Question from wizjames69

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat the african leopards?

Trying to beat them but keep getting attacked how to I defeat them.

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I usually use a shotgun to kill things that attack you. If you are being attacked, repeatedly tap the button shown on the screen and you will counter the attack, again giving the opportunity to shoot at the leopard again.

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ok, but do you have to kill all three of them? And any hints on which one to go after?

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Use the shotgun. When they come after you move to the right. If one jumps on you use the button that it tell you to to get him off of you. When you through the leopard off you it will hesitate for about 2 seconds. Unload the shotgun into him and that should be it. GOLD MEDAL.

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You only have to kill one of them.

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