practice swordplay in the Sparring Hall in Skyloft. You can also thrust by thrusting the wiimote forward.

    Perform a spin attack by swinging both the remote and nunchuck horizontally at the same time. This depletes some of Link's stamina. Furthermore, there are 3 other "hidden" sword moves, moves that the game doesn't tell you about. To perform a jump attack, dash with A and then swing the remote; as with the previous Zelda games, this movee deals double damage. You can also perform an upward or downward spinning strike, never before seen in a previous Zelda game. To do so, swing both the wiimote and nunchuck downward or upward; this move also depletes some of your stamina.

    Shortly after getting your first sword, you will learn the Skyward Strike. To do this, point the wiimote toward the ceiling as if you were holding the sword up in the air. Energy will charge within the sword. Once it is fully charged, you can move the sword around all you want, but within a few seconds the sword will lose its charge. Swing the sword in any direction, including a thrust or spin attack, to release the energy. This can be used in battle to hurt enemies from a short distance.


    Your shield must be equipped to use it. If it's equipped, you'll either see the shield on Link's back or on his left arm. To take out your shield, shake the nunchuck. As long as his shield is out, Link will block attacks with his shield; however, the shield will lose some of its stamina. To restore the shield's stamina, use a Revitalizing Potion or repair the shield at the Bazaar.

    To perform a shield bash, shake the nunchuck. (It is worth noting that Link performs a shield bash when he takes out his shield.) A well-timed shield bash can stun enemies if you shield bash right as they attack. Your shield won't take any damage from a shield bash.


    Hold the wiimote straight, level with the ground. Tilt the wiimote left to turn left, and tilt the wiimote right to turn right. Tilt the wiimote up to fly up, and tilt it down to fly down. Simple enough. Shake the wiimote (doesn't matter which direction) to flap the bird's wings, making it go higher; this is how you gain elevation. Press A to fly forward in a short burst of speed.

    Bird flying is fairly sensitive, so make slight turns so as not to lose control of your bird.

    Using Pouch Items

    Press and hold - to bring up the pouch menu. Note that the game is not paused when you do this. Move the pointer to the slot you want and release - to equip whatever is in that slot, if applicable. If it's a shield, Link will equip the shield (unless he already has that shield equipped, in which case he will unequip the shield). If it's a bottle, Link takes out the bottle. If it's full of potion or something else, press A to use it; otherwise, pressing A scoops with the bottle, which you can use to catch fairies, mushroom spores, and other items. If it's a medal or any kind of bag that stores arrows, bombs, or seeds, nothing happens.

    Looking Around and Dowsing

    Press and hold C to bring up the dowsing menu. Note that the game is not paused when you do this. Move the pointer to the eyeball at the bottom and release C to just freely look around with the pointer. Move to anything else and you can dowse for that object. That means that you can look around, but you'll hear a beeping sound when you are looking at an object. Examples of objects/persons you can dowse for are: Zelda, Kikwis, wheel part, baby rattle, hearts, rupees.

    There are several places in the game where Fi asks you if you want to learn how to dowse, so if you ever forget, Fi is there. Besides, dowsing isn't that hard to learn anyway.

    As with everything pointer-related, if the pointer alignment feels off, press Down on the D-pad while pointing the wiimote at the center of the screen to center the cursor.

    The Map

    Press + to bring up the map of the current area. Press A to zoom in to the position you are pointing the cursor at, and press A to zoom back out. Use the control stick to move around. While zoomed in all the way, press Z to rotate the map in the same direction the camera is in-game. You can also use left and right on the D-pad to zoom in and out. You can zoom so far out that you will be able to see the entire map of everything.

    You can point the cursor at stuff on the map to see what that something is. You can do this with bird statues, red targets, and other things. As with everything pointer-related, if the pointer alignment feels off, press Down on the D-pad while pointing the wiimote at the center of the screen to center the cursor.


    Press and hold B to bring up the item menu. Note that the game is not paused when you do this. Move the pointer to the item you want to equip, and release B to equip that item. To put away an equipped item, tap B again.

    With all the pointer items (Bow & Arrow, launching the Beetle, Slingshot, Clawshots, and Gust Bellows), if the aim ever feels off, point the wiimote at the center of the screen and press Down on the D-pad to center it.

    Bow & Arrow

    Hold A to ready the arrow. Release A to fire. The longer you hold A, the more charge the arrow gets. Once the red circle on the aiming reticule fills up, the arrow is fully charged.

    To quickly charge up an arrow, press C then move the nunchuck back. To fire, release C.

    Unless you are playing Fledge's Pumpkin Pull minigame, the view always zooms in while using the bow & arrow.


    Bombs are treated just like pots. You can throw them or roll them. The fuse won't ignite until the bomb leaves Link's hands. You can restock on bombs with bomb flowers; pick up the bomb with A then press B to add it to your Bomb Bag.

    Bombs are typically used to blow up rock walls.


    Point the wiimote at the screen, level with the ground, to fly straight. Tilt the wiimote left to turn left, and tilt it right to turn right. Tilt it up (pointing slightly upward) to go up, and down to go down.

    The Beetle is used to cut down ropes and such, fly through small areas to hit switches, explore the area, etc. It is the most used item in the game. Later in the game you can upgrade to the Hook Beetle (it's required by the story so you can't miss it), which allows you to carry other objects, such as bombs. Fly near the object to automatically pick it up. Press and hold Z to look down (a blue line will show the object's path) and press A or B to release the object.

    Once you get the Hook Beetle you can upgrade it at the Bazaar to go faster. Once you upgrade it, simply press and hold A while flying to move faster.

    Bug Net

    Control it as if your wiimote was the handle of the bug net. Keep the net away from the bug or bird you wish to catch, then when you are close enough swing it quickly to catch the insect.

    The Insects section after the walkthrough details the locations of all the insects.


    Press and hold A to ready a seed, then release A to fire a shot. Note that gravity has a pretty strong effect on the seed, so you may need to aim slightly higher than what you're aiming for.


    If you can latch onto something, the reticule will turn blue. Press A to fire the clawshot and propel yourself at the target. You will either climb up onto the ledge or stay attached to the target so you can clawshot to something else.

    Clawshots can be used on targets (literally, targets) or vine walls or other such walls you can grab on to.


    Swing the remote to swing the whip. Unfortunately, this item isn't really used to its full potential, so it doesn't really matter in which direction you swing the whip. Swing the wiimote left to swing the whip from the right to the target, swing it right to have the whip swing from the left to the target, and so on.

    If you have latched onto something, the object will have a blue circle around it with the whip attached to it. Swing the remote to unlatch the whip and move the object. Again, the direction you swing the remote doesn't really matter except for one instance, which I will mention within the walkthrough.

    You can also use the whip to swing on hook-like structures, like the ones you used the Grappling Hook on in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Just target the object then whip the whip (pun intended) at the object to latch onto it. Then you just start swinging like normal.

    Gust Bellows

    Aim with the pointer, and press A to release air. As long as A is held down, air is released from the mechanism. This is used primarily to clean dust and rotate windmills.


    Here I will list all of the characters in the game, sometimes with pictures. With most characters, I will just use the information from Fi when you target the character and press Down.


    Link is the main protagonist in the game. He is the only character in the game that never says a word. Link is a member of the Knight Academy, and is kind of lazy when it comes to practicing flying on his loftwing.


    Link's romantic interest. This is the first game in the series where she is not a princess.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    While flying with Link, she is thrown out of the sky by Ghirahim's tornado and is guided by Impa to fulfill her destiny of imprisoning Demise. She is the spirit of Hylia.


    The main antagonist. He creates a tornado early in the game that makes Zelda fall down to the surface.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Ghirahim is trying to revive his master, Demise, and to do that he needs Zelda's, i.e. Hylia's, power.


    The final boss of the game.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Even though he was destroyed in the present by Link and the Triforce, he was revived by Ghirahim in the past. Oh, and in case you never figured it out, Demise = The Imprisoned.


    Kukiel's mother.


    Kukiel's father.


    I have divided the walkthrough into sections, based on how the game is split up.


    Open Link's closet for a blue rupee. Every time you return to Link's room after being away for some time, you can open Link's closet for a blue rupee.

    Leave Link's room. Go to the left and exit the building through the large doors to the right. There is a bird statue out here; walk up to it and press A to save, save and quit, or cancel. There are many bird statues throughout the land, which allow you to save the game.

    Go to left and initiate conversation with the person up on the ledge by targeting with Z then pressing A.

    Dash towards boxes stacked on one another to climb up, then jump over the gap to Instructor Horwell. Talk to him to initiate a mini sidequest. Dash up to the ledge hanging from the wall of the Knight Academy, and climb along it. Drop down to the platform, jump across the gap, and climb the vines to get to the top of the Knight Academy. There is a wooden box in front of you. Press and hold A to grab it and push it towards the wall. Climb atop the box and dash toward the wall to climb on top of it. Walk over to Mia (the cat-looking creature) and press A to pick her up. Go back to Instructor Horwell (go through the arch below the bell) and give her to him.

    Head toward the Statue of the Goddess. Save at the bird statue and climb up the stairs and enter the area ahead.

    Talk to Zelda's father to learn some information.

    Walk down the stairs you climbed earlier and talk to the guy fixing the gate.

    Talk to Horwell again, then head to the gate that has opened in front of the Knight Academy. Continue along the path, and you'll see a kid trying to roll into the tree. Roll into the tree like he's doing and get a blue rupee.

    Head to the plaza, marked on your map with a red target.

    Skyloft is pretty big, and it may take a while before you can maneuver your way around Skyloft without a map. If you ever get lost, check your map. Important areas will be marked with a red target.

    Head back to the Statue of the Goddess. Try to climb the stairs, but you'll be interrupted by Pipit and Fledge. Go over to him and talk to him. Your bird is near the waterfall, marked on the map by an X.

    You'll need a sword to get to your loftwing. Enter the Sparring Hall (you're standing right next to it) and talk to the knight inside. Enter the back room via the door to the right and open the chest by pressing A to get a Practice Sword. Go back through the door and talk to the knight again. You can practice if you want to learn how to use the sword; otherwise just refer to the Controls section above.

    Leave the Sparring Hall (you'll have a short conversation with Eagus, the knight) and head toward the waterfall, using your map to guide you if you need it. Hop across the stones in the small pond and you'll see a hole in the side of the rock from which the waterfall originates. Cut down the wood blocking the entrance with your sword and enter the cave.

    The first enemy you'll encounter in here is Keese. To beat them, just swing your sword at them in any direction that works. If they're slightly above you, a vertical slash works best, and if they're in front of you, a horizontal slash would be good. Head further down and you'll encounter some Blue Chuchus. Just swing your sword vertically to defeat them, as a horizontal slash won't strike low enough to hit them. Soon after entering a cave, there will be a wooden fence on your right, and a little further down there's an opening. Go through this opening and jump to the platform ahead. Open the chest for a red rupee.

    Relative to Link's current direction, head left and dash up the small hill. A little ahead of you are some vines on the wall that you can climb. Climb up them and open the chest there for another red rupee.

    Continue heading deeper into the cave. Dash up the high ledge, and you'll see the exit to the cave in front of you. Look to your right and climb up on the slightly elevated piece of rock. There is a crawlspace in the wall, hidden within the grass, that leads to 2 red rupees. Now exit the cave.

    Save at the bird statue in front of you and head to the right. Your loftwing is ahead. Cut the ropes tying the wooden boards to the wall to free it.

    After the cutscene, you'll be skydiving. Press down on the D-pad to call your loftwing. Follow the tutorial Zelda gives you on flying the bird. I won't cover this here since she tells you what you need to know, and I cover flying the loftwing in the Controls section. Zelda's tutorial will end a short time after flying around a bit.

    After viewing the cutscenes, it's now time for the Wing Ceremony. Hold A and press the control stick forward to dash off the platform, then press down on the D-pad to call the loftwing. Your mission is to catch the golden loftwing, represented by a bird face symbol. Don't fly too close to your opponents. To catch up to the loftwing, you can press A to dash, and/or shake the wiimote to gain altitude, then tilt downward to gain speed. Get close to the golden loftwing and a prompt will show up to press A to catch it. Do so, but you'll be stopped by Groose.

    Now you'll have to catch it again, this time with Groose's henchmen throwing eggs at you. Catch the bird the same way as before: gain altitude and then fly downward to gain speed to get closer to the bird, and once you get close enough, press A to grab it.

    After the cutscene, you now have to skydive down onto the center of the circle at the ground. While skydiving, hold the wiimote horizontal and flat to fall straight down. Tilt the remote forward to move forward, tilt it back to move backward, and tilt it left or right to move left or right. Don't move the wiimote too much; it doesn't take much movement to get the job done. If you screw up, to start again just dash off the ledge to start skydiving. Most of the time, if you dash off a very high ledge, you'll begin to skydive.

    After the cutscene, you're back in Link's room. Open the closet again to get a blue rupee. You can do this every single time you reenter Link's room. Leave Link's room.

    You'll see a strange being in front of you. Follow the being up the stairs and out through the double doors. Continue following her. Eventually you'll come across a _cat creature_. Hit it a few times with your sword to stop it from attack you, and dash up to the ledge so you grab onto it, and press right on the control stick to move along the ledge. While climbing along this ledge, you'll see a chest below you. Drop down with A and open the chest for a red rupee. Now go back to the ledge and continue along it until the end. Drop down, go down the hill, and dash up the steep incline. Defeat the enemies (a larger blue chuchu is here: to defeat it easily, perform a vertical slash at it to split it into two and then quickly do a horizontal slash to take out both pieces with one strike) and turn right onto a small floating island, continuing to follow the being. Climb up the vines along the back of the rock structure on which the Statue of the Goddess stands and continue along to the left. The being will enter the Statue of the Goddess, revealing a passageway into it. Enter and move forward.

    After the cutscene, move toward the sword and press A. From a neutral (i.e. wiimote facing up) position, rotate the wiimote so it's facing downward, then press A. Then press and hold A and, while the wiimote is still facing downward, move the wiimote up, as if you are taking out the sword. Now point the wiimote up, and, if done correctly, power will charge within the sword.

    Now run up to the goddess symbol in front of you, and perform a Skyward Strike at it. To do so, while your sword is out simply point the wiimote upward, and Link will hold the sword upward, charging power within the sword. Once the sword is fully charged (it will be lit up) you can release the energy by swinging the remote. It is worth noting that you can lower the sword (slowly, so as not to swing it) and swing the sword in any direction to release the energy, including doing an improved spin attack.

    Walk up to the symbol after it raises and press A to place the tablet inside, opening the way to Faron Woods.

    After the cutscene, you're now back in Link's room. Leave the room, and Fledge will give you the Adventure Pouch. Head to the left and exit the Knight Academy. Head out to the gate toward the main area of Skyloft, and Fi will warn you about getting a shield and potions at the Bazaar. Talk to Instructor Owlan outside of the Knight Academy to get a free Wooden Shield. To learn how to use a shield, head to the Sparring Hall or refer to the Controls section above.

    Head to the Bazaar (it's on your map if you can't locate it). The Bazaar has several sections, which I detail elsewhere in this guide. Talk to the lady in front of the potions to get a free Empty Bottle, but don't buy a potion just yet. You'll need that empty bottle soon for a sidequest.

    Talk to Gully in the plaza to learn about Beedle's Air Shop. You can't get there yet, so don't worry about it for now.

    A note about Skyloft: At first, none of the NPC's houses will be labeled. However, once you enter it once, they will henceforth be labeled on the map, and when you approach the door you will be told what house it is. I recommend entering all the houses now, because from here until the end of the guide I'll refer to the houses and buildings by name.

    Also worth noting now is that you can sleep in any of the beds in one of the buildings to restore your health and change the time of day into night. You can't fly your Loftwing at night, unfortunately, so there's only a few islands you can exlpore at night.

    You may have already collected some treasures from the enemies you defeated earlier. Treasure is either found in chests or from random enemy drops. Treasure is used to upgrade your items in the Scrap Shop in the Bazaar, or you can sell them at Rupin's house at night.

    Skydive off any of the wooden platforms in Skyloft to begin flying. If you ever find the bird flapping its wings rapidly, not moving very much, and the camera is looking downward, you need to flap the wings to get higher by shaking the wiimote. You can explore almost the entire sky right now, but the vast majority of the islands in the sky are useless to explore right now. Some islands don't have any platforms, but just enemies on them, so you have to avoid them. There are also hollow rocks in the sky; if you fly through them, you'll get a speed boost, greatly decreasing travel time from one point to another.

    However, you can head to the Pumpkin Landing. Head to an island southeast of Skyloft, one that has a yellow spot on it. Enter the pumpkin-shaped building on this island. Head upstairs and roll twice into the railing overlooking the chandeleir to make it fall. Collect the rupees and Piece of Heart #01.

    Talk to the owner behind the counter, the one with the speech bubble above his head. Anyone that will activate a sidequest or has anything important to say will have such a speech bubble above them. He'll get you started on paying off the chandelier. Agree to help him, and he assigns you your first task: deliver hot pumpkin soup to Eagus, which is stored in your empty bottle. You have 5 minutes to accomplish this task. Exit the building and skydive off one of the wooden platforms and fly off to Skyloft. Once there, press down on the D-pad to dive off. Depending on where you dive, you'll land in one of many predetermined falling locations (Skyloft has its own loading time; every time you enter or leave it, you have to wait for the game to load.) Go to the Sparring Hall and give the soup to Eagus, the knight whom you learned swordfighting from. At this point I recommend filling your now empty bottle with a red potion at the Bazaar; you might need it in the upcoming area.

    Now go back to the Lumpy Pumpkin to let the owner know you delivered the soup. He needs some time to think about what to have you do next, so you can't do anything else here for now. Now head to the green column of light and head to the surface. Once in the column of light, press down on the D-pad to dive off and fall down to the surface.

    Exploring Faron Woods

    You will land at the edge of a large circular area, with a deactivated bird statue near you. Proceed along the path and encounter Deku Babas. To defeat them, swing your sword in the direction of their open mouths. If their mouth is open horizontally, so that their teeth are parallel to the ground, swing the sword horizontally, and if their mouth is vertical, swing your sword vertically. To learn more about enemies, press down on the D-pad while targeting an enemy with Z to have Fi tell you more about the enemy. Sometimes, if you are having trouble with the enemy, Fi will offer more information. More information is available when your sword flashes and her symbol flashes to the right, on the d-pad of the wiimote on the screen.

    Head downward to the bottom of the circular area (this area of the surface is known as the Sealed Grounds; the name of the area you are currently in is found on the top left of the map) and approach the stone spike in the ground. Perform a Skyward Strike at it.

    You can now douse for Zelda. You can have Fi explain dousing to you in-game, or you can check out the Dousing section in this guide. Use the air holes to get back up to the top quickly. The door you may have seen earlier leading into the temple is now unlocked. Enter the Sealed Temple. There is a bird statue to your left so you can save. Ahead is a staircase leading to an old lady with light shining upon her from above. To the left is a pot with a fairy, and to the right is a small chest with Empty Bottle #2, filled with Revitalizing Potion, which restores your shield gauge and four hearts. Approach the old lady, and after talking with her, you now have access to place beacons on the map, so that a column of light will appear at that location to guide you to it. She mentions a chest, but that's the same chest you just opened, that contained Empty Bottle #2.

    Leave the Sealed Temple through the side doors that were just unlocked. You can see the light of the beacon rising into the sky. Proceed forward into a small circular area with some birds in the center and some grass. Cut the grass for some rupees and other pick ups. Cutting grass and other such objects, such as pots, will yield various pickups, like rupees, hearts, or items. Drop down into the larger circular area below to find some bokoblins harrassing a Goron.

    Get closer and the Bokoblins will approach you. These Red Bokoblins are the easiest type of bokoblin. To defeat them, attack them right after or right before they attack you. Alternatively, you can attack them, and they might block. Then just swing your sword in the exposed area. For example, if you swing vertically, from top to bottom, the bokoblin will block by holding its sword up and horizontal. So then all you have to do is attack in the opposite direction, i.e. vertically from down to up.

    After defeating the enemies, the Goron, named Gorko, will tell you about the bird statues. You can return to the sky from any bird statue that isn't within a building, and when you come back from the sky, you can land at any bird statue you have previously examined. This allows you to quickly return to Skyloft if you need to restock on items or potions, so be sure to save, or at the very least examine, any bird statues you come across in your quest.

    Continue along the path to the left and you'll see a ledge a little too high for you to reach, and a round log. Walk up to the log and push it toward the ledge by holding A and pushing the control stick towards the ledge, the direction you want to move the log. After pushing the log in place, you'll here the little tune from every Zelda game that indicates you have solved a puzzle. Next climb up on the log and dash towards the ledge to climb up it.

    You should now be right next to the beacon you placed earlier. Remove the beacon by going to the map with + and hovering your cursor over the beacon and pressing C. Run forward into the next area, Faron Woods.

    Head along the path and save at the bird statue. Ahead of you is a small pit with a vine above it. Run towards the pit, facing the vine, and when you reach the edge Link will automatically jump. If you aimed your jump correctly Link will automatically grab the vine.

    Here's how you swing on the vine: hold the wiimote vertically, pointing towards the ceiling. To swing forward, tilt the wiimote forward, so that it's pointing diagonally in front of you (not at the TV, not at the ceiling, about 45 degrees between). To swing backward, just do the same thing but in the other direction; tilt the wiimote backward so that it's pointing diagonally behind you. To change your direction, press left or right on the control stick, and to jump off, press A. To stop, hold B. While stopped, you can press up or down on the control stick to climb up or down on the rope.

    Jump off to the next part of the path. You'll be in a small area with two thin trees and grass. You can cut the grass for some rupees. There are also some small spiky balls in the grass. If they get onto you they will explode in a short time, decreasing your health by a quarter of a heart. To get them off, perform a spin attack (swing both the remote and nunchuck horizontally at the same time) or a roll (dash with A then shake the nunchuck).

    Continue along the path until you get to some thin trees blocking the path, the same kind of trees that were blocking the entrance to the cave in the waterfall in Skyloft. Cut them down and proceed into the small clearing.

    Two Red Bokoblins will be harassing a small creature. Defeat them, then talk to the thing (called a Kikwi) in the middle of the clearing. It will run away from you, thinking you're an enemy. Dash up the hill that it went up and continue along the path, which opens up into a fairly large area with trees. The Kikwi is hiding behind a large red mushroom; your dowsing ability will show you which one. Hit the mushroom with your sword to scare the Kikwi and have it run to another mushroom. Use your dowsing ability to find it. Repeat this process (it will never run far) until you find it shivering in fright next to a tree. Talk to it, and you will discover that its name is Machi. Roll into the tree next to Machi to obtain a blue rupee. Now you have to find the Kikwi elder.

    West of you (when I refer to the compass directions, North, East, South, and West, I am referring to the directions on your map) is a log. Push it to activate a shortcut to the beginning of Faron Woods. Collect the Amber Relic that was underneath the log.

    Your dowsing ability will reveal that the elder is east. Proceed that way and you'll come to a hill with a Deku Baba in the middle. Dash up the hill; the Deku Baba won't be able to attack you since you're moving fast. Continue following the path and go underneath the tree. When you emerge, defeat the bokoblins and Octorok (Grass)s. To defeat the octoroks, shield bash the projectile they fire back at them. If you don't have a shield, a spin attack will suffice. Continuing along the path, you'll see yet another log to your right. Push it to reveal another shortcut to the bird statue you saw just a moment ago. Collect the Amber Relic and continue along the path to some thin trees blocking the path. Slash them down with your sword as before and continue.

    There is a stone door in front of you, with a symbol that looks like a crescent moon. Ignore this door for now; you'll open this later in the game. Defeat the Octorok in front of you. The ledge to your left contains a tree; roll into it to make a bug fall; Collect the Woodland Rhino Beetle. There is also a small stump next to the tree. If you sit on it a while, your health will slowly restore. Anytime you see a stump or a stool, be sure to sit on it to restore all of your health.

    East of the ledge, just after the end of the path you were following before, the ground descends slightly. Defeat the Deku Baba and cut the rope that is attached to the ledge in front of you. Afterwards, jump at the rope (you'll have to get a running start by holding A) and swing to the other ledge in front of you. Approach the brown lump in front of you (the Kikwi elder, Bucha) and talk to him. You will be tasked with finding 3 missing Kikwis.

    Crawl into the hole in the tree to the East and climb the vines on the wall. Walk across the tightrope (there are some spiky balls on this one; jostle the rope by shaking the wiimote to get them off. You may have to do this repeatedly, and you may fall off the rope and instead hang onto it with your hands. If this happens, just climb back on by pressing Up on the control stick.) and jump down to the clearing.

    Approach the Red Bokoblin (Leader) in the center of the clearing. This one is different from ordinary Red Bokoblins since it can use its horn to call other Bokoblins into battle to help it out. Dispatch it first, just like ordinary Bokoblins. However, it takes 4 hits to kill instead of 3, and it may fall down on its back after you hit it for the third time. If this happens, perform a Fatal Blow on it by swinging the wiimote and nunchuck horizontally at the same time. Defeat all the Red Bokoblins. A Kikwi, named Lopsa, is in the tree, so roll into the tree to shake its branches, freeing the Kikwi and letting loose a vine that you can use to get out of this area.

    Walk up to the vine that fell from the tree's branches and press A to grab onto it. Start swinging and jump up to the nearby ledge. Push the log down onto the ground below. You are now in a central area to the east of the large tree. Your dowsing ability will reveal that the next Kikwi is to the northwest.

    Guays are flying around in this area. They won't like to get close to you, so either ignore them or hit them with a Skyward Strike. Head straight (north) and defeat the Red Bokoblin. Continue heading counterclockwise around the large tree until you get to a smaller tree with 3 red bokoblins around it. (On the map, this looks like a brown circle to the northwest of the large tree.) Defeat the enemies. To the north is the next Kikwi.

    Vines are on the wall to the north, and on top of the ledge that the vines lead to is the next Kikwi. Climb the large stump/branch to the north and climb onto the vines by dashing at the wall. Climb along the vines (cross the gap in the vines by shaking the wiimote to hop across the gap) and drop down onto the ledge at the end.

    The Kikwi is hiding in the group of grass. Cut down some of the grass and talk to the Kikwi, Erla. There's one more Kikwi left.

    Drop down from the ledge and head south, through a small hole you can crawl through. After emerging from the crawlspace, there are some Octorok (Grass)s in the area. Head to the opening to the right and drop down. Roll the log off the ledge to activate another shortcut. Go back up and go to the right and up the ledge. Defeat the Octorok. There is a hole to the right. You'll come back to this hole momentarily, so place a beacon here if you wish.

    Head southeast onto the small path with grass. Defeat the Deku Baba here and proceed northeast along this small path. At the end of this is a tightrope. Walk across the tightrope to the platform for a Piece of Heart #02. Now head back to the beacon. You can remove the beacon now.

    Drop down into the hole and go along the path through the rock to enter a small area enclosed by a small brick wall. Try to pick up what looks like a raised bush and the Kikwi will reveal itself as Oolo. Roll into the tree for a blue rupee. Now head back to the elder the same way you did the first time, using the map to guide you if necessary.

    Talk to the elder and dash onto his back to receive the Slingshot. It can hold up to 20 seeds by default. Upon obtaining the singshot and climbing down off the elder's back, the elder will alert your attention to a curled-up vine hanging off a tree branch directly to the north. You are to use the slingshot to knock the vine down so you can swing on it.

    To use the slingshot, press B to take it out. Aim by pointing the wiimote at the screen, and hold A to ready the slingshot. Release A to fire. If the aim ever feels off, point the wiimote at the center of the screen and press Down to center the aim. A note about the slingshot: the seeds take a curved path in the air, so the farther away your target is, the higher up you'll need to aim to hit the target.

    After hitting the curled part of the vine to knock it down, dash at it and swing on it to land on the ledge in front of you. Head to the white section of the map to the northeast. Save at the bird statue on top of this structure and return to the sky. Head to Skyloft.

    Refill your bottles if you need to and repair your shield if needed. If you found your shield taking a lot of damage, buy a Revitalizing Potion and a Heart Potion; otherwise fill both with a Heart Potion. (If you still have the Revitalizing Potion from the Sealed Temple then fill the other one with a Heart Potion.)

    Flying around the Bazaar is Beedle's Air Shop. Use your recently-acquired Slingshot to hit the bell. A rope will be lowered. Get near the rope and press A to grab on. You will be raised up to Beedle's shop. When you get to the top press A to let go. Enter the shop.

    Buy the Bug Net for 50 rupees. This item allows you to catch bugs. I won't be covering bug-catching in this walkthrough; you can go to the Insect section for all the insect locations. Insects are used for upgrading potions. I recommend upgrading the Bug Net to the larger version as soon as possible.

    To change items, press and hold B to bring up the item screen. Move the cursor to the item you want to switch to and release B to select that item.

    Head back to the Viewing Platform in Faron Woods. As I mentioned before, you can return to any bird statue you have visited previously. Upon landing, go behind you and stand on the symbol that looks somewhat like a crescent moon. Ready your slingshot and aim it upward. There is another curled-up vine attached to a tree branch. Hit it with a Deku Seed to make it fall down. Run up to the vine and press A to grab on. Swing on the vine and jump onto the ledge. Head forward into the Deep Woods.

    Walk forward and defeat the bokoblins in the area. Roll into the tree ahead to make a hornet hive fall, revealing a Hornet Larvae and alerting the Deku Hornets to your presence. Catch them with your bug net or run away from them and eventually they'll fly away. Head on the path to the east and you'll come to a tightrope with a hornet hive above. Hit the hive with your slingshot then either catch the Hornets or run away from them. With the path now clear, walk across the tightrope.

    Continue north and defeat the bokoblin. At the end of the path, go right and dash up onto the ledge on the side of the cliff. Climb along the ledge and drop down on the platform. Face east to see a tightrope with a bokoblin on the end. Start walking across the tightrope to get the bokoblin on the other side to start walking across. Go back to your side of the tightrope and hit the bokoblin with a Deku Seed from your slingshot to make him fall off. Now you can walk across the tightrope unimpeded. There are a few spiky ball things on the tightrope; deal with them the same way you did before: jostle the rope enough to make them fall off.

    Once you get to the other side, go up and defeat the Deku Baba and save at the bird statue. Face west and you'll see a rope hanging from the tree. Dash at the rope to jump off the ledge and grab onto it. Swing on the rope to the other side. Continue along and you'll come across a Quadro Baba. These guys are just like Deku Babas except they open their mouths in 2 directions: horizontally or vertically. They also have more health; they take three hits to kill instead of one.

    Continue along the path and talk to the goron you saw earlier. He'll tell you about Goddess Cubes. There are many Goddess Cubes hidden on the surface; each one will activate a treasure chest in the sky. Hit the Goddess Cube #01 with the light energy from a Skyward Strike to send it up into the sky. Head north and push the log down to activate a shortcut. Continue north towards the large temple in front of you. Save at the bird statue. Just behind you is a Goddess Cube, so activate it with a Skyward Strike.

    Explore the area around this structure. To the left is a stump that you can use to restore all your health; sit on it for a bit to restore your hearts one at a time. To the right is a stone tablet, giving you a hint on how to enter the stone structure.

    I'll use this time to mention that you can roll into any trees you find to shake its branches and make anything within its branches fall. Sometimes you'll find rupees, sometimes you'll find seeds for your slingshot. You no doubt have also seen birds around. Walk slowly up to them and catch them with your bug net to get a Bird Feather. If you catch a blue bird, you'll get a Blue Bird Feather. These are used to upgrade your items.

    If you need to, use the bird statue to return to the sky and restock on potions and repair/upgrade your shield.

    Approach the entrance door to the structure. It has a symbol of a bird on it. Take out your slingshot and look up; there is a pink switch on the ceiling. Hit it with your slingshot to open the door into the temple. Link will automatically enter.

    Dungeon #1: Skyview Temple

    Save at the bird statue in front of you. This is the first dungeon in the game. Each dungeon has a dungeon map, which reveals the location of all rooms and treasure. Unopened chests are blue, while previously-opened chests are brown-ish. Each dungeon also has a dungeon item, which you must use to solve puzzles for the rest of the dungeon. Usually there is a miniboss protecting this item. Finally, all dungeons have a boss key, which is used to open the chamber that has the dungeon boss.

    Head down the stairs to your right. Defeat the Keese. There is a spiderweb in front of you: cut through it with the sword and continue onward. If you ever get stuck in the web or another net-like thing, waggle the nunchuck and wiimote like the game tells you on the bottom of the screen to break free.

    Past the web, cut through the trees and attack the 2 Keese. You can't go to the right just yet, so just continue down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a barred door and a row of trees of in front of you, blocking vines leading up to an upper area. Cut down the trees and start to climb up the vines to make a Deku Baba come out at the top. Drop down and stun the Deku Baba with your slingshot. Then climb up and hit the switch to open the door. Go through the door.

    Climb up the stairs and stand on the circular symbol on the floor. Take out your sword by swinging the wiimote and target the eye in front of you with Z. The eye follows the tip of your sword, so rotate your sword in a circle (not like a spin attack, like a circle perpendicular to that). Do this long enough and the eye will get confused and open the door below it. Go through the door.

    You will find yourself in a small corridor. On the ceiling are Deku Babas. Defeat them and continue along the corridor. There are those spiky ball things on the ground; if they attack to you do some spin attacks or a roll to get them off. After emerging from the corridor, save at the bird statue to the right. Because you are in a dungeon, you can't return to the sky from bird statues, but you can go outside. From there you can go back to Skyloft to restock on potions and anything else you need. However, when you re-enter the dungeon, you'll have to manually treck back to wherever you were in the dungeon. To activate a small shortcut, behind you on the wall are some vines you can climb on. Defeat the Walltulas climbing on it by hitting them with your slingshot. At the top is a small passage blocked with wooden bars. Simply slash with your sword to get through. Now you're back at the starting spiral staircase of the dungeon. This is a quick way through the dungeon if you have to leave via a bird statue and then come back.

    Proceed forward to encounter a Green Bokoblin. Defeat him the same way you would a Red Bokoblin; the only difference is that he takes 4 hits to kill instead of 3. As you can see on the map, there are 5 doors out of this room, not including the door from which you entered the room. Approach the upper right door. Hit the switch above the door with your slingshot to open the bars, and go through the door.

    Cut through the web in front of you and go up the steps. A Skulltula will drop down from the ceiling. This guy is pretty tough. Hit it with a horizontal slash to start it swinging. When it's showing its back to you, hit it with a thrust attack. You will either hurt it or make it start swinging in the other direction, i.e. at you. Perform a thrust attack at the purple light on its back twice to defeat it. Approach the tablet and read it, which informs you of two gemstones in the previous room that must be struck.

    Exit the room from the same door you entered. (If you fell down to the lower area, climb up the vines to the north. There are Walltulas on the vines; kill them with your slingshot.) Alternatively, there is a crawlspace to the east of the room, hidden by grass, that you can enter and hit the gemstone above with your slingshot to fill that room and the next room with water. However, there is no need to do that just yet.

    After exiting the previous room, you'll be facing west, to the next door you have to go through. There is another gemstone underneath that door. Drop down to the lower area and go under the platform bridge leading to that door. Facing west, you'll see the switch. Hit it with your slingshot or dash up to the ledge where the switch is and hit it with your sword. Upon hitting the switch, the door to the upper left will open. Go through this door.

    Go forward and defeat the Green Bokoblin. Go up the steps to the left to see a Skulltula on a web. Don't try to defeat it; a little west is a curled up vine. Hit that with your slingshot, then jump to it from the stump nearby. From that vine, jump to the next vine in front of you and onto the ledge. Now you can defeat the 2 Skulltulas on the bridge. Just stab them with a thrust attack from behind. Go back to the south of the room and climb up the steps and open the door to the east. Go up the branches and open the chest there for the dungeon map. Your position, bird statues, and doors are marked on the map, and important locations are marked with an X. There should be 2 Xs in rooms you have already explored, marking the locations of two important gemstones (well, that's redundant... all gemstones are important, aren't they? =P).

    Go back to the previous room (the one to the west) and walk along the bridge to its center. Face west and hit the gemstone in front of you with your slingshot. This room and the adjacent one will fill halfway with water. (If you haven't activated the other gemstone, continue reading. Otherwise, skip to the next paragraph.) Now go back to the room where you encountered your first Skulltula (the one to the east). Drop down below and go through the crawlspace to the east, covered with grass. Hit the gemstone above you with your slingshot to fill the area and the adjancent room with water. Climb up the vines to your left and at the end of the small corridor crawl through the crawlspace to end up back at the beginning of that room.

    Return to the central room (the one with 4 doors on the side, 2 on each side). Stand at the center of the room and look east to see vines on the wall. Jump on the floating log near these vines, and kill the Walltulas with your slingshot. Climb on the vines and get on the platform to the right. Climb up the steps and go through the door at the top. There is another Skulltula in this room; defeat it the same way you did the first one: horizontal slash it to make it start swinging, and consequently, rotating, and when its back is to you, hit it with a vertical strike or a thrust to make it start swinging in the other direction (perpendicular to the direction it was swinging before). Thrust its back twice to defeat it.

    A chest is behind bars to the south of this room. Stand a good distance away from these bars such that when you face the bars with your sword out, both eyes are open. Spin your sword in a circle as before to destroy the eyes and open the cage. Open the chest for a small key, which opens a locked door in this dungeon. Go back to the central room for a final time and go north. Hop across the floating log and onto the ledge. Open the locked door with your newly-found key and enter the next room, a very large circular room.

    Approach the stairs in front of you that are leading downward, and take out your slingshot. Aim it above the door in front of you at a gemstone. Hit it with your slingshot to open the door. Proceed through it.

    MINIBOSS: Stalfos

    I'll put all minibosses and bosses in a boxed section like this. This guy is a skeleton come to life. It has 2 swords. To defeat it, simply attack in the direction it's not blocking in. For example, it may hold its swords up and to your left. So you have to attack either right to left, down right to up left, or down to up. If it holds its swords vertically, you must strike vertically (up to down or down to up), and if it holds its swords horizontally, you must strike horizontally. However, you'll only be able to get one hit from this method before he puts his swords up again to form a new block position. So, in short, attack once in a direction he's not blocking in, then wait for him to form a new block position with his swords, then attack again. Repeat this process until he is defeated.

    If you ever miss and hit one of his swords by mistake, quickly backflip away from him or take out your shield before he has a chance to counterattack. Alternatively, you can also shield bash his attacks, which stuns him temporarily, leaving him open for several hits from your sword.

    After defeating him, a chest will appear in the center of the room. Open it to obtain the most unique and original item in Skyward Sword, the Beetle. To use it, press B to equip it, placing it on your arm. Then aim with the wiimote, and press A to fire it, and then control the Beetle with the wiimote: tilt the wiimote down to fly down, up to fly up, left to fly left, and right to fly right. Basically, it is controlled just like the loftwing, except without flapping and attacking. Whenever you're flying your beetle, a beacon of green light will appear where Link is. Fly into this green light or press B to have the Beetle instantly return to Link and gain control of Link again.

    Take out the Beetle and launch it at the web to the left of the barred door. The Beetle can fly through small spaces and cut webs and ropes. Fly out of this little structure through this hole and hit the gemstone switch above the door that you hit with your slingshot earlier. This opens the door, allowing you to leave the structure.

    Take out your beetle and fire it to the west. You'll see a Skulltula in the air, hanging from a web. Go through the web with the beetle to cut it, making the Skulltula fall to the ground on its back. Press B to return control of Link, and target the Skulltula and peform a fatal blow. If you aren't quick enough, it will get back up. To flip it back over and attack its back with a fatal blow, perform a vertical strike downward to upward near it to flip it over. Once it's defeated, continue going clockwise around this circular room. Save at the bird statue to the west. There are a lot of hanging objects in this room; cut the ropes from which they are hanging with your beetle to knock them down and collect the contents. There are also passageways in the walls that you can traverse with your beetle for rupees; the beetle can also collect items such as rupees and hearts, so you can use the beetle to collect items from afar.

    Above the door is a small passage through which your beetle can travel. Fly it through this small passageway to hit the switch in the middle. There are Deku Babas in this passage, so kill them by flying the beetle at their "stem." Hitting the switch with the beetle will open the door near the bird statue. Go through this door. There's nothing of interest in this room for now, so just go straight and through the door ahead of you. It will lock behind you.

    When you approach the caged chest in front of you, a Skulltula will fall from above. Hit it with a vertical slash from down to up to flip it on its back, then perform a fatal blow on it to kill it. Upon defeating this enemy, the door will open again. Go north and there are vines you can use to get to an upper area of this room. Use your beetle to cut down the box hanging from a web. Push this box west and down to the lower area. Push it as far west as you can, then push it north until it is approximately centered with the top eyeball above the bars enclosing the chest. Push it west one more push, then climb on top of the box and face west. Take out your sword. All three eyes should be looking at the tip of your sword; if not, reposition the box/yourself so that they are all looking at it. Once they are all looking at the sword, move the sword in a circular motion as you have done twice previously to destroy the eyes and open the bars. Open the chest to get a small key. Now leave the room through the door.

    Take out your beetle and launch it. Fly it through the upper area of this room, avoiding the trees and Skulltula. Hit the switch at the end to fill the area with water. Now Link can go to this upper area. To defeat the Skulltula, cut the lower web portion enough to make the Skulltula fall down onto the ground. Hit it with an upwards vertical slash as before to flip it over, then perform a fatal blow to kill it. Go up the stairs, past the gemstone, and cut down 4 trees in a group to reveal a crawlspace. Go through this crawlspace and exit through the door in front of you.

    Continue clockwise around the circular room. Defeat the Green Bokoblin and the Keese. Across from the north exit to this room is a Piece of Heart behind bars. To get it, fly your beetle up near the top of the structure in the center of the room. You can enter a small chamber at the top of the statue and hit the gemstone there with the beetle to open the bars to the Piece of Heart. Collect Piece of Heart #04 to complete the Heart Container and increase your heart capacity by one and restore your health.

    Continue clockwise around the statue to get to the east side of the room. There is a locked door across a tightrope, but there are Deku Babas on the ceiling. Cut down the Deku Babas with the Beetle by hitting their stem with the Beetle. If you happen to fall below the tightrope, there are 2 Quadro Babas to defeat. Simply climb back via the vines on the wall. Walk across the tightrope and open the locked door. Continue along the corridor and break through the wooden barricades with your sword. Here you'll encounter a Staldra. To defeat it, you'll need to cut off all three of its heads in one strike. Dodge its attacks and wait for it to position its head all in a line, either diagonally or horizontally. Then swing your sword in the correct direction to kill all 3 heads at once. If you're quick enough, you can actually kill all 3 heads in not one, but two, strikes of your sword, but you have to be quick. Proceed through the northwest door that just opened upon the defeat of the Staldra.

    Go along the corridor and defeat the Green Bokoblin. Ahead you will approach a gap, and the only thing between you and the next ledge is a Skulltula. Cut the Skulltula down with your Beetle to have the Skulltula fall to its death. Jump to the next ledge. Hit the switch above the passageway to the left with your Beetle or Slingshot to open the bars leading to the central circular room, activating another shortcut. Go north, up the steps, and start walking along the tightrope until the Green Bokoblin on the other side starts walking across. Jostle the rope enough times to force the Green Bokoblin to fall (you may inadvertently start hanging from the rope with your hands, and this is acceptable). Proceed forward. Ahead of you is a large door with a chair-shaped hole in the center. Save at the bird statue to the right.

    Open the chest in the small room to the west for a red rupee. Now go to the small room to the east and climb up the vines. Cut the rope to the south and jump at it to start swinging on it. Aim to the right and jump to the ledge. Climb up the vines and proceed along the branches. When you reach the next tree, to your left is a curled-up vine. Hit it and the one just past it with your slingshot. Swing on these vines and enter a small room with a chest. Open the chest to get the Goddess Carving, i.e. the Boss Key. This allows you enter the room where the dungeon's boss lurks. Climb up the vines to the right of the chest and hop across the gap. Jump down below and now go to the door you saw earlier, next to the bird statue you saved at not too long ago. Save at said bird statue, and return outside if you need to repair your shield, buy a new one, or restock on potions. This upcoming boss is pretty challenging without a shield if this is your first time playing the game, so I strongly recommend you have one that has plenty of stamina.

    Approach the boss door and press A. You now have to fit the key you found earlier into the lock. Press and hold A to grab the key, and point the wiimote around to rotate the key. Point left to rotate the key clockwise, right to rotate counterclockwise, up to rotate forward, and down to rotate backward. Hold Z to see the lock. You have to try to rotate the key so the side facing you is in the same shape as the lock. Ironically, this one is probably the hardest of these kind of puzzles. If you want a hint, look below.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Look for the side that isn't all decorated, that pretty much just has 2 lines. This is the side that will be facing you in the solution.

    Once you fit the lock into the door, Link will automatically enter the room.

    BOSS: Ghirahim

    This guy is the main antagonist in this game. This first stage of the battle is somewhat tricky. His hand follows your sword, so you have to swing your sword in the opposite direction that your sword is in. For example, if you are holding your sword to the right, you have to swing from left to right. This can be hard to do, so there's a little trick to doing it. Hold the sword to the right by holding the wiimote to the right, then simply swing from left to right by quickly moving the wiimote further to the right; this will perform a rightward horizontal slash and hurt him. Once you've made that first strike, you can attack him twice more for additional damage before he starts dodging. Continue this process until he takes out his sword to start this next phase of battle. If you hit his hand with your sword, he'll grab it. Swing the wiimote upward to break the sword free; otherwise he'll steal your sword and attack you with it for a bit. Eventually he'll throw the sword at you and you can pick it up to have it again.

    For this second phase of the battle, he takes out his sword for sword-to-sword combat. He has several attacks: he will run towards you and then swing his sword. If you have a shield, shield bash this attack to stun him and then strike with your sword. If you don't have a shield, backflip out of the way. This can be tricky, so you have to be sure to press the control stick in the opposite direction that Link is facing and then press A to ensure a backflip instead of a sidestep.

    Ghirahim also makes red sparks appear in a particular orientation (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally); you can either dodge them or hit them with your sword in the appropriate direction to reflect them back at him for minimal damage.

    He will also sometimes just stand closeby to you, holding his sword in a particular direction. Just attack in the direction he's not blocking in; if he's holding his sword vertically to the right, for example, swing your sword horizontally from left to right. Be very careful not to hit his sword, because if you do he will immediately counterattack, knocking off 1 heart of damage.

    No matter how you hurt him with your sword, you can always get more than just one strike, so take advantage of this. If you ever need extra hearts, just break the pots around the arena. After you hit him enough times, he is defeated.

    Collect the Heart Container that appeared to increase your health by one. Proceed through the door in front of you. Go forward and up the steps to find an altar in front of you. Go into the water and head behind the altar for Goddess Cube #03. After hitting it with a Skyward Strike, stand on the platform in front of the altar, the one with the symbol of the goddess on it, and Z-target the goddess symbol in front of you and hit it with a Skyward Strike.

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