Plot Summary by kern

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by kern (chriskern99 at gmail)
v1.0 (March 10, 2011)


This is a compilation of postings I made to a message board summarizing NEO.  
However, initially I wasn't sure I was going to do a full summary so the first 
few stages are less detailed and have more personal reflections about the game 
than the later sections.  Overall this summary is not as detailed as the ones 
MN does (or even as much as my own F/FF ones), but it should be enough to let 
you know what's going on in the story.  I only took one path; I tended to 
stick with the Earth Tear people.

Also because of its origin as message board posts, there are some opinions and 
notes on gameplay and system stuff scattered in here as well.  Hopefully that 
doesn't distract too much from the summary itself.

Also if you don't like my name romanizations, you can save a copy and do a 


We begin with Sharu on a huge flying bird ship, apparently stealing the sword 
Armed Fantoma(?).  Rivalis has sent guards to capture her though (although 
they address her as Sharu-sama), but she escapes on her witch broom to meet 
with her brother.  Rivalis catches up with her, but before he can kill her, 
the sword disappears and then Sharu escapes (not knowing where the sword is).  
Rivalis is afraid of what Chaos is going to do to him for letting the sword 
go.  Meanwhile, Chaos realizes that since the power of the Armed Fantoma was 
released, that must mean the legendary Black Giant from the far-off land known 
as "Earth" has awakened.

The opening narration tells us that the plots of Mazinger, Great Mazinger, G 
Gundam, Braiger, and Goshogun have already occurred.

Now Ken (the main character of Jushin Liger) has a strange dream about 
dragons, and wakes up with blood on his hands, plus there have been a lot of 
earthquakes lately...

Stage 1

The main character is a top-class runner who has just set some record (in high 
school, of course) and is being interviewed...rather nervously.  He just hopes 
his sister Amane saw how well he did.  He meets up with his brother and they 
go off to a farm, where they run into Ken (almost literally) -- Ken falls off 
his bike and the same bloody mark from when he woke up is there again.  At 
school, there are more earthquakes...but actually, it's the enemies coming.  
Doll Satan appears with some Drago Knights, who promptly start destroying the 
town.  Of course, they're the monsters from Ken's dream.  The Earth Defense 
Force is ineffective as usual.  Amane hears a singing voice that Kakeru can't 
hear, but then they both fall down a pit that opens in the ground.

Ken's grandfather shows up at the destroyed school and tells Ken to call for 
Liger -- the scar on his hand is the mark of the Lion, meaning he can control 
the Liger.  The enemies have discovered the Sealed Rock, which contains their 
demon god, and Zara orders Doll Satan to kill lots of people so that he will 
awake.  Ken joins with Liger and goes to stop it.

On the second turn, Kakeru and Amane find that there's some sort of structure 
underground, and it takes off and turns out to be a ship!  Somehow Amane is 
absorbed into the ship and gains its knowledge, and tells Kakeru to take the 
robot (Sigzaur) they found there.  After the initial grunts are destroyed, 
Liger transforms into a more powerful form, and Kakeru gets the Armed Fantoma 
which flies in from the sky -- apparently it's the original weapon of the 
Sigzaur (good, because its basic attack sucked).

After the battle, the Demon Rock disappears.  Kakeru and Amane decide to get 
away so that they aren't discovered, and Amane finds a way to shrink the Ionia 
and the Sigzaur down into little onyx pieces. 

(Amane is played by Hidaka Noriko, who is Noriko in Gunbuster.)

Stage 2

XO started with Raijinoh already existing, but they start further back here -- 
Belzeb tries to blow up the Earth with missiles but Eldoran, the guardian of 
Earth, stops him.  They still get the Jaaku minions down to Earth, though, so 
Eldoran entrusts the Raijin-oh to a bunch of kids.  They figure out how to get 
it running and combined.  Meanwhile Kakeru and Ken hear about the monsters and 
go to help.  (Belzeb tries to figure out what Earthlings fear; he hears Boss 
complaining about exhaust gas so makes the monsters do that...) 

In a few turns, Mazinger and Diana show up (Kouji and Sayaka still have their 
same old portraits that they've been reusing all the way back to Alpha DC).  
I'm pretty sure although the cutins are new, the animations of Mazinger and 
Raijin-oh are copied from XO.

After the fight, the kids are pretty happy with the new mech but the teacher 
still gives them homework.

There's a lot of new stuff in this system that I'm not sure I've fully figured 
out yet; it is neat how the weapons have abilities and the seishin have ranges 
(it makes it harder to just Luck and Cheer everyone).  You also seem to 
regenerate some SP and EN and get Will at the beginning of every turn (and the 
enemies get it on their turn too, I guess?)

Stage 3

Here comes NG Knight Lamune & 40.  I remember one of the Lamune projects 
(maybe an OAV) was among the titles released in the dawn of the anime boom in 
the US (early to mid 90's), but I never actually saw it.  I vaguely remember 
that the company marketed it as if it were a borderline ero-anime. (I later 
looked it up -- I'm thinking of VS Knights Lamune & 40 FRESH, released in the 
US as Knights of Ramune in was apparently a lot more fanservicey 
than the TV series were.)

Anyway, we start at a school (again!), apparently the same school that Amane 
was going to because they are talking about why Amane hasn't come back from 
Hokkaido yet.  Lamune buys a game for 10 yen from a used shop, beats it in one 
day, and then gets sucked into the game world by Milk, where he gets told he's 
the legendary knight Lamunes.  Sharu (the original from the opening) is 
bumming around outside the castle as well, and meets some of the characters 
from Ryu Knight (Puffy, Sarutobi, and Izumi).

Unfortunately, the evil guy attacks Arara Kingdom, where Lamune is -- luckily 
they show him the legendary mech that he can go fight the enemies with.  What 
a silly series.  Anyway, after you beat up some guys, some thieves appear to 
take advantage of the situation, followed by the Ryu Knights.  Puffy is a 
mage, Sarutobi a ninja, and Izumi a priest.  Kind of interesting to play with 
them; it doesn't feel like SRW.  Anyway, when you take the ship down below 50% 
it regenerates so I made sure to beat it with a support attack to get the 
money and XP twice.  Once you kick its butt, the villian with Shinobu's VA 
retreats.  Puffy and the others go on their merry way since they're training, 
leaving Lamune to go to the castle himself.  Even though none of the previous 
characters are here, the money and items somehow find their way into the 
general treasury.  It's magic!

Tama Q tells Lamune that he's going to have to go on a journey to find all the 
guardian warriors if he hopes to defeat Gobuuriki.  At that point, an alarm 
sounds -- Sharu is using their Space-Time Machine (that they summoned Lamune 
with) to go back to Earth.  She goes, but unfortunately the machine breaks, 
stranding Lamune.  But that's OK, he'd rather be a hero anyway.

Stage 4

One big change in this game is that the damage calculations must be totally 
different because the scale of the numbers is way lower than in previous games 
(all the stats are two-digit numbers).  Also, for the first time since SRW 2 
(for the NES!) there's no distinction between pilot stats and mech stats.

Back to Liger -- Zara speaks with the voice of Drago, telling the enemies to 
make humans suffer to make him revive.  Doll Satan goes out again along with 
Ryu Dolk.  Meanwhile, the heroes get their first look at the Ionia.  Sayaka 
thinks Amane is a girl -- haha, I'm not the only one who got tricked.  They 
decide to hang around Tokyo for a while, and run into Yui and Mai (Ken's 
cousins, although he didn't know that) and Sharu.  Sharu's still looking for 
the Armed Fantoma, and she has bizarre clothes that everyone comments on.  
They give her some donuts, which she likes a lot.  But then the demon stone 
appears and Doll Satan attacks.  Yui and Mai rush in (for some reason), 
forcing Sharu to call out her Melveyu to protect them.

Next turn, Raijin-oh and the Mazinger team appear (along with Boss for the 
first time).  Sharu yells at them for being late, but just then, a new hero 
Osekaizer appears, declaring himself the hero of justice.  He's an optional 
unit; the wiki says I have to let him kill 5 units in order to get him later.  
Once you kill a few enemies, Liger appears, and then Doll Satan comes out 
himself(herself?).  Finally, after a bit more, Ryu Dolk brings out his 
powerful Doruga -- Liger is no match for him.

Doruga changes form at 16K HP, I wasn't able to beat him even with a hot blood 
Breast Fire + fire damage + 100% surround bonus + Raijinoh support.  I see the 
wiki says you need 7-8 levels of upgrade for Mazinger Z; I don't have that 
much money.  Oh well.  The next form runs at 30k, which seems impossible 
although you do more damage when he's in the air.

After the fight, Osekaiser leaves before anyone can figure out who he is (they 
think he's with Sharu at first).  Sharu seems nice but then she notices that 
Kakeru has the sword she's been looking for, and demands he hands it over.  He 
won't do it, so Sharu prepares to fight, but she runs out of energy and has to 
flee.  Kakeru wants her to tell him about the Sigzaur but she leaves instead.

Everyone seems to know this famous female reporter, and she wants the scoop on 
what's going on, so everyone goes to her villa to answer her questions (Yui 
and Mai seem to know about the enemies, for some reason).  Meanwhile Ryu Dolk 
can only bemoan his failure and hope he beats Liger next time.

Stage 5

Saeko (the reporter) has a huge house.  She says her father wrote a thesis 
about the Jashin Drago's revival; apparently he fought some good god long ago 
but was defeated and trapped in that stone.  Nobody knows exactly how they 
will revive Drago, though.  Now the party splits up -- Kakeru  and Amane go 
home while Ken goes to a new school with Yui and Mai.  I picked Route A to 
stay with the main characters.

Back at Aozora Town, Kotaro is training with his father Tobei to be a ninja, 
although he cares more about baseball than ninja training.  His dad gets 
pissed off and chases Kotaro to a shrine, where he accidentally breaks a rock 
and releases the Demon King Gokuark.  Luckily Eldoran immediately seals him 
back in the rock again.  However, Gokuark manages to release his servant 
Yaminorius III first.

The next day, Kotaro and his friends Rikiya and Yosuke are going to a baseball 
game.  Chinatsu is going to take pictures for the school paper but she gets 
distracted by something more interesting -- a military parade.  The boys go on 
and come across three robots; they get in and Eldoran tells them they must use 
the robots to fight the monsters from the Demon King.  They pretty much 
immediately accept, but just then Yaminorus III sends out some of his monsters 
and Kakeru and Amane have to come out and fight.  Meanwhile, Chinatsu hasn't 
gone to the shelters with everyone else, she's out taking pictures of the 

Once the initial enemies are gone, Yaminorius III sends out more monsters -- 
Rikiya finally overcomes his doubt and everyone transforms and brings out 
their mechs, then they combine into, I mean Ganbaruger.  Once 
they beat the enemies, Tobei has caught up with Yaminorius III, and the boys 
go out to help him.  Unfortunately Yaminorius puts a silly curse on them; 
Tobei becomes a dog, and the boys will become dogs if they let their secret 
identities be known.  Then, Belzeb sends out some Jaaku forces.  Eventually 
Belzeb comes out himself, but he gets beaten.

After the battle, the Mazinger team show up with yet another Eldoran robot 
piloted by little kids -- the Gosaurer.  The Gosaurer team and the others had 
to fight against the Machine Kingdom.  The Ganbaruger team leaves without 
saying much (because they can't reveal their identities).  They also discover 
they have psychic powers when transformed.  The dog dad wants to train with 
them to make them into good warriors.  Meanwhile, the Gosaurer and Raijinoh 
teams are fighting over who is the leader.

Stage 6

Time to introduce New Getter Robo, which is not piloted by kids.  In this 
story, Ryoma has taken over his father's dojo but it isn't doing well.  The J9 
team has been paid by Saotome to scout and capture the Getter pilots -- Hayato 
is a terrorist of some sort and Benkei Musashibo is a priest.  Ryoma is pretty 
opposed but then demons attack (rather than the dinosaur empire this time), 
and Ryoma takes them out.  The heroes go out in the machines and combine them 
to make Getter Robo.  Time to beat the demons.  

Once you beat a few, Abe no Seimei (who was actually with Drago a few missions 
ago) sends out a lot more.  Things look bad, so Saotome sends out the Braiger, 
and just then, Domon shows up to help with his God Gundam (he actually wants 
to ask Saotome some questions, but that can wait).

After all the demons (and metal knights) are beaten, Ryoma wants to fight 
Domon, but Domon goes straight to Saotome.  He's concerned that the Getter 
Rays will be misused like the DG Cells and lead to humanity's destruction.  
Saotome admits that's possible but he doesn't care.  Later, Isaac offers to 
trade Domon information on the Getter Rays in return for information on the DG 
Cells, which Domon is still hunting down.  Isaac also agrees to Saotome's 
request to go with Getter in return for Getter Ray information, which Saotome 
doesn't really care about because he doesn't think the J9 team can understand 

One thing they said in this mission is that Repair Kits and the like can be 
used in battle but then they don't permanently disappear, they just go away 
for the battle.  Maybe this will make them more useful, especially since the 
robots have a lot more item slots than in previous games.  I'm also not sure 
how terrain works with respect to the Getter -- do all the maps take place on 
Earth?  I see the Land and Sky terrain markers on the attacks and the robot, 
but Getter 1 has both Sky and Land so what's the point of using Getter 2 or 3?

Stage 7

Part 1 of the stage starts off with Abe no Seimei sending more units against 
the Getter team.  He's working with Zara to try to revive Drago, and this time 
Doll Geist is going to help out with his metal soldiers.  You're supposed to 
either break through to the end or beat the enemies, but none of the enemies 
move and all your guys start at 150 morale so you might as well kill them all.

Afterwards we go to Kakeru.  He had Professor Yumi examine the Sigzaur but 
they couldn't figure anything out.  Meanwhile he's lent the Ionia to the 
Endoran teams to help with something, although they won't tell him what it is.  
Amane tells Kakeru he's got something to show him, so Kakeru goes to the 
school.  The teacher complains that everyone's in the little onyx stone, and 
Kakeru goes in there as well to see Amane.  It turns out the big secret is 
that they moved the Raijinoh control room to the inside of the Ionia for 
easier access.  They want to tell the Ganbaruger team about it too, but of 
course nobody knows who or where they are.  It turns out they're doing the 
after-school cleaning in their classroom, but their father (who is now 
Gonzales the dog) calls them and tells them monsters are attacking -- 
Yaminorius III is at it again.

A few turns later, Doll Geist shows up with some units, and Ryu Dolk comes in 
on his own to beat Liger.  After a bit more, Sharu comes out again but this 
time as an enemy!  She brings out some of her Sul Grans to attack you.  

The wiki calls this stage the "beginner killer" because of the large number of 
bosses; I think the key is just don't take too long in beating Ryu Dolk, who 
reaches your guys first.  Of course he has two forms, but if you surround him 
and beat him up it should be OK.

Once you beat Sharu she disappears; Amane notes that it looks like the same 
way Sigzaur disappears and wonders if she can use the onyx transformation as 

Even more units come out, and then finally the Getter team and the rest show 
up along with some demons.  Once you clear everyone away, the stage finally 
ends and everyone gathers around the Ionia.  But just then, Sharu reappears 
again, still wanting to take the Armed Fantoma away.  The team is about to 
fight her again when Abe no Seimei appears and uses some sort of magic to send 
them all through the gate to another world.  The magic seems to resonate 
somehow with the Sigzaur and it causes Amane a lot of pain.

I'm still getting used to the system; resupply doesn't cost any Will and it 
can be used post-move, which is good for Boss.  If I'm interpreting the wiki 
correctly, upgrading weapons also increases the supply and healing amounts.

Stage 8

First we get a narration about a new danger coming to Earthtear (I think this 
is taken from Ryu Knight).  Back on the ship we saw in the prologue (the 
Ultarius), Kyaos tells Rivalis that the Armed Fantoma has reappeared in their 
world and that Rivalis should go find out if that's true or not.  He is 
relieved at getting another chance rather than being punished.  Meanwhile, 
Kakeru finds himself along in Earthtear, and some bandits attack him.

Once he takes a few of them out, a strange penguin thing appears and tells the 
bandits they should be attacking Pafricia Kingdom instead, so the rest of them 
leave.  The Ionia then shows up, although only half the team is there -- 
they're not sure what happened, but they assume this is a different world of 
some sort.  They especially notice the huge sword in the distance.  But for 
now all they can do is head for the nearby town for information and supplies.

Then we switch to the Axe Bomber, which is a ship that Lamune is on with Milk 
and Cocoa.  They seem to have found some of the Guardian Knights and they're 
heading to Pafricia Kingdom to find the 4th.  Tama-Q instructs Lamune on how 
to use the Guardian Knights in battle, by summoning them.

The main heroes reach the town, where they run into the penguin from before, 
who protests that he's a Half Beast (named Zampa), not a penguin.  The knight-
in-training Adieu comes in to beat Zampa up, but he trips and falls instead, 
so Hayato has to come in and save him.  Hayato leaves afterwards, though, and 
Adieu leads the heroes to a cafeteria to get some food.  Milk wants food too 
(of course), and they somehow find Benkei to lead them to the same cafeteria.  
It seems that Benkei and Hayato can't find Ryoma or the Getter so they've 
gotten odd jobs to earn food.  Milk is eating up the entire restaurant, but 
just then Da Cider comes to attack and Lamune has to go out to fight him.  
(Once again we are treated to ineffective ally grunts being crushed).

Soon, Zampa appears with his band of thieves, ready to plunder the castle.  
Adieu goes out to fight them, and it turns out he's a Ryu Knight user as well.  
Milk wants to fight everyone because they interrupted her lunch, but Cocoa 
convinces her to leave the fighting to Lamune and Adieu.  Soon, though, more 
guys show up, and our heroes decide to go out -- of course Lamune recognizes 
Mazinger Z and Raijinoh, and he knows Amane from school.  If you beat Da Cider 
before Zampa, he runs away, so it's good to beat Zampa first.

Once Da Cider is beaten, he brings out a powerful Monsker with a bomb that 
will blow up half of Pafricia.  Luckily Lamune is able to find the fourth 
guardian knight, Brendon, who knocked the bomb back into Da Cider's ship; he 
retreats.  Now Rivalis appears with a large force, intent on recovering the 
Armed Fantoma.  Once you beat up all his guys, he reveals some information -- 
he is part of the Erunst Organization, a scholarly/scientific group on Earth 
Tear.  Next time, he'll take the Armed Fantoma back.

After the battle, the heroes briefly relate how they were brought to Earth 
Tear.  Hayato and Benkei show up -- it seems that they've actually been here 
for 6 months or so, so not everyone got sent to the same time.  Hayato 
suggests that they obtain official recognition from the King of Pafricia to 
allow them to move about more freely -- Lamune was going there anyway, so 
everyone heads to the palace.  The King thanks them for protecting the town 
and makes them official representatives of Pafricia.  It seems that he 
actually knows who Abe no Seimei is, and tells the heroes where his rumored 
location is, in the Hinode Kingdom.  They decide to head to Hinode Kingdom to 
see if Hinode will join Pafricia in the fight against the enemies; Lamune is 
heading there anyway because there's supposed to be a Guardian Knight.  First 
they have to make it through the Onion Valley, though, where there's supposed 
to be a bunch of enemies.  Cocoa also tells them about the Time-Space Machine 
in the castle, but not only is it broken, the passage between Earth and Earth 
Tear is unstable because of Goburiki's interference, so they might not be able 
to make it back safely.  They may have to stop Goburiki's revival and defeat 
Don Halmage before they can go back.

Stage 9

That penguin Zampa from the last stage is a Banpresto Original; I assumed he 
was from Ryu Knight.

All the new arrivals are amazed at the Ionia -- it has trees and water; Milk 
wants to try growing things so she can eat them.  Some of the kids actually 
agree with that and want to start at least a small garden.  Meanwhile they've 
already arrived at Onion Valley.  Adieu is amazed, and he realizes that this 
ship could take them to the Earth Blade (that huge sword they can always see) 
in no time.  Adieu wants to reach the sword because supposedly true knights 
gather there to fight, and he can prove his worth.  Lamune wonders if there 
might be a Guardian Knight in the valley -- Cocoa doesn't think so, but there 
is some legend about a Demon Stone that has a red demon sleeping underneath; 
Hayato and Benkei think this might be worth checking out.

Meanwhile, Paffy, Izumi, and Sarutobi are still on their journey, and they've 
arrived at Onion Valley (big surprise).  Izumi has heard rumors that there are 
not only thieves here but new monsters not seen on Earth Tear before; Sarutobi 
wonders if they should take another route, but Paffy thinks this is part of 
her training as well.  In the valley they meet a researcher named Brass Runoir 
who is trying to investigate the Demon Rock, but he lost his mount.  Paffy 
decides to accompany him to the rock, but when they get there, bandits appear 
and it's time to fight.

After the initial guys are defeated, an old crone named Idoro realizes that 
she needs more than bandits to fight the Ryu Knights, and brings out Slave 
Pods.  Izumi recognizes these as being from Elrunst and thinks that Idoro must 
have significant financial backing; this isn't just some random bandit attack.  
Idoro confirms this -- her mission is to destroy the Ryu Knights.  Luckily, 
Liger and Gosaurer show up to help.

After a few more enemies get beaten, the Ionia arrives (Brass recognizes it 
somehow).  Lamune recognizes Paffy from before, and goes out to help with 
Adieu.  Just then, some demons appear and go after the suspicious-looking 
Demon Rock; indeed, when they attack it a few times, it's revealed that Getter 
Robo 1 is inside.  Hayato wants Amane to take the Ionia to the flashing spot 
near the rock so that they can activate Getter 1 before the demons destroy it.

When you reach the spot (or kill all the enemies), Benkei and Hayato jump out 
of the Ionia into the Getter, and Hayato switches it to Getter 2.  
Unfortunately it won't work as well until they can find Ryoma.  More demons 
come out, as well as Garden in the Dark Knight Schtel.  Sarutobi recognizes 
Garden as the one who destroyed his village.

When Garden gets taken down about half, he recovers and attacks Paffy, but 
Adieu comes and defends her, criticizing Garden's lack of knightly virtues.  
Paffy wonders if Adieu is the hero she's searching for.

After the battle, everyone gathers on the Ionia.  Brass also comes; he wants 
to see the Sigzaur and the Ionia.  Kakeru is happy to hear that he seems to 
know about them.  Everyone has a happy reunion, and Kouji brings the newcomers 
up to speed on their mission to Hinode Kingdom.  It seems that the "monsters" 
people heard about in the valley were actually just Liger and Gosaurer.  
Meanwhile, Hayato is surprised -- he knew the Getter would be less powerful 
without Ryoma, but it was much weaker than he thought it would be.

Adieu is surprised to meet a real live princess, although Lamune doesn't think 
princesses are necessarily all they're cracked up to be (i.e. Milk).  Anyway, 
Paffy tells Adieu that in addition to their journey, they're looking for a 
hero like Adieu.  Sarutobi is suspicious that Adieu is a real hero, but Lamune 
invites them to join their quest to defeat Don Halmage.  Adieu jumps at the 
chance, and the rest of the Ryu Knights agree to go as well (although Sarutobi 
still thinks Adieu is out of his league).

In the lounge, Brass tells Kakeru what he knows about the Sigzaur.  It was 
able to summon the Armed Fantoma because Kakeru wished for power.  The Armed 
Fantoma itself is a relic from the ancient civilization of Elrunst.  Earth 
Tear no longer has the technology to make mechs like the Sigzaur and the Ryu 
Knights, so its common to fight other them -- the Elrunst Organization is one 
such group that seeks to take back the sword.  Brass knows about this because 
he himself is a researcher for the Elrunst Organization.  Brass didn't like 
the way that the Organization turned to force rather than just knowledge, so 
he determined to steal the Armed Fantoma and send it where it couldn't be 
recovered, but before he did that, Sigzaur summoned it.  Unfortunately Brass 
doesn't know anything about how to get Amane out of the Ionia, but he thinks 
he might be able to find out more after he investigates the ship for a while.

This is the first stage where you can't send out your whole team, but unlike 
previous games you can switch out units rather than just picking a set group 
at the beginning of the stage.

Stage 10

Time for Iron Leaguer, yet another one of the "they put that in!?" series of 

On the Ionia, the boys are all fawning over the princesses.  Milk and Paffy 
are upset to learn that the Iron Leaguer championship is cancelled for this 
year.  Cocoa explains to the Earthlings that the Iron Leaguer tournament is a 
multi-sport tournament held every year by the Iron Leaguers -- who are robots, 
by the way, and not ones controlled by humans.  Milk likes the Silver Castle 
team, while Paffy prefers the Dark Prince.  Unfortunately it's been cancelled 
this year due to all the Monskers and other attacks, which gives Milk yet 
another reason to want Don Halmage defeated.  Their next destination is a 
place called Jerock Forest, where some warriors known as White Wolf live.  
Adieu is eager to try his might against them (Sarutobi thinks he'll lose).

Brass has discovered that they can remove Amane from the Ionia if they find 
the other two Armed Fantoma (in addition to the sword).  The Ionia should be 
operating with all 3, but since it's not, it's borrowing Amane's spirit to 
run.  If they don't find the Fantoma quick enough, Amane will die.  
Unfortunately Brass doesn't know where they are, but since the Armed Fantoma 
resonate with each other, if they get close to one of the others, it should 
appear.  They decide not to tell the others about this so they won't worry.

An alarm sounds; there's heat readings from nearby that indicate a battle -- 
it's at the stadium used by the Iron Leaguers.  At the stadium, Mach Windy is 
waiting for Magnum Ace, who isn't there.  But the three Gold Brothers (Mask, 
Foot, and Arm) show up to attack him.  Mach Windy wants them to play baseball 
like a true Iron Leaguer instead, but they just want to defeat him and Magnum 

After a couple of turns, the Ganbaruger team shows up.  Rikiya is pissed off 
that the Gold Brothers are dishonoring baseball, and he attacks; the brothers 
run away to the top of a hill and summon Death Army units!  No time to think 
about how they got access to DG Cells, though; time to fight.

After a few enemies defeated, more Death Army units come out, but then Domon 
shows up.  The Gold Brothers decide it's time for them to come out and fight.

When you beat the three brothers, the rest of the Death Army disappears.  
Domon is ready to go chase after them, but Brass tells Domon that he won't be 
able to find them.  Domon is surprised to hear that Brass knows of the DG 
Cells, and goes to the Ionia.  The Ganbaruger team joins as well, but they 
have to stay transformed so they won't turn into dogs.  The rest promise not 
to ask about their identities.  

Now everyone's back except the Braiger team and Ryoma.  Kotaro is surprised to 
see Amane and Lamune, but he invents an excuse for why he knows about them 
(the word of their disappearance has spread around).  Milk is excited to meet 
Mach Windy, and Mach Windy tells them the true reason for the Iron League's 
cancellation -- there have been strange disappearances and robots going 
berserk, so that they can't actually do a match.  Silver Castle had started to 
investigate, but then Magnum Ace disappeared and Mach Windy went looking for 
them.  He asks Domon about the reason why the Gold Brothers have gone berserk 
and lost their sportsman soul.  Domon thinks it's probably the DG Cells -- but 
how did they get to Earth Tear?  Brass says that the Elrunst Organization is 
researching them, and brought them to Earth Tear for that purpose.  
Unfortunately it's not so easy to find the research location -- it's on that 
moving bird thing we saw in the prologue, and it's protected by spells and 
barriers.  But maybe if they get the other 2 Armed Fantoma, it will draw the 
Elrunst Organization out.  So Mach Windy and Domon agree to come with the 
heroes, and it's time to go to Jerock Forest.  Brass, however, decides to 
leave the ship to gather more information -- he says he'll be back later.

Stage 11

Another interesting (and good) difference I forgot to remark on is that people 
can use seishin even after they've taken their turn.

Yui is having a repeating dream about a strong power calling them, and some 
building -- it might have to do with Liger.  Paffy tells everyone that in 
Earth Tear they have a legend about a Lion Warrior fighting with the good gods 
at the time of creation.  Izumi notes that other legends of Earth and Earth 
Tear are similar, and wonders if the two were once connected.  But enough 
talk; we've reached Jerock Forest.  

In the forest, they see a large ruins -- the building from Yui's dream.  But 
as they approach it, bandits come out.  Just as Adieu is about to go out and 
fight them, a Ryu appears and beats them all.  Sarutobi recognizes it as White 
Wind, who he lost badly to before.  Adieu goes out on his own to search for 
White Wolf, leaving the others to follow behind.  Adieu comes across a, a guy, who is named Graches.  Adieu asks Graches where White Wolf 
is but Graches doesn't know.  However, when the rest of them catch up, 
Sarutobi identifies this Graches person as White Wolf.  Adieu immediately 
wants to fight him, but Graches refuses -- he'd rather continue his mission of 
protecting the ruins.  Cocoa tells him that they have the descendants of the 
people from the Lion Legend, and Ken proves it by showing the scar on his 
hand.  Graches is amazed, and offers to show them the God Castle inside the 
ruins.  But Adieu still wants to fight, of course...he brings out Ryu Knight, 
and when Graches sees that, he finally decides to fight in his Ryu Chief.

The fight ends after one attack, but there's a tricky way you can beat 
Graches.  Give Adieu a medicinal herb and use it immediately, then use a Hot 
Blood attack (the one where you go through the map and hit multiple guys).  
Normally if you take Graches below 3200 HP the battle ends, but it doesn't 
happen if it's one of those line attacks.  Then use Hot Blood again and beat 
Graches on the EP.  The story is the same, though, Graches pulls out his 
powerful attack and beats Adieu, telling him that he won't be a true knight if 
he can't admit defeat.

Graches goes back to lead everyone to the castle, although Domon decides to 
stay back with Adieu.  Paffy is worried about Adieu, and Graches can't figure 
out why Ryu Knight chose that little kid.  The inside of the castle is huge, 
and they come to a room that has some sort of altar, and drawings of Liger and 
a pegasus.  Graches tells them the legend that if two twin maidens touch the 
stone, the lion will be protected.  Sounds like Yui and Mai, so they go up and 
touch the stone.  They get a vision in their heads of some sort of bracelets, 
which Graches has -- they've been passed down in his clan, and he gives them 
to Yui and Mai.  They decide to explore further.

Meanwhile outside, Adieu is still upset over his loss.  Domon gives him some 
advice; don't just attack head on, you have to know your enemy and watch for 
an opportunity, and admit your own losses.  He offers to spar with Adieu.

Back in the castle, they can't find anything else, but just then, Graches gets 
a feeling -- someone's outside.  Indeed, Doll Satan has arrived with enemies 
to destroy the Lion Castle -- but how did they get to Earth Tear?  Graches 
goes out to fight them, followed by Liger and the rest of the team.  You can't 
let the enemies get inside the castle.  (Why does CO Adder's FAQ always refer 
to Doll Satan as "Doll Sadso"?)

After some enemies are destroyed, Doll Satan comes out herself along with some 
more enemies.  Graches tries to take on Satan, but she is defeating him until 
Adieu support defends and then attacks Satan.  Graches is impressed that Adieu 
learned so much just from their brief fight, and he understands why Ryu Knight 
chose Adieu.

Once you beat Ryu Dolk for the first time, his dragon comes out as usual and 
you prepare to beat him down...except he's stronger this time, and he beats up 
Liger pretty bad.  It's looking like Liger will lose, but then Yui and Mai 
pray for help and Begruda the pegasus comes from the sky, becoming a robot 
horse that Liger can ride on.  This is the "protection" the writing in the 
temple was talking about.

After Ryu Dolk's dragon is defeated, Ken prepares to dish the finishing blow, 
but Doll Satan protects him and they both retreat.  Ken likes the new robot, 
but there's a problem -- how can they bring it along since it lives in this 
temple?  Mai and Yui say that they can summon it from anywhere.  Graches has 
now completed his duty as guardian of the temple, but he still has his duty as 
a Ryu user, although he won't say what that means.  Adieu wants to beat him 
later, and Graches is looking forward to that fight.  Paffy doesn't understand 
all this fighting talk but Domon explains to her about what you can win from a 
fight by protecting someone (i.e. Rain, but they didn't pay enough copyright 
money to use her name).  Graches prays for their success.

Stage 12

The heroes reach the capital of Hinode and get permission to explore the 
lands.  Unfortunately they have no idea where Abe no Seimei or the Guardian 
Knight are -- Cocoa estimates it will take 30 years to find them with their 
current information.  Just then, an old man named Naji comes up; he seems to 
be the person who gave Adieu the Ryu Knight.  Izumi recognizes him as the 
great sage Naji.  Naji knows where the Guardian Spirit is; it's in Dark Heian 
Capital, a place controlled by Abe no Seimei.  Naji also knows about Earth and 
such, but unfortunately he has no idea where the other two Armed Fantoma are.  
The Elrunst Kingdom should have left records somewhere, but Naji has no idea 
where they are.  But, since the Elrunst Organization has been going after Dark 
Heian lately, there may be something there.  Certainly Elrunst would be 
interested in how Abe no Seimei gets the power to send people to other worlds.  
Looks like all roads lead to Dark Heian, so the heroes set off for there.  
Naji already told a "samurai" (a Ryu user) about it, and he went on alone, so 
he asks the heroes to protect that guy.

Meanwhile, Ryoma has just woken up after being sent to Earth Tear and is 
immediately set upon by demons.  He knocks one of them out, and then Gesshin 
(the Ryu Samurai that Naji talked about) joins him.  Gesshin and Ryoma take 
out the demons.  Ryoma wants to know where he is, of course, and Gesshin shows 
him the buildings of Dark Heian., conrolled by Abe no Seimei.  Ryoma 
recognizes that name, of course. Just then there's an explosion at Dark Heian 
-- what's going on?

Rivalis is attacking Dark Heian with a small force.  Apparently they've 
identified Dark Heian as the location of an Armed Fantoma, but they have to 
retreat.  Then, Goshogun pops it out of nowhere, sent there by Beamler.  They 
have no idea where they are or why they're here, but it's clear they have to 
defeat the demons.  Abe no Seimei is surprised that the Beamler-related robot 
is here, and sends his demons to attack.

The next turn, Gesshin and Ryoma show up.  Ryoma recognizes the famous 
Goshogun, and Gesshin summons his Ryu Samurai to help out in the fight.  The 
Goshogun team really thinks they must have travelled back into Sengoku Japan 

A bit later, Ryoma gets tired of watching, and decides to take on Abe no 
Seimei, robot or no robot.  Luckily the Ionia team finally arrives, and Getter 
comes out to pick him up.  As soon as Ryoma gets in the Getter, it immediately 
powers up a lot.  Abe no Seimei is happy to see all the people and sends out 
more demons and Drago units, so the heroes sortie as well.  Amane feels a 
strange energy...

A little while later, Da Cider appears with some Monskers to finish off Lamune 
once and for all.  When Abe no Seimei sees this, he decides to come out 
himself.  His unit reacts with Sigzaur, which indicates he has one of the 
Armed Fantoma.  Seimei tells them that the power of the Fantoma lets him open 
the gates to other worlds.  However, they'll have a hard time defeating him 
here.  Just then, lightning comes from several pillars in the town, doing 
damage to the heroes.  But Cocoa tells everyone that according to the ancient 
writings, destroying these pillars will release the Guardian Knight, so that 
becomes your goal.

(I got my first game over here since the Ionia was right next to where Da 
Cider and his guys appeared, and it was during the enemy phase)

Da Cider leaves once you defeat him.  Once you take down the pillars, Lamune 
is able to call out the Guardian Knight Assam (Seimei is surprised that it was 
there).  Da Cider reappears and tries to attack the Ionia directly, but Lamune 
summons Assam and blows him away as usual.

(Abe no Seimei is very difficult.  He has 80k HP, a defense barrier that 
lowers your damage, and very strong attacks plus a MAP.  I managed not to lose 
any guys but I had to switch out a lot and I had Boss, Sayaka, and Cocoa all 
out on heal/repair duty.  Basically I stuck to using units with Flash or Iron 

After you beat Seimei, he retreats and tries to use the Armed Fantoma power, 
but Kakeru summons the Armed Fantoma away from him.  It turns out to be a 
shield, which powers up both Sigzaur and Ionia.  Seimei says that Sigzaur and 
Ionia don't belong in this world, and tries to attack again, but Ryoma blows 
him away with a Getter Beam -- though who knows, being a demon, he might come 
back later.  Goshogun departs; Shingo says that there's some reason for them 
to be in this world that they need to find, although they might meet again.

Another reunion scene back on the Ionia.  They tell Ryouma about Earth Tear.  
Gesshin thanks them for their help and leaves for Earth Blade -- Izumi and 
Adieu offer to travel with him, but as he is still in training, he wants to 
stay on his own.

Later, the crew is discussing the Armed Fantoma; there's still one left.  
Also, there are two more Guardian Knights for Lamune to find.  But King 
Yokkora contacts Paffy with some bad news -- Pafricia has been invaded by some 
unknown army.  They've already captured the castle, and since contact has been 
lost, they have no idea if the King and Queen are still OK.  Paffy is worried 
and wants to go back immediately.  Lamune offers to go with her (Yokkora 
agrees that protecting Pafricia is at least as important as finding the 
Guardian Knights, if not more).  Kakeru and Kouji agree as well, so off to 

Stage 13

Da Cider has a plan to defeat Lamune, but it's just a title with no contents.  
He realizes they need a mech that can match up with the King Scasher.  Don 
Halmage has an idea -- before he cursed the Guardian Knights, he was able to 
use the power of Queen Cideron.  Cideron is deep within the Dwarves' cave, and 
they can use this snake robot to control her.  The snake robot is very foul 
mouthed, though, and seems to like Da Cider, to the extent of giving him new 
clothes.  They go off to find Queen Cideron.

Back on the Ionia, people are starting to get restless, and the mood is 
worsening -- what if they can never get back to Earth?  But, like kids, they 
quickly cheer up.  But, the Ionia starts shaking; Amane's having trouble 
again, and this time the Ionia is going to crash.

Meanwhile, the penguin thief Zampa is attacking Katze, a merchant.  It turns 
out Katze is actually a Ryu user, though, of Ryu Gunner.  (It's possible to 
beat Zampa here; you just have to use Speed on the first turn and move behind 
him as far away as you can while still being in range, and you have to get 
some luck on dodges.)  Once you beat 2 guys, Zampa brings out more units.  
Katze is in trouble, but just then, the Ionia crash lands nearby.  Adieu 
immediately goes out to save Katze, and Zampa is ready to fight back, but when 
he sees the full might of the heroes, he runs away.  Katze offers to help them 
in return for saving him.

Unfortunately, Katze's wares are a bunch of junk, so she doesn't have anything 
to fix the Ionia.  They'll have to put the Ionia into onyx form and take the 
Axe Bomber instead.  Katze is surprised to learn they're going to Pafricia 
Kingdom -- the Dark Knight Garden now controls the capital.  But since the 
heroes seem strong and confident, she offers to show them a shortcut to 
Pafricia.  If they go to the Dwarf Caves, they can find a Time Gate that will 
lead to Pafricia.  Cocoa likes this idea because they can also find the 
Guardian Knight Queen Cideron in the caves.  Katze is pleased to see the 
Ionia's size; she's hoping to fill it with treasure from the Dwarf Caves.

Meanwhile, Da Cider is searching for Queen Cideron in the caves.  He's found 
the Guardian Knight, but just then, the heroes show up to spoil the party.  
Gosaurer gets some sort of reaction; there might be an Eldoran mech somewhere 
in these caves as well.  But now, the priority is to stop Da Cider from 
reaching the Queen Cideron.  Unfortunately, the next turn, Zampa appears with 
some bandits from behind -- he not only wants to take the treasure, but also 
to beat the heroes up as revenge for calling him a "penguin" over and over 
again.  (At first it seems like Da Cider is a moron and won't make it to the 
goal spot, but he can do it if you don't go fast enough; I would send out your 
units with Speed.)

When you beat Zampa, he runs away, with Katze chasing after him.  Zampa 
happens upon a golden egg of some sort, and Katze wants it since it's a dwarf 
treasure -- he leaves the battle to get it back from Zampa.

Once you clear away all the enemies, it's time to get Queen Cideron.  Since 
she's not cursed, the way to unlock her is to shoot the green gem on her head, 
which Lamune does.  But before he can get her, Da Cider comes back in and uses 
the snake to take over Cideron.  He then rides it himself.  No choice but to 
take it back by force!

When you damage Cideron a bit, Da Cider recovers.  Magma starts shooting up 
from the cracks -- this is Cideron's defense system, and the whole place will 
soon be covered in lava.  Time to escape!  But Da Cider won't let that happen; 
he transforms and attacks Lamune.  Just then, the Gosaurer team notices their 
bracelets glowing.  They raise them, and a new mech the Magmasaurer, appears 
from the lava.  Now you have 5 turns to clear away the enemies.

Once you beat Cideron again, the heroes prepare to escape.  Da Cider blocks 
them again, but this time Gosaurer and Magmasaurer combine and do a super 
attack, giving the heroes time to escape.  Da Cider wants to stop them, but 
Cideron won't respond; Hebimetako (the snake) says that Cideron still has a 
good spirit and won't fully respond.  They leave, happy just to have captured 
Cideron.  Back at HQ, Hebimetako is able to turn Cideron completely evil.  At 
that point, Idoro shows up, promising to cooperate with Don Halmage.  The plan 
is for Da Cider to go with Idoro back to Pafricia, where her master Garden has 
taken over.  Da Cider doesn't see the need to work with others now that they 
have Cideron, but Don Halmage says that they can't take any chances now that 
Lamune has joined with the Ryu users and the otherworld robots.

Our heroes are happy at getting another Saurus mech; they think there may be 
even more Saurus robots in Earth Tear.  Tama Q is upset and worried that they 
lost Cideron, but Lamune is convinced they'll be able to recapture Cideron and 
Pafricia Kingdom.  So with no time to waste, they set off for Pafricia.

Stage 14

The heroes have arrived at a village very near to Pafricia Castle.  Ryoma just 
wants to storm the place, but everyone else thinks they need to rest and 
gather information first.  Sarutobi and the Ganbaruger team are out doing that 
right now.  The party happens on Amp, an Iron Bowler that Mach Windy knows.  
Her sister Watt is in Pafricia Castle right now; she went with the Knights to 
Pafricia Castle to give the townspeople time to run away.  Paffy wonders if 
Wendy (a guy!), the captain of the Knights, is around.  Amp tells her that 
Wendy went with Watt to the castle.  Apparently this Wendy is Paffy's fiance 
and the captain of the Knights.  Just then, Sarutobi and the Ganbaruger team 
return.  Their most important information is that there are Monskers here, so 
Don Halmage and Garden have joined forces.  Izumi has a plan to get into the 
castle and save the townspeople.  The non-Ryu users will attack the castle 
from the front.  During that commotion, the Ryu team will use a secret 
underground passage to get into the castle, and then summon their Ryu mechs 
once they get inside.  The goal is just to defeat Garden.  Everyone agrees to 
the plan (even Amane, who is awake and feeling better), and Amp offers to come 
along as well.

Inside the castle, Garden and Idoro are looking for some treasure, but they 
still haven't found it.  Garden knows that if they can find the secret 
treasure of Pafricia Castle they can use this as the base to take over the 
entire world.  Idoro is concerned about the Ryu users and the otherworlders, 
who are coming this way right now -- Garden is confident he can beat them 
though.  Da Cider and Leska (the girl he's always with) arrive.  Garden seems 
skeptical that they will be any help, but Idoro reminds him that they do have 
a Guardian Knight now.

Of course when Garden meets Da Cider, Leska, and Hebimetako, he can't beleive 
these idiots are actually Don Halmage's soldiers.  But, he's sure they will at 
least be useful to stall for time.  Idoro tells everyone the heroes are coming 
close -- Da Cider is sure they'll attack at night (because they have a Knight, 
ha ha...)  But, he's wrong, the heroes rae attacking right now.  Idoro can't 
believe they're attacking from the front, but Garden has seen through their 
ruse and knows they're going to try to infiltrate the castle somehow.  Idoro 
realizes it's time to use their trump card; a girl from the Elrunst 
Organization they have under their control.

The Ionia finally reaches Pafricia Castle, and Da Cider goes out to meet them.  
He and Hebimetako summon Cideron.  Sharu also comes out in her broom mech, 
which surprises the heroes -- what's she doing here, working for Garden.  No 
matter, time to beat everyone up.  (When you attack Sharu with Kakeru, you can 
see she's clearly being controlled by Idoro.)

A few turns later, Yaminorius shows up.  Apparently he was blasted into Earth 
Tear also; he doesn't know where he is, but when he sees the Ionia, he sends 
out enemies anyway.

When you defeat Sharu, she retreats, and the scene switches inside the castle.  
The Ryu users have almost infiltrated, and they're heading for the upper room 
where Paffy thinks her parents should be.  Meanwhile, Idoro knows they're 
coming, and wants to send troops, but Garden tells her to let them come -- 
he'll deal with them personally.

When you finally kick Da Cider's ass again, he regenerates -- but then has to 
retreat, because Cideron still isn't completely evil yet.  Meanwhile, the Ryu 
users have gotten to the thorne room, and Sarutobi is ready to face Garden 
down.  Garden already knew they were coming, though, thanks to Idoro's crystal 
ball; he wants to ask Paffy where the Spirit Stone (the legendary treasure of 
Pafricia) is.  Paffy doesn't seem to know what he's talking about, and neither 
does Izumi.  Paffy asks back -- where are her parents and Wendy?  Garden tells 
her that her parents are in a certain location (although who knows how they're 
doing).  Wendy, though, is dead -- he was killed during the capture of the 
King and Queen.  Paffy is devestated over this.  Garden mocks her and Sarutobi 
gets ready to attack, but Idoro uses her mind control techniques.  Just as it 
seems she will succeed, Watt (Amp's sister) jumps in and breaks the crystal 
ball.  Watt (as a robot) wasn't controlled by Idoro's magic but pretended to 
be so that she could get this chance.  Garden takes this opportunity to leave 
the room, daring the heroes to come get him.  Izumi asks Watt if she knows 
where the King and Queen are; Watt already helped them out, so now they just 
have to beat Garden.  Unfortunately Paffy is still shocked at Wendy's death, 
so Adieu stays back to help her, promising that he'll reach them as soon as 

Garden shows up on the castle walls, and then comes out to challenge the 
heroes, followed by Izumi, Watt, and Sarutobi.

Once you beat Garden for the first time, he transforms and shows his Ryu's 
true power.  He beats Sarutobi up.  Adieu sees this from inside and tries to 
get Paffy to go out and fight, to make sure more important people don't die.  
Paffy starts crying and says she's sick of everyone telling her to fight, 
fight, fight without considering her feelings.  She hates everyone, she 
doesn't believe in anyone!  Adieu tells her not to say a sad thing like that, 
he'll protect her no matter what.  So just as Garden is about to finish off 
Sarutobi (why is everyone else just sitting there?), Adieu comes out to 
challenge Garden.  He says he won't forgive Garden, not only for what he's 
done to Pafricia Kingdom, but for making Paffy sad as well.  Paffy also comes 
out, vowing to defeat Garden so that no more sad things happen in the kingdom.

When you beat Garden's second form, he regenerates again and shows his 
powerful magic sword attack.  Izumi suggests that Paffy and Adieu combine 
their powers into a magic sword attack to attack him back.  Sarutobi distracts 
him long enough for Paffy and Adieu to execute the flame sword attack.  Garden 
blows up, telling the heroes they still haven't won.  The battle ends with 
Paffy vowing to bring peace to Earth Tear, for Wendy's sake.  (Garden's not 
dead yeat, though, Idoro takes him away apparently before he dies.)

They search the castle, and the King and Queen are nowhere to be found.  Milk 
wants Cocoa to make a machine to find them, but that's beyond her ability.  
Watt remembers something useful, though -- Idoro was saying that they needed 
to find the Spirit Stone before Don Halmage was able to get the information 
out of the King and Queen, so they're probably in Don Halmage's lair.  Cocoa 
thinks there's something strange about all this; why does Don Halmage want the 
stone too?  Anyway, they don't know where he is.  But just then, Brass comes 
in.  He came to Pafricia Kingdom wondering if this Spirit Stone might be an 
Armed Fantoma, but he got captured and shut in the castle dungeon.  Brass 
tells them about a legendary kingdom to the far north that's supposed to have 
highly developed science.  Cocoa finds it in her old writings -- if they go 
through Annamon Konna Gate (another bad pun) they can reach the Mecha Kingdom 
Eldogear.  Legend has it that this kingdom is where the Ryus were made; 
supposedly it was destroyed long ago, but there may still be Ryus they can use 
as well as information.  Also, the Annamon Konna Gate has a Guardian Knight in 
it.  Looks like that's the next destination.  Watt and Amp also offer to go 
along (assuming you fulfilled the conditions).  Brass learns about the second 
Armed Fantoma, and tells Kakeru that Amane is so weak because his spirit 
energy is being overtaxed with controlling the Armed Fantomas.  If they don't 
find the third one soon, it doesn't look good for Amane.  Brass is going to 
accompany them as well.

Stage 15

Back on Earth, the teachers of all the kids are worried; when are they going 
to come back?  Great Mazinger is managing to hold off the Jaaku empire but Pro 
can't do it forever.  All they can do is hope.

Katze has reached Arara, unfortunately he failed to get the golden egg from 
Zampa.  He sees Rivalis (and recognizes him) talking to Poncho (the Braiger 
character) and follows them to the restaurant.  Rivalis has a proposition for 
the J9 team (who have apparently been making a name for themselves in Earth 
Tear).  He wants them to capture the Ionia and Sigzaur, unharmed if possible.  
Isaac wants some time to decide, and Rivalis tells him to come to a certain 
place to join his operation if he agrees.  Katze decides to go sell this 
information to the Ionia.

The Ionia has reached the cold north.  The Ganbaruger team is out searching 
for Annamon Konna Gate, but all they can do it wait for them to find it -- 
time for kids to go to bed (Benkei tells them not to wet the bed).  They're 
worried about the Ganba Team in the snow, and finally they return.  The didn't 
find a gate, but they found a statue of a large beast head's worth 
investigating.  But Amane needs rest, so time to stop for the night (hopefully 
they won't be attacked).

The Ganba Team is also interesting in finding something called the Ribolger, 
which they hope will be some mech they can use.  Kotaro sneezes inside of his 
helmet because of the cold and has to take it off, everyone else does the same 
and then Lamune comes along and sees them.  They instantly turn into dogs.

The next morning, the Ganba team hasn't shown up for breakfast.  Lamune 
remembers his "dream" from the previous night but doesn't think it's 
important.  The Ganba Team is staying in their room so that everyone won't see 
they're dogs.

It's a little less snowy today, but still cold.  Adieu reminisces about his 
hometown, Byfrost, and his dad (foster dad) who sent him out to be a hero.  
While they're talking, Katze shows up.trying to sell them information, but 
it's too late because Rivalis has already arrived to attack.  Katze tries to 
run away, not wanting to make enemies of the Elrunst Organization, but it's 
too late, they start attacking.

After a few enemies are defeated, Rivalis brings in backup -- including the 
Gold Brothers and some Death Army.  Rivalis has promised to tell the Gold 
Brothers where Magnum Ace is if they defeat Mach Windy.  Braiger also comes 
in; Rivalis is glad to see they accepted his offer but of course they're 
fighting for Ionia instead.  Stupid of Rivalis not to check up on them more 
before trying to hire them.

A little later, Yaminorius catches up with the Ionia and sends out some of his 
troops.  The Ganba Team decides to act; they see from their bracelets that the 
Ribolger is nearby in a snow drift, and they tell everyone about their true 
selves so that they can get protection while they get the Ribolger.  A few 
turns later, they arrive at the location -- but since they're dogs, they can't 
press the buttons on their computer thing.  Tama Q realizes that Lamune can 
use the Saint Bomb to remove the curse, just like they use it to remove Don 
Halmage's curses from the Guardian Knights.  He does so, and the Team is back.  
They bring up Ribolger, which Rikiya pilots, and the other two come out in the 

Rivalis comes out in his personal mech once you beat his flying thing.

Once you beat all the guys, Rivalis comes back with the rest of his forces, 
determined to win.  But Ganbaruger and Ribolger combine to use a super attack 
that blows a bunch of the enemies away.  Of course Rivalis runs away after 
seeing that.

The Ganbaruger team is happy their curse is lifted, but Tama Q tells them that 
it might not be permanently lifted -- they'll have to beat Yaminorius for 
that.  Meanwhile, Izumi invites Katze to come along.  After she hears the 
story of what they're doing...she still doesn't want to come along.  Adieu 
tries to yell knightly virtues at her, and Kouji tries to convince her that 
she won't be able to do business if they don't succeed, but she still wants to 
leave.  Brass tells her that the Elrunst Organization has already marked her 
as an enemy, though, so there's nowhere to run.  She'll have to stay and fight 
with the Ionia crew.

After that, everyone brings the Braiger team up to speed on what's going on, 
and Kakeru finally tells everyone about Amane's weakness and how the Ionia is 
taking her life force away.

Stage 16

At Hoihoi castle, Don Halmage finally extinguishes the last spark of good from 
Queen Cideron, so now Da Cider can use it without trouble.  He hears from 
Idoro that the heroes are heading for Annamon Konna Gate, and he gets very 
scared -- he tells Da Cider and Idoro that they have to stop the heroes from 
getting through the gate whatever the cost, and that death is their penalty 
for failure.  He won't tell them why it's so important, but after they leave 
he says that he doesn't want them to know the truth.

Zara, meanwhile, is still upset that the Drago Empire people haven't killed 
Liger, but they just can't come up with anything that will defeat the heroes.  
Abe no Seimei shows up, though -- the heroes may have defeated him, but he 
won't vanish without taking his revenge.  Anyway, he tells them about a 
legendary sword in Earth Tear called the Fang of Destruction, which can be 
found in Earth Tear in the land of cold.  Zara has heard of this sword; it has 
the power to crush entire nations.  Dol Geist wants to go get it, but Zara 
sends Ryu Dolk instead -- Geist wouldn't be able to use the sword (Geist is 
not happy at being denied, of course).

Very conveniently, Brass is telling the heroes about the Fang at the same 
time.  He warns them about the destructive power it has, but Ken thinks he'll 
be able to control it with Liger.

At the gate, Da Cider and Leska are bickering as usual.  Sharu is there also, 
and she asks them if they were like this as kids.  Strangely, Da Cider and 
Leska discover that they have no memory of ever being kids.  But just then, 
the heroes show up.  Da Cider lets it slip to them that this is Annamon Konna 
Gate.  Brass sees Sharu -- she's his sister, and she must be controlled by 
Idoro.  Kakeru now has a name to call her (instead of just Donut Girl), and he 
wants to try to save her from Idoro's mind control.  Even though she was 
attacking the heroes, it was just because she didn't want anyone to misuse the 
Armed Fantoma.  But Idoro makes an ice barrier appear.  The only way to get 
rid of the magic ice is to release the Guardian Knight by destroying the two 
ice pillars on the same round.

When you beat a few guys, Doll Geist comes out (despite Zara's orders) and 
sends a few minions to beat the heroes.

Once you destroy both pillars, Lamune calls out the Guardian Spirit Zenzain.  
He attacks the ship and Idoro loses control over the ice field.  More 
reinforcements come out, and the next thing to do is save Sharu, by forcing 
Idoro to retreat and then stopping the Marveillu.  Once you defeat Idoro and 
Leska's ship, the goal changes to reducing the Maveillu below 30% HP.  

Once you do that, the mech stops and Brass uses some sort of mind healing 
device.  It's not completely working, so Kakeru starts yelling at her, 
wondering where the angry girl who ate 6 donuts is.  She retorts that she only 
ate 5 donuts and tells Kakeru to buy her the other one; it looks like Kakeru 
was able to exploit her anger and shame to put her back to normal.  She 
doesn't know where she is or why, but Brass tells her to fight with the Ionia 
crew for now and he'll explain later.  Kakeru is still calling her Donut Girl; 
she tells him to call her Sharu-san instead.  At the bottom of the hill, both 
Dol Geist and Ryu Dolk appear, intent on capturing the Fang of Destruction.

Once the fight is over, Ryu Dolk calls out the Destruction Fang -- it seems 
that the sword chooses its owner, and it chose Ryu Dolk.  Doll Geist tries to 
take it, but Ryu Dolk defeats his minion with the sword, and Geist runs away.  
He gives the heroes the usual speil about not fighting a weakened enemy and 
then leaves to tell Zara.

On the Ionia, everyone hears Sharu's story.  She was sent by Brass to take the 
Armed Fantoma and either seal them away or destroy them.  In evil or weak 
hands, they can turn into tools to destroy the world.  But it seems that 
Kakeru and Sigzaur are able to control them, something that Brass didn't 
foresee.  He wants Sharu to cooperate with them, but she's against it -- how 
do we know Kakeru will be able to continue to control the Fantoma?  Kakeru 
tells her not to get in his way and asks her please to let them use the AF 
until they avert the danger and save Amane.  Sharu finally agrees, but makes 
Kakeru promise to buy her donuts later.

The heroes are talking over the fight as usual; they have 7 Guardian Knights 
now, so the only one left is Cideron.  All they can do is go look in Eldogear 
for information on Don Halmage.  Tama Q tells them that he's from Eldogear 
originally (5000 years ago!) but he doesn't remember much about it.

Stage 17

The party has reached Eldogear.  There doesn't seem to be anyone here, but 
then Naji (the old man) comes out and tells the heroes there's someone he 
wants them to meet.  Inside, the heroes are impressed with the level of 
technology.  Naji tells them that they could have gotten here over the sea or 
through the warp gates scattered around the land -- everyone thinks they're 
broken, but really they're just sealed by Eldogear's power.  As for the 
"person" they want to meet, it's a White Dragon.  He knows the heroes are 
trying to defeat Don Halmage.

White Dragon tells them that Don Halmage is using an Armed Fantoma to revive 
Gobriki.  Halmage is in Hoihoi castle, which exists in a separate dimension.  
The only way to get in there is to wait until he appears, but that's not 
likely -- even when the Monskas come out he just uses other ships.  WD tells 
the heroes to bring Da Cider and Leska here if they want to beat Don Halmage 
-- WD will tell everyone the truth.  Luckily for them, Da Cider is coming to 
attack just now.

Lamune has a plan to get Da Cider to meed WD.  He tells him that someone in 
their party is in love with Da Cider and wants to meet him; Da Cider is 
conflicted but in the end he decides that he can't turn down someone who's in 
love with him, and goes to meet "her" just once.  Leska and Da Cider both go 
with Lamune inside Eldogear.

Inside, Da Cider tries to guess who it is that is in love with him -- Sayaka?  
Paffy?  Sharu?  Omachi?  Amp (haha)?  Anyway, White Dragon tells Cider and 
Leska that he'll restore the memories taken away by Don Halmage.  He shows 
them an image of five people, the heroes who defeated Goburiki 5000 yeras ago, 
and the three sacred sisters who helped them (two look like Cocoa and Milk).  
The black-haired one is the hero Lamunes, the other guy is Cider's ancestor, 
and the three sisters are the ancestors of Cocoa, Milk, and Leska (Cafe Au 
Lait).  Leska's real name is Arara Cafe Au Lait; she's really the queen of 
Arara Kingdom.  WD tries to restore their memories, but they just run away 
instead, thinking it's a trap.

On the way out, Leska and Da Cider run into Magnum Ace, who tells them that 
sometimes the truth is painful, but that he can see the answer in their eyes.  
They just run away, though, back to Hoihoi Castle.  They ask Don Halmage if 
what they saw in Eldogear is true, but Halmage just turns on them, vowing to 
erase the rest of their memories.  Da Cider has Leska escape, though.

Back in Eldogear, WD tells the Ryu users that they are weak compared to the 
legendary Ryu users; they should be able to get much more power out of them.  
But they don't even know that the Ryus can fly, for instance.  However, now is 
not the time for talk, because enemies are attacking.

Outside, Don Halmage's castle has showed up.  WD realizes that Gobriki's 
revival must be very close if he's coming out himself.  There's nothing the 
heroes can do but fight the grunts.

Once you beat three waves of grunts, Rivalis shows up -- but not to fight the 
heroes.  Elrunst's main goal is to protect Earth Tear, so they have an 
interest in seeing Halmage defeated as well.  He tells the heroes to go into 
the castle; they're suspicious, but Naji and Magnum Ace convince them that 
this is their only chance.  Magnum doesn't like fighting with Elrunst because 
they've captured Iron Leaguers in the past for their research, but it's the 
best idea for now.

The heroes reach Hoihoi Castle, but Halmage tells them they're too late to 
prevent Gobriki's revival.  He sends out grunts and a clearly possessed Da 

On the second turn, Leska comes out.  She tells them what happened in Hoihoi 
Castle and wants them to save Da Cider.  Sarutobi is suspicious, but she has 
also brought the King and Queen of Pafricia out, so he decides to believe her.  
Halmage tries to recapture her, but Milk takes the Axe Bomber forward and 
saves Leska.  Now time to beat up Da Cider so Lamune can use the Saint Bomb on 

But when you do so, it turns out that Halmage's magic power is greater now 
because Gobriki's revival is so close, so it doesn't work.  Da Cider attacks 
Lamune and hurts him pretty badly.  In the Axe Bomber, Cocoa says that if 
Leska really is Cafe Au Lait, they can combine their powers and save Da Cider 
and Lamune.  The Queen tells them that if Leska has a heart-shaped mark on her 
butt, that's the proof that she's Cafe Au Lait.  They get her to show her butt 
and it has the mark, so that means she really is Cafe Au Lait.  Leska agrees 
to try to use the three sisters' power, although she can't promise anything.  
But when they start, the blue streak in her hair disappears, and the power 
restores Lamune.  He's able to use the Saint Bomb to save Da Cider.  Da Cider 
wakes up from his control and starts making stupid puns like usual, so 
everyone knows he's back.  He thanks Lamune and vows to defeat Halmage 
(Hebimetako is happy to go along).  Halmage tries to send out Idoro but she's 
disappeared.  The only choice is to use the Armed Fantoma.  Kakeru tells him 
he won't be able to control it, and Don Halmage says he'll use the Sigzaur's 
power.  Sigzaur is pulled in towards Hoihoi Castle, and Halmage is able to use 
the power of Sigzaur along with his own Fantoma to revive Gobriki.  It turns 
out that Don Halmage was the spirit of Gobriki, so now he has his body back.  
His plan is to destroy Earth Tear (in revenge for sealing him away), then take 
over Earth and eventually all of space.  Obviously the heroes won't allow 
that, so time to beat his 200k HP up.

When you get him below 140k, he throws up an impenetrable psychic barrier.  
But a little bit later, Da Cider uses Queen Cideron's full power to bust 
through the barrier, so you can start hurting him again.

Once you beat Don Halmage, he regenerates and goes back for more Armed Fantoma 
power, but Tama Q has Lamune draw on the power of all 8 Guardian Knights, and 
they defeat Don Halmage for good.  Unfortunately, this uses up all of Tama Q's 
energy and he either falls asleep or dies.  This dimension is crumbling, so 
they need to escape.  But Kakeru is determined to get the third Armed Fantoma.  
Just as he calls it out, Rivalis appears and steals it.  Kakeru doesn't have 
any choice but to leave.

Unfortunately, Don Halmage isn't dead -- he begins to draw in all the mist in 
the dimension to heal himself.  Idoro sees this is happening and realizes what 
it means.  Garden, meanwhile, has recovered from his wounds.  Idoro tells him 
that the land will soon be plunged into chaos and war.  She's also found a way 
to strengthen Garden's Ryu, so that he can beat Adieu next time.

Stage 18

Everyone is sad over Tama Q's death; they say prayers and talk about where to 
bury him.  But it turns out he was just sleeping; when he uses too much energy 
he has to sleep for a while to recover it.  So everything's all right.

There's a tearful reunion between Paffy and her parents.  Magnum Ace comes in; 
they gave him a valuable artifact when Pafricia Kingdom was attacked, and now 
he returns it to them.  The King and Queen promise to tell them all about it 
once they get back to Pafricia; first they need to plan a big feast (which 
Milk likes the sound of, of course).  But first they should notify Milk's 
father about Cafe Au Lait, and the defeat of Gobriki.  White Dragon makes a 
warp gate back to Pafricia that they can use.  Meanwhile, White Dragon and 
Naji have noticed the Mist Rune (the same thing Idoro did) and realize Gobriki 
might come back, but all they can do is entrust the future to the heroes.

After the big feast, the King and Queen wonder what reward they can give the 
heroes.  Adieu says that you can't accept rewards as a knight, and everyone 
else agrees.  Cocoa asks whether the treasure that Magnum Ace had is that 
Spirit Stone the enemies were after.  The Queen opens the box, and indeed, 
it's the Spirit Stone.  Since Garden was after it, she gave it to Magnum Ace 
(which was why Windy couldn't contact him).  The heroes wonder what sort of 
power the stone has.  The Queen tells them about the Jaryu Clan, an evil clan 
that lives in another dimension.  Their dimension is too small for them to 
comfortably live, so they want to take over Earth Tear.  In the same way that 
the Guardian Knights were made to fight Gobriki, the Ryus were made to fight 
the Jaryu.  This must be the "mission" that Graches was talking about earlier.  
The Spirit Stone is supposed to call out the true power of the Ryus.  Long 
ago, a barrier was made to keep back the Jaryu, but it has weakened over time, 
and the Jaryu may be able to attack.  Of course, just then, the Jaryu do come 
and attack.

Outside, some Jaryu are trying to destroy the town, but of course the heroes 
won't allow that.  Adieu says he saw this when he was 10 years old -- Jaryu 
and a Ryu fighting.  Strange, though, the Jaryu shouldn't be able to escape 
the barrier yet.  Time to fight!

After some enemies are defeated, the Gold Brothers show up with Death Army, 
challenging Magnum Ace to a fight.  He accepts, saying that if they have the 
Iron Leaguer spirit they'll be able to break free from the DG Cell control.

When the first wave is defeated, Windy is disappointed they weren't able to 
release the Brothers from the DG Cell control -- there must be something 
missing.  But they don't have time to think, because the next set of Jaryu 
comes in.  Garden also appears behind them, and by attacking a Jaryu he's able 
to have Idoro somehow give him the Jaryu's power.  Now he's sure he can beat 

Once you beat him, he of course regenerates and goes after Adieu.  But Da 
Cider and Lamune come in to save him; after arguing a bit over who's the more 
popular character they both do a combination attack and hurt him.  He prepares 
to keep fighting, but Idoro has him retreat.  Adieu sees that they still don't 
have the power to defeat him.  Da Cider and Lamune fight over whose attack 
hurt him more, and they finally decide on a jointly-named combo.

The Jaryu Clan is just as powerful as legend says, but the King doesn't see 
how they got out so quickly.  In any case, Garden will certainly come back for 
the Spirit Stone again, so the Queen gives it to Paffy to keep it safe, and in 
the hopes that she'll be able to draw out its true power.  The rest of the 
Ryus say they'll help protect it (Katze for a fee).  Lamune and Da Cider are 
going to stay and fight as well.  The Earth people want to as well, but the 
King tells them to go back to Earth to protect it.  Everyone sees that's a 
good plan considering the Drago and other menaces.  They head for Arara 
Kingdom to use the Time-Space machine, and the Ryus (and others) travel with 
them to see them off.

Stage 19

Rivalis informs Kyaos of the arrival of the Jaryu Clan.  The Mystic Shield 
that protects Earth Tear is breaking down.  The Jaryu are throwing themselves 
against it and many are dying; only 1/10 or so are making it in.  But time is 
short -- Elrunst's mission is to protect Earth Tear, and Rivalis needs to 
recover the other two Armed Fantoma.  Kyaos gives him a new mech; the one 
Armed Fantoma he got is able to make it work.  He goes to recover the AF.

On the Ionia, everyone is talking about what they'll do when they get back to 
Earth, and whether Earth is OK.  Of course Great Mazinger and Jun are in 
Japan, and the rest of the world is protected by the other G Gundam people, so 
it should be fine.  Kakeru plans to stay on Earth Tear to get the other AF, 
and Domon is going to stay to investigate the DG Cells more.  Amane is worried 
he won't make it, but everyone reassures him.

Meanwhile, Zampa is up to his thievery antics again, this time surrounding 
Goshogun.  They don't seem very impressed by his band of ruffians, and they're 
ready to beat him up, but some demons show up.  They take out Zampa's 
underlings, and Zampa realizes he has to (at least temporarily) ally with 
Goshogun to fight them off.

Once the demons are gone, Jaryu Clan fighters show up.  Zampa actually 
volunteers to take them on while Goshogun runs, in return for helping him 
earlier (as a half-beast, he has to return the favor).  But he's in over his 
head, of course.  The Ionia shows up, and is surprised to see Zampa fighting 
with Goshogun.  He doesn't want their help, but Amane says he has to survive 
so that he can band together the thieves of Earth Tear to fight against the 
Jaryu.  Zampa finally agrees and goes on board the Ionia.

Once the Jaryu are defeated, Rivalis shows up with a big force, and his new 
mech the Arsignosis.  Brass recognizes it as a mech they excavated, but 
because Elrunst is using the Armed Fantoma as a power source (something it 
wasn't intended for), they can't draw out the full power of the Arsignosis.  
So now is the best time to defeat him.  Yaminorius also shows up and summons 
his usual piddling 3 units.

When you beat Rivalis, he turns the Arsignosis into onyx and starts to run 
away.  Kakeru wants to follow him but more Jaryu come in, so we have to deal 
with them first.

Once the enemies are finally beaten, the team surrounds the mech-less Rivalis.  
Rivalis starts talking about how the Jaryu are threatening all of Earth Tear, 
and that the heroes should be fighting with Elrunst.  Domon demands that the 
Elrunst stop their research into DG Cells, but he says you have to fight 
poison with poison.  It was Kyaos' decision -- he gets pissed off that the 
heroes don't understand Kyaos' suffering and brings the Arsignosis out again.  
But the mech won't move that way Rivalis wants it to.  Kakeru is able to go up 
and get the third Armed Fantoma.  Brass warns Kakeru about the huge power 
that's about to engulf the Ionia and Sigzaur.  Kakeru's fine, but what about 
Amane?  Brass has some people look for her, and Sharu takes over the Ionia in 
the meantime.

The heroes are surprised that Sharu is going to take Amane's place, but Sharu 
says that Brass can get her out again with the Armed Fantoma.  The heroes find 
Amane under the care of Zampa, who is repaying Amane for saving his life 
earlier.  Brass takes a look at him and is surprised -- he tells Kakeru that 
her body has already started shutting down because they were too late.  Sharu 
tells them to put Amane back into the Ionia's system and then use the AF, but 
that won't work because Amane has already lost conciousness.  Outside, Rivalis 
tries to activate Arsignosis again, but it starts moving on its own.  Inside, 
Amane begins to glow again -- he's being called by the Arsignosis.

Amane disappears, and a ball of light goes into the Arsignosis.  Amane 
reappears inside the Arsignosis with a new look, calling himself the true 
pilot of the mech.  Rivalis protests, but Amane tells him that Kyaos gave him 
the Arsignosis so that he could return to it.  Kakeru and the others have a 
hard time believing this is really Amane.  Amane ignores this and tells them 
that in return for taking care of him up to now, he'll send them back to Earth 
-- they'll just get in his way otherwise.  Kakeru tells him they can just use 
the Arara machine, but Amane replies that they have no choice in the matter.  
Paffy the other Earth Tear people don't want to leave.  Ryoma wants to kick 
his ass, but the others warn him not to; there's no way to know what will 
happen if they throw energy at this huge amount of energy.  No choice but to 
retreat to the Ionia.  Kakeru doesn't want to go, but in the end he has no 

Stage 20

Back on Earth, Aozora town is being attacked by the Machine Empire enemies, 
led by Denkioh.  The kids in the school wish that Gosaurer and the others were 
back, as the tanks of the army get defeated easily (as usual).  Great Mazinger 
and Venus A show up, and Denkioh is happy to have a strong opponent to fight 
against.  You have to protect the school.

After some enemies are defeated, Machine God tells Denkioh to use his plan 
instead of just attacking; Denkioh doesn't like using plans (it's against his 
warrior pride) but he follows orders and goes after the school.  GM blocks him 
and gets hurt in the process.  Just then, lightning comes down and releases 
Gokuark from the shrine (again), and Eldoran shows up to stop him (again).  
The kids in the school want to escape elsewhere, and three kids (Momotaro, 
Kakeru, and Mai) stay behind to help them escape.  Eldoran feels the heroic 
power coming from them, and sends them yet another Eldoran robot, the 
Daiteioh.  Eldoran succeeds in defeating Gokuark again, but Gokuark says he'll 
soon have the power to fully return.  Daiteoh rushes to Great Mazinger's aid.

A couple of enemies later, Belzeb shows up and brings out Jaaku Empire grunts.  
Things are looking bad for the heroes, but just then there's a big flash and 
the Ionia reappears.  The Eldoran mechs all go out, and the Daiteoh squad is 
excited at being able to fight alongside them -- but no time to be impressed, 
we have to beat the enemies.

When a few more guys are beaten, Belzeb realizes that they're not going to 
beat the heroes with just the usual grunts, so he decides to go out himself, 
with some new model Jaaku enemies.

After all the enemies are cleaned up, everyone meets in the Ionia.  Kouji 
apologizes to Tetsuya and Jun for leaving them alone.  Tetsuya keels over, 
apparently from an old wound that Denkioh reopened.  Izumi comes to help.

Out in the forest, Belzeb and the others are wondering what to do now that the 
heroes have so many allies.  Taida thinks they should get their own allies, 
and Yaminorius appears with an offer...

Back on the Ionia, they welcome the Goshogun people.  Isaac already knows them 
since the J9 and Goshogun teams fought together against Docouga and the Nubia 
Connection.  The J9 team has decided to stay with Ionia despite the lack of 
pay, and the Goshogun team agrees to as well -- they've now met up twice by 
chance, so there must be some meaning to that.  (In any case, they need some 
adults on the ship.)  At this point, Jun comes back in.  Tetsuya should be 
fine; Izumi just needs to do some healing prayers for a little while longer.  
Jun hears about this "magic" and wonders where in the world they've been.  
Kouji tells the whole story.  Jun is especially surprised to see Zampa the 
talking penguin (and Zampa is shocked to hear that Earth has no talking 
penguins).  In any case, they need to figure out how to get back to Earth 
Tear.  Sharu tells them there are only two ways -- the Space-Time machine in 
Arara Kingdom, or to create a gate to jump through.  Since the machine is 
broken, all they can do is rely on the second -- except that Kakeru can't yet 
control the Armed Fantoma well enough to create such a gate.

Meanwhile, the kids are talking in another place.  The Daiteioh team 
introduces themselves (and are big fans of the Ganbaruger team, although they 
didn't expect them to be only in 4th grade).  Everyone agrees they need to 
gather information on what's going on in the Earth, and then find a way back 
to Earth Tear.  Kotaro just wants to sleep...maybe the Daiteioh team doesn't 
idolize him so much after all. 

Stage 21

Kakeru is moping in his room; he thought all they would have to do is get the 
Armed Fantoma, but now he has no idea what to do.  Sharu comes in to cheer him 
up but ends up slapping him and telling him not to be so emo; it's not like 
him.  Zampa comes in as well and says that even though they have no idea what 
to do to save Amane, he'll try his best -- he still has to repay Amane for 
saving his life.  Kakeru realizes that he needs to keep fighting, not only for 
Amane, but also to save the world from all the enemies that are attacking.

In the Main Hall, the decision has been made to keep fighting the enemies 
while looking for a way back to Earth Tear; there are all kinds of 
supernatural areas that might have clues.  But the kids are supposed to go 
back to school and leave all of this to the adults.

Now you have to decide on the route split.  The Liger team is going back home 
to Kushiro, and Kakeru thinks he might go with them since Sigzaur and Ionia 
were found there.  But there are also things to do in Aozora.  (I'm going to 
pick the Kushiro route because I've already seen Raijin-oh stuff in XO)  Zampa 
drops his golden egg he picked up from the cavern, and decides to give it to 
Kotaro (I'm not really sure why).  

Ken has a dream of some girl named Kamiyo who's coming to see him.  Meanwhile 
in the Saotome lab, Saotome is trying out new stuff with the Getter, to power 
it up.  They remind Saotome that they beat Seimei, but he says Seimei and the 
demons will be back, although he doesn't say why he's so sure.  He then 
retreats to an underground basement, something he's apparently been doing a 
lot lately.  Michiru tells them that the demons seem to be drawn to the 
Getter, since they didn't appear at all while the heroes were in Earth Tear.  
Suddenly, the Getter becomes illuminated with Getter Rays; Shingo thinks it 
looks a lot like Beamler.  Ryoma wonders if the Getter is really safe to use, 
and Hayato goes off to talk to Saotome.

Hayato wants to know what Saotome is up to, but Saotome says they'll have to 
keep piloting the Getter to find out.  He doesn't care that it draws out the 
enemies or whatever, and in any case, it's too late for them to escape the 
Getter.  The underground area fills with Getter Rays -- the Getter Rays can be 
seen now because they are getting to full power.  Saotome claims his son 
Tatsujin (who was killed by demons) appeared and told him to keep making the 
Getter Rays stronger.

In the Drago Temple, Zara still wants her underlings to make more bloodshed 
for Drago's revival.  Ryu Dolk has the Fang of Destruction so he's already 
strong, but Geist and Satan have their own plans.  Zara orders them all to go 
to their tasks.

In Ken's house, Yui and Mai are trying to get Zampa to take a bath, but he 
doesn't like water (he's a half-beast, not a penguin!)  They wonder where Ken 
is, and go up to his room to check on him.  He's still worried about that girl 
he saw in his dream -- Yui thinks he had a wet dream, but Ken tells her it's 
not like that.  Downstairs, Dango has brought a friend Shinichi, who is happy 
to see that Ken is back and hugs him.  The rest make jokes about him being a 
guy magnet, but really Shinichi is just happy that Ken protects him from being 
bullied.  Ken hears a voice just then that nobody else can hear, and goes 
outside following it.

Ken is still searching for the voice by a lake, and sees the girl from his 
dream standing on the water (everyone else can see her too).  She tells Ken to 
stop fighting, or he'll die, and then she disappears.  Everyone else comes up 
and finds him there -- Tetsuya thinks this is a trick of the Drago Empire.  
Anyway, Brass investigated the place where the Ionia came out but couldn't 
find anything.  They head back to eat dinner, but Sharu gets a feeling that 
something is coming.

Of course, it's Satan and Geist, who are looking for humans to kill and send 
out enemies.  Yui and Mai don't want Ken to fight because of what the girl 
said, but he has no choice.

After a few guys are beaten, more heroes show up (the rest of the heroes are 
off fighting other battles), as well as enemy reinforcements.  Shinichi is 
also feeling strange...

A few enemies later, Shinichi turns into a Drago monster -- apparently Doll 
Geist and Satan released parasites to try to turn humans into Drago, if this 
works, it will be a big help to them.  Since they don't know any way to save 
Shinichi, Ryoma and Hayato say they have to kill him -- Domon agrees, although 
Kouji wants to try to save him anyway.  Meanwhile, Ryu Dolk says this battle 
will determine whether Ken is a true hero or not.

When you defeat Shinichi, Shinichi begs Ken to kill him, and Ken does(!).  Ryu 
Dolk is happy to see this and appears, telling Ken that if he follows emotions 
on the battlefield, he'll die.

When Dolk is defeated, he regenerates and uses the power of the Fang of 
Destruction to crush Liger; just when Liger is about to be destroyed, Kamiyo 
appears and once again tells Ken to come with her, and Liger disappears.  Dolk 
leaves, assuming he's beaten Liger.  Kakeru wants to chase him, but Domon 
tells him not to -- the reason Liger was defeated is because Ken was rushing 
into revenge.

Back inside the house, Mai and Yui can't feel Ken's life signs at all.  They 
start to cry, and Ryoma and Hayato yell at them -- it's obvious that people 
will die in battle, and the moment they stepped on the battlefield, they were 
no longer kids.  Tetsuya says that they can only say that because they don't 
know the pain of losing a comrade.  Ken's grandfather says he still believes 
Ken is alive somewhere, and the others agree that they should keep up hope.

Stage 22

The Drago Empire is discussing strategy.  Doll Geist wants to turn all of the 
Drago soldiers into mech soldiers to make them stronger; Zara agrees to let 
him do that.  Doll Satan is supposed to hold the heroes off until he does 
that, and Ryu Dolk goes off on his own -- he doesn't like the mech soldiers 
idea, but Zara is willing to let him choose his own strategy.

Back at Ken's house, Yui and Mai refuse to accept that Ken's dead, even though 
nobody could find any trace of him or the Liger.  Meanwhile, Ken is in a 
strange place with green light -- he wonders if he's dead.  Kamiyo appears and 
wonders why he fought even though she warned him.  She's also a descendant of 
the good gods like Ken.  Ken wants to go back, but Kamiyo tells him he can't 
defeat the Drago Empire the way he is now -- they have to call on the power of 
the Holy Bird, which helped out in the previous fight against Drago.  Drago 
sealed the bird within this dimension, but Kamiyo can release it to power up 
Liger.  Ken has to undergo a test, though, to break the chains of flame with 
the Thunder Phoenix sword.  Ken's willing to do it.

Out on the beach, Ryu Dolk (in normal clothing) is thinking that the ideals of 
the Empire are no longer the same as he has been fighting for since he was 
young.  Mai and Yui run into him and see the dragon mark on his hand.  They 
ask Dolk who he is and how old; he might be their older brother who was 
kidnapped when he was very young.  Dolk doesn't want to hear it, but they tell 
him that just like Ken's lion mark, it's the mark of their family.  Dolk 
realizes that these people are Argama's descendants, but then runs away when 
Dango comes up.  Apparently the demon rock has appeared in Tokyo and they have 
to go fight it.  Dolk doesn't think it's possible that he's an Argama 

Getter and the others are fighting the Drago Empire in Tokyo.  The Ionia shows 
up on the other side; the Eldoran team is fighting in Aozora and can't come 
now.  The Demon Rock is smaller; apparently Liger's presence was keeping it in 
check and now it's getting weaker.  Soon, Drago will revive.

After a few enemies are beaten, Doll Geist shows up and directs a Drago 
soldier to blow himself up to destroy a building.  Doll Satan doesn't like 
this, but Zara had said to do whatever it takes.  Doll Satan wants to leave, 
but Geist forces her to stay.  Another soldier goes towards the Ionia to blow 
itself up, and it doesn't look like Sharu will be able to dodge it.  
Meanwhile, Ken is undergoing his trial involving monsters and other obstacles.  
He finally gets to the sword he's supposed to get, but then his grandfather, 
Yui, and Mai come out and tell him that Kamiyo is tricking him.  He doesn't 
need to fight anymore, he can rest; they have a safe place for him to live 
with his friends.  But Ken knows this is a trick, because the real people 
wouldn't talk like that.  He grabs the sword, and kills the monsters.  A bird 
appears; he revived the Thudner Phoenix.  Kamiyo disappears.  Back in the real 
world, lightning comes down and destroys the Drago soldier, and then Liger 
appears.  Ryu Dolk comes in as well, intent on defeating Liger again.  But 
Liger combines with the Thunder Phoenix to make Thunder Liger.

Once all the enemies are cleared away, Doll Geist comes back out and decides 
to throw all the exploding Drago knights at the city at once.  But before he 
can do this, he gets smashed with FINAL DYNAMIC SPECIAL.  He has to retreat.  
They also get word from Aozora that the Maoh was defeated by the Eldoran 

There's a happy reunion with Ken, and he tells them all about Kamiyo and his 
trials.  Back on the Ionia, the power of FINAL DYNAMIC SPECIAL has also healed 
the rift between Ryoma and Kouji (although Ryoma still acts like a dick).  Now 
time to join up with the other squad after they rest a bit.

Stage 23

Denkioh doesn't want to return after his latest failure, so he combines with 
Hyper Death Bolt to strengthen himself.

The other group tells about their adventures -- Bakuryuoh came in so now 
Raijinoh has powered up to God Raijinoh, and Ganbaruger powered up to Great 
Ganbaruger by combining with two other robots.  The rest of the Eldoran people 
hope to get similar upgrades soon.  The heroes may have beaten Gokuark, but 
there are still many threats to Earth and Earth Tear.  One recent thing is an 
"electricity thief", a strange UFO that keeps popping up over cities and 
stealing the electricity.  Worth investigating.

They go to the SDF base and find a new robot developed there, the Defenseger 
(Takeda gave it that name because it was built by the SDF, the kids hate the 
name though).  He hoped it would actually be piloted by army people, but once 
again the kids have to get in it otherwise it wouldn't work.  Nevertheless, 
Youji has trouble piloting it.  He wrecks the hangar and injures himself, and 
Takeda kicks them all out.  But Kyoju ("professor", a nickname from the other 
kids) isn't through yet; she takes them back to school to show them something 
else.  Meanwhile at the Jaaku base, Belzeb comes up with the plan to capture 
one of the kids and make him reveal the location of the bases.

Back at the school, Gosaurer and Magmasaurer are trying to combine - Kyoju 
wrote the program based on God Raijinoh.  Unfortunately, the combination 
fails, so it's back to square one.  The kids get mad at Kyoju for failing, and 
she quits the team in response.  Everyone realizes that she had been trying 
her best and that they hadn't appreciated it, so they go to look for her to 
apologize.  Unfortunately, Taida finds her first and she gets captured.  Then, 
monsters are attacking, so they have to go -- but the Gosaurer people stay 
back to look for Kyoju since they need her to keep the mech running.  At the 
SDF base, Denkioh takes all the energy and destroys the Defenseger, and Youji 
wants Takeda to take him to where everyone else is.  But without power they 
can't move.

Back at the school, Magmasaurer is out fighting against the enemies himself.  
After a little bit, Taida asks Kyoju where the base is, but she won't say.  
The Gosaurer people contact her and Taida tells them that if they want Kyoju 
back, they should tell him the location of their base.  She doesn't think they 
will because she quit.  But a little bit later, they contact him again and 
show him that the base is in the school.  He runs away, leaving Kyoju behind 
-- she's surprised they saved her, but they need her to keep Gosaurer running.

Belzeb himself comes out a few turns later.  Once you beat him up, Denkioh 
appears, announcing his new power -- he, of course, is the electricity thief.  
Once you hurt him a bit, he regenerates, claiming unlimited power.  The second 
time he regenerates, Youji wishes he could have piloted the Defenseger better, 
and starts to cry.  But Eldoran shows up, remakes the Defenseger as the 
Gransaurer, and Youji takes it to the battle.  When he tries to attack Denkioh 
he misses, and loses confidence, but everyone cheers him up and he fights on.

The next time Denkioh regenerates, all the Saurer units combine their strength 
and deal a crushing blow, defeating Denkioh.  He's about to fight on, but then 
a new enemy from the Machine Kingdom (Gil Turbo and Engine King) show up and 
kill Denkioh, then turn to fight your guys.

When you hurt Engine King a bit, he regenerates, and Kyoju tells the three 
Saurer mechs to combine into King Gosaurer, which they do.  When you beat 
Engine King this time, the fight is finally over.  They can't chase him 
because he disappears off the radar.

Back in the Jaaku base, Belzeb is happy they found out the location of 
Gosaurer's base, but Taida comes with bad news -- there are Gosaurer-like 
signals from all over the town, so it looks like even if they destroy one 
base, the team can just use a different one.  So much for that plan.  (Of 
course, this was just a trick by the kids...)

Kyoju shows everyone an image of Taida; Jin recognizes him as some "reporter" 
that came around asking questions about Raijinoh; luckily Jin didn't tell him 
anything about the base (although he did find out the kids are the pilots).  
They see that they have to worry about more than just front-on attacks, but 
luckily they have new companions like Youji.  Youji thanks everyone for 
helping him believe in himself.  Now they feel like they have the strength to 
withstand any attack, even one from the Engine King.

Stage 24

Ryu Dolk confronts Zara about his past.  All he's known is Drago since he was 
young, but now it's being taken over by people like Doll Geist who only look 
at victory.  He demands that Zara tell him whether he is descended from Argama 
-- she tells him that he must be crazy; he's definitely a descendant of Drago.  
After he leaves, she realizes that he might go back for more information, and 
sends Doll Geist out to kill Yui and Mai.  Geist also says he will kill Ryu 
Dolk if he gets in the way.  Actually Geist was hoping for this opportunity.  
Out in the hall, Doll Satan confronts Geist -- isn't he worried about going 
against a descendant of Drago?  Geist says that it doesn't matter who you're a 
descendant of; the strong win and the weak perish.

On the Machine Ship, Engine King sends out Gil Turbo to find out more about 
the King Gosaurer; this could be the ultimate power they've been seeking.

The girls are all out shopping, but Yui is still upset -- what if the person 
they met really is their brother?  Mai tries to encourage her, and she cheers 
up.  Just then, Geist shows up and captures Yui and Mai, telling the rest to 
come to the outskirts of town if they want her back.  Ryu Dolk also sees 

Outside of town, Yui and Mai are tied up to a big obelisk, and Geist threatens 
to kill them if Liger doesn't come out on its own.  With no other choice, Ken 
takes Liger out.  But instead of returning the girls, Geist just attacks Ken, 
who can't respond.  Isaac thinks they should just wait for a chance to save 
the girls -- Geist is obviously waiting for something to happen otherwise he 
would have just destroyed Liger immediately.  Indeed, Geist sees that his plan 
isn't working and just goes to kill the girls, bringing out more troops to 
hold off the Ionia.  Just as he's about to kill the girls, Ryu Dolk appears, 
surprised that Zara gave the order to kill them.  Geist was waiting for this, 
now he can take out Dolk as a traitor.  Ryu Dolk doesn't care; all he wants is 
the truth about himself.  He prepares to fight Geist (of course, those who are 
traitors to Drago get their HP cut by 90%).

Once you beat Geist's grunts, Dolk goes to save the sisters, but Geist sends 
out more guys to attack Dolk, and he can't do anything.  Geist comes out 
himself to finish Dolk off, but then Doll Satan comes in and saves Yui and 
Mai, who run back to the ship.  Geist tries to finish off Dolk, but Satan 
support defends and Geist kills her instead.  She did it for Ryu Dolk, because 
he was following his heart.  Everyone gets pissed off at Geist and it's time 
for more enemies.

When you beat Geist, he can't believe that his rational machines lost to 
people with emotions; he retreats, and Ryu Dolk goes after him.  Then, Engine 
King appears, also not understanding what's so good about feelings -- time for 
more enemies.

When Engine King is damaged a bit, he decides to capture one of the mechs and 
leave -- he goes after Daiteioh.  But a boy named Hiryuu shows up in a new 
mech, the Dairyuuoh, and saves him.

After the fight is over, Hiryuu introduces himself, and criticizes Momotaro 
for getting into a tight spot.  Momotaro instantly hates Hiryuu, but everyone 
else seems to think he's cool.  He got the Dairyuuoh from Eldoran at about the 
same time they got Daiteioh, but he was off gathering information so he didn't 
show up until now.

Yui and Mai are in their room, upset.  Everyone else talks about Ryu Dolk -- 
Hayato doesn't think they can turn a blind eye to what he did just because he 
helped them this time, but everyone else has the usual confidence that he'll 
be an ally in the future.  Ken wonders about Ryu Dolk's history; why was he 
fighting for Drago in the first place?  (Da Cider thinks he's just under enemy 

Stage 25

In the Drago Palace, Seimei gives a report to Zara.  All the heroes have 
gathered at the Saotome Institute, probably to try to find a way to get back 
to Earth Tear.  Zara thinks that's great because it will give them time to 
revive Drago, but Seimei is going to attack -- he and Getter have a long 
history, and he needs to stop Hell from being opened.  Zara sends Doll Geist 
with him, telling him this is his last chance to kill the two sisters.

At the Institute, Michiru tells everyone she can't figure out how the 
dimensional transport works because there's not enough data.  But they don't 
have any more time to talk because Drago attacks.  Unfortunately Saotome 
himself is absent; shut up in the basement again.  Doll Geist is there, and 
Ryu Dolk comes out to attack him.  But then Zara appears in a huge floating 
fortress.  She tells Dolk that his hands are already stained with human blood 
and that the humans will never accept him, but that if he doesn't rejoin 
Drago, he'll be killed once Drago revives.  It's not too late for him to come 
back.  Yui and Mai tell him that even if no one else accepts him, they will, 
and Leska and Da Cider both encourage him as well.  Dolk finally tells Zara 
that with her running the Empire, he's not going to follow them anymore; in 
any case, he's a descendant of Argama, not Drago.  Zara gives up and leaves, 
ordering Geist to kill him.

Geist is stronger this time because of a new barrier, but when you take him 
down about halfway, Liger and Ryu Dolk do a combination move and damage him 
heavily, forcing him to retreat.  Afterwards, Ken wonders what Dolk intends to 
do.  Yui and Mai want him to join the heroes, but Dolk doesn't think he's 
worthy of that.  Ken reminds him of Doll Satan's dying words (to follow his 
heart), and also his duty as an older brother.  He agrees, and says he will 
fight with them at least until they defeat Drago.

Then, Abe no Seimei shows up.  The Getter team is only slightly surprised to 
see him, and he says he would come back from the depths of the grave to stop 
them.  He can't allow them to turn Earth into Hell.  Ryouma asks him what he 
knows about the Getter Rays, and Seimei says there's no point in talking -- 
they don't realize that they're being controlled by the Rays.  Seimei orders 
his demons to attack, and all the heroes can do is fight.

Once you beat Seimei once, he completely regenerates, reminding the Getter 
team that he's invincible.  Saotome decides that there's no other way out; he 
orders the complete evacuation of the lab and then has Getter move above it, 
then releases all the stored Getter rays from the underground room.  He begs 
the team not to be taken over by the rays.  Getter is consumed and seems to 
come out OK, but Ryoma's face has odd green lines.  The Getter moves over to 
Seimei and begins to beat him up, but Hayato and Benkei beg Ryoma to do Open 
Get so that they won't be taken over by the getter rays too.  Ryoma finally 
snaps out of it, and Seimei regenerates again.  But Getter hits him with a 
super powered Getter Beam, destroying him for good.  Before he dies, though, 
Seimei tells them that they've already opened the gate to Hell; when "that 
person" comes, it will destroy the entire Earth, but he won't say who that is.


Immediately, Amane appears in the Arsignosis.  While he can easily cross 
dimensions, there are places even he can't go -- but now the heroes have 
helped him out.  He takes them into a featureless area that he calls the Hell 
of Time, and says that he -- no, Larva, wanted to come back here.  He explains 
further.  Long ago in the Elrunst Kingdom, it was actually just one person 
that created Arsignosis and all these other mechs -- a genius scientist and 
magician named Larva.  It is that same Larva that's here piloting the 
Arsignosis now.  The Elrunst Kingdom fell into civil war, and Larva was 
defeated and his spirit was trapped within Arsignosis.  After the battle, the 
remaining Elrunst abandoned Earth Tear to seek out a new land with the Ionia, 
using the Armed Fantoma.  For long ages, Larva awaited a vessel who could 
accept his spirit, and finally found it in a descendant of the Elrunst.  
Kakeru and Amane are descendants of those Elrunst who left Earth Tear, which 
is why they could pilot the Ionia and Sigzaur.  Kyaos realized when the sword 
travelled through the dimensions to Earth that the vessel of Larva had finally 
appeared, and she had made a deal with Larve to exchange knowledge and 
information for help.  Kyaos loves Earth Tear so much she would even make a 
deal with the devil.  Now, the old Amane's spirit is completely gone, and all 
that's left is the fusion of Larva and Amane, the being called "Amane" now.

Of course, Kakeru won't accept that; he vows to get Amane back no matter what.  
Amane decides to play around a little bit and brings out some Death Army 

Once you beat up Amane for a while, he heals up and decides to leave.  He 
tells the heroes that since this is his space, they won't be able to get out.  
If Kakeru could use the Armed Fantoma he might be able to open a door, though.  
Everyone talks about their hopes and dreams and says they will get out, but 
Amane just says there are things you can't change in the world.  Of course 
Kakeru's having none of that, so he teleports over by the Arsignosis.  
Everyone's feelings resonate with the Armed Fantoma, and the Sigzaur 
transforms into Sigzaurius, by the power of the three AF.  Kakeru attacks 
Amane, and Amane realizes that he'll have to defeat Sigzaurius here.  (Now 
he's flying so you can waste him with anti-air attacks)

Once you beat him the second time, he leaves, and Kakeru yells at him to give 
Amane back.  Kakeru realizes that he can open a gate with Sigzarius (using 
everyone's feelings) to follow Amane, and he tries it...

Stage 26

Kakeru and the rest arrive at Earth Tear.  Although that's good, what about 
Earth?  Kakeru can't just open a portal back there; he realizes he can't 
really control the destination of the teleport.  But the other G Gundam people 
will hold things off on Earth while they're here (hopefully).  Just then, 
there's a big shake like an earthquake.  Cocoa determines that Earth Tear is 
actually falling, like a broken elevator.  What's going on?  The party decides 
to go ask White Dragon for information.

The party heads for the warp point to Eldogear; Earth Tear seems to be falling 
faster and faster, and the Ionia is moving a bit fast for Sharu to keep up 
with.  But on the way, bandits come out to attack them.

When you beat most of the bandits, the rest retreat, but Idoro and Garden 
appear.  Garden thought that the heroes ran away in fear, but now he's happy 
to be able to defeat them.  Idoro summons a bunch of Monskers that she got 
from Don Halmage when she was "serving" him, and it's time to fight.

Once you beat Garden, he powers up again and attacks the Ionia.  Everyone sees 
he's much stronger than before, but they still think they can win.  Garden 
tells Paffy to use the Spirit Stone, knowing she can't.  She tries to run away 
from Garden, but he follows her and attacks.  Of course Adieu support defends, 
but he gets hurt.  Everyone tries to come help but Garden calls down lightning 
to keep them back.  Garden continues to beat down Adieu, and Paffy begs the 
Spirit Stone to save him, no matter what happens to her.  A huge power engulfs 
Paffy's mech, and everyone tries to retreat back to the Ionia.

Garden manages to get away by using a protective barrier, but just barely.  
Idoro meets him in a nearby forest and tells him to get away now; the power of 
the Spirit Stone is too great.  Garden won't listen -- he has the power of the 
Jaryu clan, so who cares about the Spirit Stone?  Idoro tries to stop him but 
he goes in pursuit of the heroes.

Paffy sees a vision of her parents, who tell her to use the Spirit Stone to 
protect Earth Tear.  She thinks she's too weak to use it, and then she wakes 
up in a forest, with the rest of the heroes -- minus Adieu.  Izumi shows Paffy 
the massive crater that resulted from her use of the Spirit Stone; both Garden 
and Adieu disappeared in the light.  They searched for him while Paffy was 
unconcious but they couldn't find him.  Paffy wants to go search more, but the 
others tell her that they have to hurry to the White Dragon to find out what's 
happening to Earth Tear.  Paffy blames herself for not being able to control 
the Spirit Stone, but Kouji says it's also their fault for not being able to 
protect Adieu.  In any case, there's no way Adieu is dead -- they'll find him 

Stage 27

In the Machine Castle, The Machine King agrees with Engine King that they 
should go to the alternate world, since their goal is to mechanize the entire 
universe.  They can apparently get there by following the energy signature of 
the heroes.

In Earth Tear, Naji has teleported Adieu away from the battle before he got 
destroyed by Paffy's light.  Adieu wants to immediately go back, but Naji 
tells him he'll just get beaten again.  He's headstrong, just like his father 
Larsa when he was young.  Adieu thought his father was Bilford, but Naji tells 
him that was just his foster father.  His real father Larsa fought against the 
Jaryu before in the Ryu Knight, and the fact that Adieu has the Ryu Knight now 
is his father's last wish.  Naji wants Adieu to undergo training so that he 
can be stronger.  He gives Adieu a Spirit Stone sword left by his father and 
begins to train him -- the light that comes out is proof that he's the 
destined pilot of the Ryu Knight.

Adieu finds himself in a snowy area, and sees an unnamed knight use a 
technique to defeat a Jaryu.  Apparently Adieu saw this same technique used 
long ago, and begs the knight to teach it to him.  The knight asks what he 
thinks "fighting" means, and Adieu tells him that of course it means to beat 
your opponent.  The knight tells himi that if he can beat these opponents, 
he'll teach him the technique.  The opponents turn out to be the Ryu Ninja, 
Samurai, and Hunter.  Adieu doesn't want to fight them, but sees he has no 
choice.  He beats Ryu Ninja, but can't kill him.  The knight tells him that if 
he can't even kill this one person, he won't be able to defeat Garden.  Adieu 
tries to protect Sarutobi from the knight, but the knight tells him that if 
fighting is about defeating the other person, then he should move aside.  
Adieu won't budge, and the knight reveals himself to be Larsa, Adieu's father.  
Larsa tells Adieu that fighting is not just about defeating your opponent, and 
that he should become stronger and save Earth Tear.

Adieu finds himself back with Naji, who tells him that was just a vision 
created by the memories of Ryu Knight.  He passed the test, so now he should 
be able to draw out Ryu Knight's full power.  Naji sends him back to the rest 
of the heroes, along with Hitter, a gunner who was with him.

The Machine enemies are attacking Eldogear.  White Dragon tells Gesshin and 
Graches to go out and fight the invaders, not worrying about what was stolen 
(which is apparently why they're really in Eldogear).  WD says that if they 
can just hold out for a bit, help will arrive.

The next turn, more enemies show up, but so does the Ionia.  When you beat 
most of the machine guys, a Jaryu force shows up.  When you beat some of 
those, even more Jaryu appear.

When you beat even more guys, Garden shows up with Monskers.  He laughs that 
Adieu is dead, although Paffy believes he's still alive.  And of course, Adieu 
shows up just then.  He shows Garden the Spirit Stone Sword he got, and they 
both join the battle.  When you beat a few more enemies, yet more 
reinforcements come in (this is the last batch) with Idoro.  They start to 
rain down fire on the city and Ionia, but Adieu is able to class change his 
Ryu Knight into the Ryu Paladin.

Once you beat Garden, as usual he regenerates and attacks Adieu again.  Adieu 
can't believe that he's losing even after class changing, but at this point he 
doesn't care if he dies as long as he protects everyone else.  He hears his 
father's voice telling him that if he's willing to sacrifice himself to save 
others, he can call out the true power of the Ryu Zephyr.  Adieu uses Meteor 
Zapper, the strongest technique of the Ryu Paladin, and defeats Garden.  Idoro 
teleports him away before he dies, though.  White Dragon tells everyone to 
come inside.

Naji explains to everyone about the class changing, and that each Ryu has a 
corresponding Spirit Stone.  Unfortunately he can't teach them how to use it; 
it's dependent on the will and spirit of each individual Ryu user.  Four of 
the Spirit Stones were in Eldogear but they were just stolen by someone who 
was skilled enough to get past the defense system and evade Gesshin and 
Graches.  They didn't give the Stones to the Ryu users before because if they 
aren't skilled enough to use them, there's a chance they'll go berserk.  WD 
also says that the Spirit Stone for Sarutobi's Ryu is in his home village.  
They decide to go get Sarutobi's stone while Naji and WD try to find out who 
stole the others.  Katze once again tries to leave, saying there's no reason 
for a merchant like her to fight.  But Hitter comes up and turns out to be her 
older brother.  Katze decides to stay with the team although Hitter is now 
going to pilot the Derringer.

Stage 28

WD and Naji tell the heroes what's been going on in Earth Tear.  The Jaryu are 
attacking all over the world, but Elrunst and the various kingdoms are holding 
them back.  Unfortunately, Gobriki has been reviving as well.  The reason 
Earth Tear is falling is due to his influence -- there are many floating 
continents in Dokidoki Space, and at the bottom is the Dark Sand, which flows 
into a nothingness.  If Earth Tear falls into the Dark Sand, it will be all 
over.  But, since Gobriki created the Dark Sand, if they defeat him, the Sand 
should disappear as well.  Right now Gobriki is healing his wounds in the Dark 
Comet.  The only way to get there, though, is with 8 stones.  Luckily, these 
stones are the Spirit Stones that power up the Ryus.  However, there's another 
problem -- the Machine Kingdom is building some sort of device at the Jeroch 
Forest.  The team decides to split into two, and Kakeru has to decide who he's 
going to go with.  (I'm picking the Ryu Team who is looking for the Spirit 

On the Urtalia, Amane and Kyaos are talking about the Machine Kingdom's 
arrival.  Kyaos is concerned because the two moons will soon align, weakening 
the barrier; this is when the Jaryu will attack in full force.  Before then, 
they need to beat the Machine Kingdom, Gobriki, and the Ionia team.  Amane 
wants to attack Ionia now, but Kyaos thinks they should wait and gather 
strength.  Meanwhile, the Ionia team will expend their strength fighting the 
Jaryu and Machines.  Amane thinks to himself that his ideal world will come 
before the world falls into chaos and war.

The Ionia is heading through Onion Valley to use the warp point to Hinode 
Kingdom.  Lamune isn't scared of Gobriki, but the rest of them think they 
might need a different plan this time.  Paffy is still worrying about her 
inability to control the Spirit Stone.  The other Ryu users ask Adieu how he 
managed to class change, but he isn't sure himself -- he tells them about 
sacrificing himself to protect others.  Naji reminds them that each person 
will have to draw out the power in their own way; it's not something they can 
teach or learn.  Unfortunately they don't have much time.  Adieu wonders if 
they can get help from Garden -- after all, Ryus were created to protect Earth 
Tear, and being chosen by a Ryu should prove that you have a good heart.  But 
Sarutobi doesn't want to hear any of this; Garden destroyed his hometown and 
has almost killed them many times.  The ship shakes; it's another earthquake.  
Naji tells them these are being caused by the weakening barrier that's letting 
the power flow in from the Jaryu world.  Not only that, but they see that the 
Earth Blade has turned red; a sign that Earth Tear is in danger and they have 
very little time left.

Idoro also sees the sword, and realizes she doesn't have much time left.  But 
when Garden wakes up, she tells him she has no idea what the sword's color 
means.  Garden wants to immediately go fight the Ryus again; Idoro as usual 
tries to caution him not to, but he's determined.  She gives him some object 
to put in his Ryu to strengthen it and heal it.

In the Onion Valley, the heroes are reminiscing about their first visit here.  
Soon, Garden appears.  Adieu tries to convince him not to fight, but Garden 
thinks he can deal with Gobriki and the Jaryu himself.  He shows his new 
power, which turns out to be Sarutobi's Spirit Stone.  Idoro got it from his 
village while they were in Eldogear.  Adieu still wants to ally with Garden, 
but there's no choice but to fight.

When you beat Garden, he retreats (with the stone).  Three large Jaryu ships 
appear with troops, led by Rigel and Adoria.  They lost half their force just 
breaking through the Mystic Shield, but they made it to Earth Tear.  They need 
to defeat the heroes before the Emperor arrives.  Adoria goes out in a Doom, 
which looks just like a Ryu.

After a few enemies are defeated, Rigel sends out reinforcements.  Garden 
appears, telling the Jaryu to keep away from his targets.  But then Idoro 
appears in one of the Jaryu ships and tells Garden they should be attacking 
the heroes.  Rigel greets Idoro and criticizes her for her failures, giving 
her one last chance to defeat the heroes.  Garden doesn't understand what's 
going on; it turns out Idoro is from the Jaryu clan.  She wants Garden to join 
her in beating the heroes, but Garden doesn't want to join with anyone -- 
whoever gets in the way of his total control of Earth Tear will be destroyed.  
Idoro reveals to Garden that he half Jaryu himself.  He refuses to accept this 
and starts attacking the Jaryu (but as an NPC, not under your control, which 
means he doesn't suffer the Player Character Weakening Curse and still has his 
130k HP)

When you beat Idoro, she tries to retreat, but Garden follows her and starts 
to attack her.  It doesn't matter that she raised him, she just did it to use 
him.  She sees that her plan failed; his half human nature is too strong.  She 
starts to use her magic to defeat him, but he uses the power of the Spirit 
Stone to power up his mech.  Rigel comes out in the Doom; Idoro thinks he's 
going to save her but he kills her instead.  The Emperor will not accept those 
that lcak power.  He begins to attack Garden, but Adieu goes to support 
defend.  Rigel decides to take them both out, but Garden uses the Spirit Stone 
to teleport them both away (perhaps uninentionally); they disappear from the 
battlefield and Rigel calls out more reinforcements.

When you damage Rigel some, he decides to go directly for the Ionia.  Sarutobi 
and Paffy go to intercept him, and Sarutobi decides that he needs to take out 
Rigel even if he has to die to do it.  Paffy doesn't want to see this, and 
vows to protect everyone like Adieu does.  She draws the Spirit Stone power 
and class changes into Ryu Wizard and blasts Rigel.  Rigel regenerates, 
though, and keeps fighting.

Once all the enemies are defeated, Paffy thanks Sarutobi for showing her the 
meaning of sacrificing for one's friends, and then wants to go search for 
Adieu.  Naji says that the power of the Spirit Stone was low, so they 
shouldn't be far.

In a nearby cave, Garden wakes up.  Adieu has tended to his wounds with some 
herbs, but Adieu thinks they should rest until morning.  Garden wonders why 
Adieu saved him, it's not like he's going to give up the Spirit Stone in 
return.  Adieu says that as a knight, Garden should understand.  He asks why 
Garden got selected by a Ryu, but Garden has no idea; Idoro just brought it to 
him.  Garden asks Adieu if he's ever wanted to control the entire world, to 
become the strongest.  Adieu did wish to be the strongest in the world, but 
being on the Ionia has taught him that fighting isn't just about being strong.  
Garden thinks that sounds ridiculous, but he's unable to answer Adieu's 
question -- why does he want to control the world?  All Garden can think of is 
Idoro telling him to do it, and he tells Adieu to shut up.  Adieu goes to 
sleep, leaving Garden to wonder why he would do that in front of an enemy.

The Ionia crew is unable to find Adieu, but there are so many caves in the 
Onion Valley that they can't search them all tonight.  It's better to wait 
until morning.  The next morning, Adieu tells Garden how much he likes Earth 
Tear, and asks Garden to fight alongside the heroes.  Garden doesn't think a 
half-Jaryu like him can join, but Adieu says that doesn't matter.  But then, 
Sarutobi comes in and tries to kill Garden again.  Adieu tries to stop 
Sarutobi, but Garden calls out his Ryu, and so does Sarutobi.  Garden is still 
weak from before, so Sarutobi is beating him.  Adieu tells him to stop -- even 
though Garden has done bad things, they need all the power they can get right 
now to save Earth Tear.  Two Jaryu units come in to kill them -- they offer to 
spare Garden if he helps them, but he refuses.  Adieu says he'll act as a 
decoy while the other two attack -- if they take too long, reinforcements will 
come in.  Sarutobi doesn't like trusting Garden, but he goes along with the 
plan anyway.  They beat the Jaryu.  Garden leaves, saying he still hasn't 
abandoned his plan to control the world.  Adieu thinks he'll understand 

The Ionia comes in and gives news -- the Machine Empire's construct in the 
Jeroch Forest is running off of Spirit Stones, so they're probably the 4 
stones that were stolen from Eldogear.  Also, they were able to free the Gold 
Brothers from the DG Cells' control.  But now they need to meet up at the 
Jeroch Forest to recover the stones.

Stage 29

Rigel sees that it's going to be harder to defeat the humans than he thought, 
but he's still committed to doing it before the Emperor arrives.  Adoria has a 
plan -- they've developed a red crystal that can control the Ryus and the Ryu 
users by putting them in the mech.  Meanwhile on the Urtalia, Amane has 
finished upgrading Rivalis' mech, and is planning further such advances.  He 
isn't worried about the heroes getting the Spirit Stones since they can just 
recapture them later.  After Amane leaves, Rivalis voices his concerns -- he 
doesn't trust Amane, but Kyaos says they can use him to protect Earth Tear, 
even if he was once called the Evil God.

On the Ionia, the two teams have met up again and tell each other what 
happened.  Daiteoh and Hiryuu can now combine to Perfect Daiteioh, and the 
Gold Brothers apologize for attacking.  Adieu still wants to get Garden to 
fight for them, but now they need to find him to get Sarutobi's Spirit Stone.  
In a forest, Garden is wondering what to do next, when Adoria comes up.  She 
once again asks him to fight for Jaryu, but he refuses and attacks her.  She 
sticks the red stone in his mech and says that now he will fight under her 

In the Jeroch Forest, Atomic King is putting the finishing touches on their 
contraption that will mechanize the entire world -- the Spirit Stones gave 
more power than they thought.  But Ionia shows up to spoil their plans.  
Atomic King comes out in the Dark Gosaurer, and Engine King as well.  They're 
happy to fight the heroes to get the rest of the Spirit Stones.  Kyoju figures 
out that the device will activate in 15 minutes (turns), and they need to 
finish the battle in 10 turns to have time to disable it.  They can't just 
destroy it, because that may destroy the Spirit Stones as well, and cause 
untold damage.

When you beat Dark Gosaurer, Atomic King goes over and activates the device, 
and leaves.  The Ionia moves over to the thing and makes a connection to it so 
that the Raijinoh team can start figuring out what makes it tick.  They're 
able to slow it down a bit, but they only have 5 minutes to disable the whole 
thing or it will turn most of Earth Tear into robots.  Also, they'll have to 
be very careful removing the Spirit Stones or they'll blow up.  Of course, 
Jaryu appear to mess things up -- Adoria and Garden.  Everyone is surprised to 
see that Garden joined the Jaryu after all, but Adoria tells them he's under 
her complete control.  Adieu thinks he can break the control by talking to 
Garden, and surprisingly Paffy and the others support him.  They need to get 
Garden below 30% HP.  There are also machine reinforcements.

Once you accomplish the goal, Adieu yells at Garden, asking if he's really so 
weak to let himself be controlled.  This snaps Garden out of it, and he stabs 
his own Ryu to break the control.  He then decides to repay the heroes by 
recovering the Spirit Stones, despite his weakened condition.  He gets them 
(and disables the device), and returns them to the heroes, including 
Sarutobi's stone.  His mech then blows up.  As he loses conciousness he says 
that he could hear Adieu's voice clearly.  They take him to the Ionia, but 
before they can see if he survives, Adoria sends out Jaryu to fight them.  Of 
course, now all the Ryus can do their class changes now that they have their 
Spirit Stones.  Time for the Jaryu to face down 7 class changed Ryus.  Things 
are so bad that Adoria eventually has to come out herself, but she still gets 
beaten to smithereens.  Paffy and Adieu both beg Izumi to go back and use his 
healing on Garden, and even Sarutobi doesn't seem to want him to die.

Back on the Ionia, Izumi does what he can, but it will still take time for 
Garden to recover (if he can at all).  Sarutobi doesn't know why Adieu is so 
worried about Garden, and he says that Adieu doesn't understand how much 
Garden has hurt him, despite helping them in the last battle.  Paffy asks him 
to wait at least until Garden is recovered, and Sarutobi says he doesn't plan 
on attacking Garden when he's too weak to call out his Ryu.  Sarutobi runs 
out, saying he'll never trust Garden.  Adieu hopes he will some day.

Even though they stopped the Machines' plan, the Gosaurer team wonders if they 
should break off themselves and go hunt down Atomic King so that he can't make 
another device like that.  Tsutomu tells them they don't have to worry; that 
device requires so much energy that they're not going to be able to just 
immediately make another one.  Anyway, they now have 7 of the 8 Spirit Stones 
they need, but where could the eighth one be?  Just then, the Ionia gets a 
transmission from Amane.  He tells them that the Elrunst Organization watches 
their every move, and that he knows they're searching for Spirit Stones.  It 
just happens that the 8th one is on the Urtalia, and Amane even volunteers to 
tell them how to get there.  The heroes are suspicious, but Domon says they 
don't have another option; anyway, they can deal with the DG Cell issue as 
well.  Now, how will they attack the Urtalia?  There are soldiers there who 
think they are fighting for the good of Earth Tear, as well as civilians, so 
they can't just blow it away.  On the other hand, it's unlikely Kyaos will 
just give them the stone.  But they are running out of time; they really have 
no choice but to just go where Amane told them to go and see what happens.

Stage 30

The Ionia heads to the far north, in Byfrost, to find where the Urtalia is 
hidden.  Brass tells them about it; it was once the floating capital of 
Elrunst, but now the Organization uses it as their base so it doesn't seem old 
any more.  Kyaos is dedicated to saving Earth Tear by reviving the Arsignosis, 
but Brass himself thinks they don't need to mess with such dangerous 
technology.  Anyway, when they find the location, Brass can remove the 
protective magic that hides the Urtalia.

On the Urtalia, Kyaos orders Rivalis to go fight the heroes so that they won't 
get the Spirit Stone.  Kyaos is glad they're fighting up here where the normal 
people won't be affected, and knows that they need to decide the battle 
quickly, before Earth Tear sinks into the Dark Sand.

The Ionia arrives at Urtalia.  Isaac tries to negotiate with Kyaos, but she 
refuses to give the Spirit Stone up, instead asking the Ionia crew to join 
with Elrunst.  Gold Arm doesn't want to ally with people who did experiments 
on him, and Domon agrees.  Izumi asks whether she will give up the dangerous 
DG Cells and Iron Leaguer experiments and rely on the Ionia crew, but she 
refuses -- she says the Ionia crew doesn't understand the true threat, and 
with their research skills they can fully control the DG Cells.  Domon knows 
that's not true, and they see there's no choice but to fight -- not for 
justice, but just to save Earth Tear.  Rivalis appears in his new Deba Jino 
Beta.  The goal is to destroy the Urtalia Temple at the back, where Kyaos is.

The heroes soon shut down the weapons of the Urtalia by damaging the temple.  
Kyaos orders the soldiers to take the remaining researchers off the ship; she 
has a trump card.  The heroes see the ships leaving, and Gold Arm wants to 
save the rest of the Leaguers, but Kyaos comes out in a mech that looks a lot 
like the Arsignosis.  This is the Signosis, a copy of the Arsignosis that just 
got completed while the heroes were buying time.  It also has copy Armed 
Fantoma in it (which Larva made).  She also brings out Death Army units, and 
Rivalis fights with her.  She tells the heroes that they still don't 
understand Earth Tear's danger and that the Elrunst Organization will protect 
Earth Tear, not them.

Once you beat the Signosis, Rivalis tells Kyaos to withdraw; all the 
researchers have escaped so they won't lose anything by retreating.  But Kyaos 
isn't willing to leave Earth Tear in the hands of the heroes; she still has a 
plan -- use the Spirit Stone on the DG Cells.  Even the Ionia team won't be 
able to win against endless Death Armies.  She starts bringing out Death 
Armies, but quickly loses control over them and more come out than she 
expected.  Amane appears, and tells Kyaos that the DG Cells have already 
absorbed the Spirit Stone's data and evolved; despite her attempts at control, 
it's like Domon said.  He tells her to look at the results of her failed 
research, and the Urtalia begins to shake with explosions.  Kyaos has no idea 
what's happening, but Domon seems to have a guess...

Stage 31

As expected, Urtalia has transformed to Devil Urtalia, with Gundam heads and 
everything.  Rivalis has no clue what's going on, and Kyaos still can't 
believe this happened.  Amane was supposed to help her, but Amane says he 
didn't promise that.  Kakeru demands to know what his goal is, and Amane 
answers that he wants to destroy all life.  Larva saw the destructive power of 
the weapons humans made, and thinks that in order to protect Earth Tear, 
humanity must be destroyed (yes, this is another "destroy the world to save 
it" enemy).  But they defeated Larva just when he had realized that.  But now 
he's just using Kyaos to fulfill this end, since destroying all life is a big 
job even for him.  Kyaos can't believe she was used by him, and then she loses 
control of her mech.  Amane tells her that she'll expend her life here 
fighting, and leaves.  Kyaos asks the Ionia crew to destroy Devil Urtalia 
before it destroys Earth Tear.  Rivalis also joins the heroes, telling them 
not to worry about the Spirit Stone -- it's deep within the craft, so they 
won't destroy it by attacking the outside.  The plan should be to weaken Devil 
Urtalia and then get the Spirit Stone from inside.  Unfortunately, the Stone 
is protected by a password that only Kyaos knows, and they can no longer 
contant her.  They'll have to disable her mech by force.

Once you defeat the Signosis, Rivalis saves Kyaos from the mech before it 
explodes, and Kyaos fives the heroes the password to get the Spirit Stone.  
Now it's time to disable the Devil Urtalia.

Once you defeat the Devil Urtalia, it regenerates, but then Domon uses his new 
God Finger Sekiha Tenkyoken to open a hole in it, and goes inside.  Amane 
appears with some extra Signosises and says he wanted to see what the mindless 
DG Cells would do once all life was destroyed.  Kakeru once again says he'll 
get Amane back, and Larva repeats what he said before, that Amane's spirit is 
completely gone.  Kyaos says there is a way, though -- Larva can only exist in 
the present world because of Arsignosis, and even now, most of his soul is in 
Arsignosis rather than Amane.  So if they just destroy the Arsignosis, they 
can get Amane back.  But, to destroy the Arsignosis, you need to attack it 
with a similar energy from inside the mech, so Kakeru will have to do that.  
However, there is a danger -- they can't be certain Amane's spirit will 
survive the attack.  It's the only chance they have, though.  Of course, Devil 
Gundam completely revives (ugh, but fortunately you don't have to beat the 
Devil Urtalia again).

Once you beat the Arsignosis, Brass tells Kakeru to save Amane.  But Amane 
pretends to have gotten his normal self back, making Kakeru hesitate for a 
minute, and allowing Arsignosis to completely regenerate.  Amane attacks 
Kakeru, and then prepares to finish him off.  But, Zampa to the rescue!  He 
takes the hit for Kakeru, saying that a fight between brothers is hard to 
watch, and that Amane would be sad if Kakeru died.  Zampa's mech blows up.  
Now Amane begins to attack Kakeru again, but the real Amane appears and 
prevents the Arsignosis from attacking.  This gives Kakeru the chance to 
attack.  He uses the strongest attack, blowing up Arsignosis.  Amane starts 
shouting that his body is rejecting him, and the real Amane somehow breaks 
free and escapes the Arsignosis before it blows up.  Kyaos says that's the end 
of Larva (yeah right).  Amane is sad that Zampa gave his life, but it turns 
out that Zampa escaped from his mech, so he's still alive.  Amane loses 
conciousness as the Urtalia begins to explode.  Domon appears with the Spirit 
Stone, and the heroes are able to escape the Urtalia before it completely 
blows up.

It's sad that the Urtalia was destroyed, since it was a relic from the ancient 
culture, but at least Larva and the DG Cells are gone.  Zampa is perfectly 
fine, but Amane is in a coma.  Kyaos thinks the shock of separating him from 
Larva's spirit was too strong.  She apologizes for being behind all this 
trouble, but of course the heroes forgive her quickly and ask her to cooperate 
with them.  She agrees, but with the Urtalia gone she has nothing to offer 
them.  Rivalis disagrees, and the other Elrunst soldiers say they'll still 
follow her even without the Urtalia.  Domon, Kakeru, and the Iron Leaguers are 
the ones that have the biggest reason not to work with her, but they all say 
that they're willing to forget the past and see how she acts in the future, as 
long as she releases the other Iron Leaguers.  But what will they do with the 
Urtalia gone?  Magnum Ace suggests going to Eldogear, since they can do the 
same research there.  She agrees, although orders Rivalis to stay on the Ionia 
and help.  Sharu wonders if Kakeru wants to stay by Amane instead of fighting, 
but he doesn't want to leave everyone else to do the work.

Now they have all 8 Spirit Stones...but nothing's happening.  Naji tells them 
they need the 3 sisters to combine their thoughts in order to open the way to 
the Dark Comet.  Milk, Cocoa, and Cafe Au Lait pray, and the stones begin 
shining, showing the way to the Dark Comet.  Time for the showdown with 

Stage 32

The earthquakes on Earth Tear are increasing; in Pafricia Kingdom and Arara 
Kingdom they can do nothing but put their trust in the heroes.  On the Ionia, 
Kouji wonders if they shouldn't have sent Garden to Elrunst, but with Izumi's 
help, he's better off healing in the Ionia.  Plus, they need to know if the 
8th Spirit Stone goes with Garden's Ryu.  They start debating again whether 
Garden will help them when he wakes up.  Sarutobi is still against it, and 
Adieu tells him that he just needs to ignore his hatred of Garden for now, 
while Earth Tear is in danger.  Sarutobi, seeing that everyone disagrees with 
him, storms off in a huff.  

Meanwhile, the Ionia prepares to go to the Dark Comet.  Lamune is looking 
forward to taking on Gobriki again, but Tama Q reminds him that Gobriki won't 
just be healed, he may be stronger.  Zampa wonders what kind of reward they 
might get from King Arara.  Kotaro wants banana daifuku, Rikiya wants baseball 
stuff, and Killy wants to publish another book.

The Ionia appears in the Dark Comet.  They don't see anything, but Don Halmage 
soon appears, relishing the chance to destroy the heroes.  A bunch of Monskers 
come out.  Lamune knocks one into the center, and it disappears -- that's the 
Dark Sands, the place Earth Tear is heading.

When you beat Don Halmage, he teleports into the center of the map.  Cocoa 
takes the Axe Bomber next to him and the three sisters start to chant a spell 
to seal him.  Don Halmage realizes this as the same spell that sealed him 5000 
years ago, but he says it won't work this time, and throws up the Psychic 
Barrier again.  Not only that, he changes form as well.  They can't use the 
sealing spell with that barrier up.  No problem, Da Cider can just knock it 
away with his axe like last time...except this time it doesn't work.  Halmage 
brings out more Monskers.

After the first turn, Garden finally wakes up in the Ionia.  At first he 
doesn't know where he is, but Naji and Saeko tell him what happened.  Naji 
also gives him the 8th Spirit Stone, telling him that all of the Ryu users 
wanted him to have it except for one.  He hopes that Garden will answer 
Adieu's expectations.

When you defeat some of the enemies, everyone despairs because the barrier is 
too strong.  Cocoa has a plan, though -- if they can just open the barrier, 
even for a little bit, they can make it inside the barrier and do the spell 
there.  Milk and Leska agree, and Leska gets ready to pilot.  Cocoa tells 
everyone to attack the barrier with all their power.  But the attack isn't 
enough, until Garden comes out and class changes -- he was able to do it 
through his strong will to protect Earth Tear.  Even Sarutobi is impressed.  
With Garden's help, they open the barrier a bit, and the Axe Bomber is able to 
get through.  Da Cider thinks they died, but they appear inside the barrier.  
They tell everyone it will take a little bit of time to do the spell.

After a few more enemies, Gobriki laughs at you again, but the sisters finally 
chant the spell.  They take down Gobriki's barrier, restore everyone's HP and 
EN, and call out to them to destroy Gobriki now, while they can.

Once you beat Gobriki again, he heals up, but Lamune and, Da Cider, 
are able to do their combination attack to defeat him.  YATTE YARU ZE!  Don 
Halmage sinks into the Dark Sand and it disappears.  Lamune is sad about the 
three sisters, but the Axe Bomber appears, completely intact.  Everyone's 

Sharu verifies the Dark Sand is gone -- they've really won this time.  Milk 
congratulates Lamune on being a true hero.  Da Cider thanks Leska for her help 
(she blushes).  Everyone is surprised that Cocoa came up with such a brash 
plan, but it saved them all.  And we can't forget Garden's help as well.  
Garden turns down the thanks; he was born in Earth Tear as well and was just 
fulfilling his duty as a Ryu user.  He's happy he got the chance to repay them 
in some way.  Sarutobi comes out and says that he hasn't forgiven Garden, but 
he does see that Garden has changed.  However, if Garden makes any false 
moves, Sarutobi will kill him.  Now it's time to return to Earth Tear and tell 
White Dragon about their success.  Milk wonders what Lamune is going to do; 
Lamune will stay with the Ionia crew until they defeat all the threats to 
Earth and Earth Tear.  The rest agree.

At Eldogear, they thank White Dragon for his help.  White Dragon is happy that 
Garden helped out the heroes.  But where to next?  Gobriki and the DG Cells 
have been dealt with.  Kyaos suggests returning to Earth.  The Elrunst 
Organization can hold off the Jaryu and Atomic King while they deal with the 
threats to Earth, then they can return to Earth Tear.  The Ryu users also come 
along; Paffy tells them that the 1000 year eclipse that will signal the 
weakening of the barrier is still some time away, so everyone can leave Earth 
Tear for a short time.  Cocoa tells them the Space-Time Machine is ready to 
go, so it's time to return to Earth.

Stage 33

A week has passed since the heroes got back to Earth.  The Shuffle Alliance 
held back the enemies while they were gone (and Ossekaiser, apparently).  Now 
the heroes are preparing to attack a Machine Empire base discovered on the 
moon, while they fight against the Jaaku Empire.  Apparently they've 
discovered that the Jaaku Empire can create monsters based on human's fear and 
bad emotions.  They've been destroying a lot of their mechs, but they have no 
idea how many the Jaaku Empire has.  Tsutomu wants to attack the Empire 
directly but they don't know where their home base is.  The teachers see how 
much the kids have grown during their fights.

In the 5th Dimension space, Belzeb informs Emperor Walusa that he's lost 
almost all the Arkdamas he got.  Walusa is pissed off, and gives Belzeb just 
one more chance to beat the heroes.  Back at the base, Belzeb decides to use 
his entire force in an all-out assault.  He's going to attack the school, 
although Yaminorius doesn't seem to like the plan.

On the street, the kids are discussing how long it will take to beat Jaaku.  
Some of them think it might be possible to make friends with them; the guy 
that captured Kyoju didn't seem too unreasonable.  But for now all they can do 
is respond to attacks.  Just then, Takeda is chasing Taida down the road; 
Taida recognizes them from before, and Kouji decides to hide Taida in a pipe 
to prevent him being captured.  When Takeda comes up, the kids lie to him.  
Taida comes out after Takeda leaves and wonders why the kids helped him.  They 
ask him whether they can negotiate and end the fight.  Taida hasn't seen 
anyone do this before in all the time he's been fighting with Belzeb.  He asks 
them why they fight -- aren't they scared of the enemies?  Jin tells him they 
have to protect everyone, even if they get hurt.  Taida seems confused by 
this, but then there's a big earthquake.

Two huge Arkdama eyes are out, and Belzeb appears in his mech.  The school and 
town breaks away and floats up into the air.  The kids see they have to run 
back to the school.  Jin tells Taida he doesn't want to fight him anymore now 
that they've met, and hopes he understands the need to protect important 
people.  Taida says he'll remember their words.

The kids get back to the school.  Tsutomu has already called in the Ionia, so 
it's time for Raijinoh to go out.  Tsutomu determines that they only have 6 
minutes before the town is sucked into 5th Dimension space.  They have to 
destroy the three huge Arkdama eyes in that time.  Soon they also discover 
that their energy is leeching away faster because of the eyes.

Once you beat the eyes, the school starts to return to its regular place.  
Belzeb doesn't understand how they can fight in the face of such despair, but 
Taida tells them that humans fight to protect others.  Belzeb doesn't get it 
-- that has no advantage on the battlefield.  Anyway, time to beat him up.

When you defeat Belzeb, he retreats, and Yaminorius considers another use of 
the Arkdama.  Meanwhile, the heroes think they've won, but then the land 
starts shaking and Sharu detects a huge energy release.  The heroes retreat to 
the school for the time being, and Emperor Walusa appears in the middle of the 
town.  He says the heroes should feel pride at being able to face him.  Belzeb 
appears and tells Walusa to leave the heroes to him, but the Emperor just says 
he's useless and attacks him instead.  Falzeb and Taida tell him to retreat, 
and he wonders what he's been fighting for up to now.  Belzeb yells at the 
Emperor, who prepares to kill him, but God Raijinoh comes to Belzeb's defense.  
Walusa wonders what Jin hopes to gain by saving the useless pawns, and Jin is 
shocked that the Emperor treats his subjects that way.  Belzeb retreats to the 
back of the battlefield and wonders what to do.

When you take some HP off of Walusa, he regenerates and begins blowing up the 
town.  The heroes don't know what to do, but then Belzeb comes out and attacks 
Walusa.  He's going to fight for himself from now on.  Jin is happy Belzeb is 
joining them, but Belzeb says he's just doing this because it's the best way 
to make it out of this place alive.  Anyway, now's the best chance to destroy 
Walusa for good.

When you finally defeat Walusa, he can't believe that the Earthlings could 
beat him, but Raijinoh finishes him off and he blows up.  Belzeb can't believe 
what he's seeing, but everyone else is happy that Walusa is finally gone.  The 
teachers see the true weapons of the Raijinoh -- trust and heart.  Jin thanks 
everyone, including Belzeb, but Belzeb says that there's no need for thanks 
since they were just trying to survive.  Belzeb challenges the heroes to a 
fight, not for Walusa, but for his own pride as a warrior.  Taida doesn't want 
to fight him, so Belzeb sends Taida out of the mech.  He wants Falzeb to go 
too, but she stays with him.  Domon accepts Belzeb's challenge, and tells 
everyone he's fighting as a warrior, not under Walusa's control.  Jin starts 
to say there's no meaning in the fight, but Ryu Dolk tells him that he's 
trying to discover his own path and that as a warrior himself, he understands.  
So Jin accepts the challenge and goes one-on-one with Belzeb.  He easily 
strikes down Belzeb, who acknowledges his loss.  He envies Jin for having 
friends.  Taida says that he considers Belzeb and Falzeb his friends, and 
Belzeb and Falzeb both get a strange feeling they haven't felt before.  Jin 
explains that it's a heart.  Belzeb doesn't think the 5th Dimension people 
have hearts, and they are happy to have learned about it from the Earthlings.  
Jin shows Belzeb how to shake hands and become friends, and Belzeb wants Jin 
to teach him about friendship, since he's coming with them.  The Raijinoh team 
is happy to have Belzeb's help.

Back at the school, everyone celebrates at the defeat of Walusa.  Even though 
they still have other enemies to fight, they believe they can take on anyone 
if they combine their strength.  Kouji welcomes Taida and Jin offers to give 
him a job and a place to live at his dad's sake shop.  Belzeb apologizes for 
everything he's done to them, but they say the handshake made up for all that, 
and Belzeb promises to fight for Earth's peace.  They hear a loud laugh, and 
Osekaiser shows up.  Taida seems to think he's a Jaaku beast, but since he 
seems to want to fight with the heroes, they let him join.  Now everyone goes 
to repair, resupply, and rest in preparation for their attack on the moonbase 
of the Machine Empire.

Stage 34

Everyone prepares to go into space.  As usual, people advise Boss not to go, 
but he wants to anyway.  Sharu is impressed that even with no magic or 
alchemy, the Earth people are able to go up into space; in Earth Tear, the 
Dokidoki Space that surrounds them isn't impossible to live in like the space 
above Earth.  The Axe Bomber could even go to another floating continent if 
they wanted to.  Unfortunately the Jaryu come from another place they can't 
get to, so they can't take the initiative and attack.

Meanwhile the Machine God learns of the humans' plans to go to the Moon, and 
wants Atomic King to stop them.  Engine King has him go on ahead while he 
keeps looking over the data from Denkioh.  Denkioh gathered 100 patterns of 
data from the humans but they defeated him with a 101st pattern.  The Iron 
Leaguers, who should be machines like them, have this 101st pattern as well.  
It may be useable, and with this pattern, they've analyzed everything about 
the humans, aside from unimportant stuff like their "hearts".

At Harukaze school, class ends, and the kids are a little worried about going 
to the Moon to fight the Machine Empire.  But Ken'ichi is confident they'll 
win.  They see the teachers running up; apparently the Machines are attacking 
right now, so everyone rushes to their mechs to go out and fight.

Not all the mechs can show up because most of the Ionia crew is getting ready 
for the Moon, so it's mostly kids.  Momotaro has some extra kids on the 
Daiteioh that came along for training, but he lets them off at the school.  
Atomic King shows up and sends out some grunts for them to fight.

When you beat a few enemies, the Ionia shows up.  Atomic King sends out more 
robots, including multiple Dark Gosaurers.  The teachers decide to have 
everyone evacuate, but most of them want to stay at the school to support the 
kids who are fighting.  One teacher goes with the evacuating kids to keep them 

When you beat Atomic King, he doesn't understand how his fleet of Dark 
Gosaurers lost -- Ken'ichi tells him that it's not just the mechs that win the 
battles.  Atomic King blows up, still not understanding.  Then, Engine King 
appears with his own fleet, hoping to kill the weakened heroes.

When you beat Engine King, he sees that he's going to have to use "that" power 
to win, and retreats.  Everyone thinks it's over, but then Engine King 
reappears.  He claims to have the strongest power in the universe, and attacks 
King Gosaurer.  The other Eldoran mechs come in to help, but Engine King 
figures out their positions exactly and lightning comes down.  Liger and 
Lamune come in too and meet the same fate.  Engine King keeps blasting them 
with lightning while he goes to the school and attacks it too; the teachers 
aren't sure what to do.  They begin to cheer on the Eldoran units and remind 
them of their victory over Walusa.  Engine King doesn't understand, and tries 
to take the teachers out, but the Eldoran mechs move to protect them.  Engine 
King laughs, saying that the "heart" of the heroes is their great weakness.  
The Eldoran mechs recover, and Engine King attacks Gosaurer again.  He does 
some good damage, and Engine King jumps up to the top of the school, capturing 
all the teachers.  He's finally identified Pattern 101 as "heart".  He leaves, 
telling the heroes that if they want the teachers back, they should come to 
the Machine Castle.  Everyone wants to go immediately to the Moon, but it 
turns out that something huge has launched from the moon and is heading 
towards Earth.  Hayato is afraid they've changed their plan; it looks like 
they just want to destroy Earth now.

Stage 35 

The Machine Castle is heading towards Earth.  Engine King knows this will 
force the heroes to come to save their teachers, and he hopes they can use the 
incomprehensible power of the Eldoran mechs to mechanize the entire universe.  
Gil Turbo wants the teachers to tell him what "heart" is so that they can 
analyze it, but they tell him you can't analyze heart.  Engine King doesn't 
think it matters; all they need is the power that results from humans' hearts.  
Gil Turbo pushes further, but Engine King orders him to stop.  Machine God 
appears; he knows about Engine King's treachery.  Engine King doesn't care; 
the ruler of the galaxy will be him, not Machine God.  Machine God tells him 
that human heart is a forbidden power to the Machine Kingdom.  Engine King 
tells him to get out of here, and destroys the viewscreen (I guess?)  Gil 
Turbo is still hesitant; what if the power from the human heart has a negative 
aspect too?  The teachers try to tell him he's right, but Engine King doesn't 
want to listen, and storms off.  Gil Turbo asks the teachers what humans would 
do in this situation.

The Ionia is flying to the Machine Castle.  Everyone hopes the teachers are 
OK; they probably are because Engine King wants to use them to draw in the 
heroes.  But what if they've mechanized them?  Kyoju doesn't think they'll do 
that until they figure out the secret of human hearts.

They land on the castle and see the huge structure there; destroying it should 
let them recover the hostages.  They call out Engine King, and he appears.  He 
shows them the hostages are OK, and the battle begins.

Once you beat Engine King, he retreats back into the castle and sends out 
lightning to disable the heroes.  He knows that humans can call on their 
hearts at times of great difficulty.  Indeed, the desire of the heroes to 
rescue the teachers lets them bring out power, and Engine King drains away the 
energy and uses it to power up the castle and make some dragon heads grow.  
Magnum Ace tells him it's useless to use power that didn't come from your own 
spirit.  Now what they have to do is destroy the heads so that Gosaurer can go 
in the castle and rescue the teachers.

Once you beat a head, Gosaurer goes in the castle.  Now you have to beat all 
the other enemies besides the castle.  Once you do that, Gosaurer reappears 
with the teachers.  Engine King tries to power up the castle, but it won't 
work.  Nakajima tells him that the power of a human heart is like that -- 
sometimes it burns strong, other times it's soft and gentle.  Engine King can 
never understand that.  He keeps trying to power up the castle, saying that 
there's no power that can't be harnessed.  But then lightning strikes the 
castle.  The Machine God appears and tells Engine King he will be executed for 
his treason, and trying to harness a forbidden power.  Engine King can't 
escape in time, but Gil Turbo grabs him and leaves the castle.  He tells 
Engine King he finally discovered what "heart" is, and blows up.  Engine King 
becomes pissed off and takes over Gil Turbo's "dead" body, challenging Machine 
God for taking everything away from him.  Machine God just blasts him and 
leaves.  Now Engine King brings out more reinforcements and attacks the Ionia 
-- if he can't avenge Gil Turbo, he at least wants to finish off the heroes.  
The heroes beg him to stop, but he won't listen.  The castle is heading 
towards Earth, and they have only 8 minutes to defeat Engine King.

When you beat Engine King, he regenerates (of course).  He prepares to attack 
again, but the teachers ask him to stop.  They don't want him to throw away 
his life that Gil Turbo saved.  EK gets mad, and the teachers say they're 
willing to die like Gil Turbo did for EK.  EK yells at them to stop comparing 
themselves to Gil Turbo.  He can't understand why the humans are so willing to 
die to protect others -- aren't they scared of death?  The teachers say they 
are, but they fight through that to protect those important to them, just like 
Gil Turbo did -- that's the meaning of the human heart.  EK stops moving and 
seems to understand.  But just then the Machine Castle activates again, 
controlled by the Machine God.  He's ready to destroy Earth and everything on 
it, as well as the heroes and Engine King.

When you beat the Castle, he regenerates (this should be a drinking game).  
The heroes start attacking him again, but the castle is stronger this time, 
and they can't do any damage.  Machine God tells them to accept their fate and 
die, but they want to keep fighting.  Engine King still can't understand why 
they fight for something that's impossible, but he hears the words of Gil 
Turbo and Nakajima again and realizes what he has to do.  He fights with the 
heroes, and begins to take the power away from the Machine Castle.  He tells 
them that they can't destroy the machine castle even if they all attack at 
once, but if he combines all his power with his, they can destroy it, and him 
along with it.  The kids refuse, saying they don't want Engine King to die, 
but they realize he's giving his life to protect them just like Gil Turbo did, 
and they see there's no other way to save the Earth.  Engine King tells them 
to trust their hearts, and they fire a huge combination attack.  Engine King 
finally understands what a human heart means as he dies.

The heroes are sad about Engine King, but prepare to go back to Earth.  But 
then Machine God reappears again -- he's still alive, and he says that the 
humans will all die...

Stage 36

The Machine God appears himself, declaring that he will mechanize the entire 
Earth and Earth Tear, for the sake of the entire galaxy.  He tells the story 
of a civilization many light years away from Earth that long ago destroyed 
themselves through their own foolishness.  The remaining robots from that 
civilization made a resolution -- to stop it from happening again by 
mechanizing the entire galaxy.  The heroes say that the entire universe 
shouldn't be robots without hearts, but Machine God tells them that heart is 
the forbidden power for mechs.  It's the hearts of humans that makes them 
fight and destroy each other.  So the destruction of the humans is for the 
sake of the galaxy.  The humans won't give up, though, so it's time to fight.

Once you take about a third of Machine God's HP off, he regenerates and brings 
out new reinforcements.  The heroes are shocked at his power, and he tells 
them to give up now and accept their deaths.  Everyone has dreams, though, and 
they won't give up until they fulfill them.

He regenerates once again (not to full though) once you get him around 80k, 
and brings out more reinforcements.  (At this point, you may want to leave one 
of the flying bird things alive; if you beat all these reinforcements, 7 more 
Dark Gosaurers appear.)

When you beat him finally, he regenerates (take a drink), and declares once 
again that he will be the ruler of the universe.  The flawed humans won't 
survive.  Ken'ichi says that even though they are flawed, their hearts give 
them hot blood.  He attacks Machine God again with his strongest attack, and 
Machine God finally blows up.

Kyoju verifies that Machine God is completely gone.  Everyone congratulates 
each other on the victory; the students are impressed with the teachers' 
ability to persuade Engine King (although it was really Gil Turbo that made it 
possible), and the teachers are impressed with the students for not giving up.  
They vow to keep fighting to protect the Earth that Engine King saved.

Stage 37

Hayato is talking to Michiru about the Getter.  Hayato feels like the Getter 
should be weakening now that they are defeating the enemies, but Michiru 
thinks there's still a lot about Getter Rays they don't know.  They may be 
responding to the pure hearts of the kids piloting the Eldoran mechs, or 
something having to do with human evolution.  If Saotome would come back they 
could find out.

Everyone gathers on the Ionia bridge.  The remaining enemies are the Drago 
Empire, the Demon Kingdom (i.e. Yaminorius), and the Jaryu in Earth Tear.  The 
Ryus are worried about Earth Tear because the Jaryu invasion is getting worse, 
and the day of their full invasion is nearing.  Kyaos can't hold them off 
forever.  Meanwhile, Drago has been keeping a low profile lately.  Ryu Dolk 
says that Drago's rebirth is facilitated by battles, so with the Machine 
Empire gone, they may start moving soon.  Yaminorius is a worry too, 
especially since all the Arkdama they captured have been stolen by someone.  
Belzeb and Taida tell them that anyone can use the Arkdama, not just Jaaku.  
Sounds like things are pretty bad, so once again the team decides to split 
into two.  You have to decide to go to Earth Tear (A) or stay on Earth (B).  
I'm going to go to Earth Tear.  Kakeru thinks that the fight against the Jaryu 
will be harder without the Armed Fantoma.  Amane shows up, wanting to join as 
well -- he's recovered now.  He apologizes for the trouble he caused them, but 
they don't blame him for what Larva did.  Kakeru wants Amane to rest, but 
Amane says he wants to help.  Zampa tells Kakeru to let Amane help; they don't 
just need strong robots, but they need kind people like Amane to support them.  
Kakeru agrees.  This lets Sharu pilot her broom mech again, although she can 
stay and support Amane on the Ionia as well.

The party travels back to Earth Tear and goes to Eldogear.  Kyaos explains the 
current situation.  She shows them an image -- the Jaryu have created a base 
on top of the Earth Blade and have a bunch of ships around it.  They're 
targetting the Earth Blade because it's the thing that controls the Mystic 
Shield keeping them out of Earth Tear.  They're building something to destroy 
the Earth Blade -- if they manage to do that, Earth Tear will be inundated by 
tens of thousands of Jaryu ships.  But it will take some time; they'll have to 
wait until the eclipse to activate the device.  If they can destroy the device 
before then, even if they rebuild it, they won't be able to destroy the 
barrier.  The heroes will leave the next day to destroy it.

The Ryu users are preparing for the big fight.  Gesshin tells Adieu that he 
has a strange power to inspire everyone, and that he should be their leader.  
Adieu seems surprised, but he's willing to follow the knightly path.  Graches 
tells Sarutobi the same thing (although Sarutobi still thinks Adieu is an 
idiot).  Hitter tells Katze to stop piloting the Derringer, since they might 
die.  Katze doesn't want to be without Hitter again, though, and resolves to 
go.  Hitter is happy to see that Katze finally realizes his destiny as a Ryu 
user.  Garden has decided for sure that he is going to follow his current path 
and stop the Jaryu invasion.

Meanwhile on the Jaryu ships, Rigel has heard about the Ryu users' return to 
Earth Tear.  They get a communication from the Emperor himself.  Rigel informs 
him of the preparations, but the Emperor wants him to take out the Ryu users.  
Even though they're close to the end of their preparations, the Ryu users have 
impossible strength, and shouldn't be overlooked.  Rigel sends out Adoria to 
destroy the Ryu users at Eldogear.

The Ionia prepares to leave for the Earth Blade.  Amane has melded with the 
Ionia again (and since they have all the AF he's not in any danger).  The ship 
is quieter without all the Eldoran kids, but they realize that the presence of 
the kids gave them hope.  Just then, there's an alarm; Adoria shows up with a 
Jaryu force and starts bombing Eldogear.  Kyaos tells them to break through 
and go to the Earth Blade; they called reinforcements from Elrunst to protect 
it.  The heroes just have to protect Eldogear until then.  (Although the 
dialogue would indicate some sort of time limit or an endless reinforcement 
"protect" mission, this is just a standard "destroy all enemy units" stage 
with an additional losing condition of protecting the Eldogear base.)

As you beat the enemies, more and more reinforcements come out.  When you beat 
Adoria's ship, she comes out in her Doom, when you beat that, she retreats 
back to the ship.  When you beat all the enemies, Rigel chastises her for her 
failure and tells her to stop the heroes at all costs, even if it means her 
life.  Adoria decides to go back out in her Doom even though it's not fully 
repaired yet, and more enemies come out.  When you beat Adoria the second 
time, she dies, but says it's too late to save Earth Tear.

Once you beat all the enemies yet again, the entire place gets surrounded by 
large numbers of enemies.  Cocoa thinks it's time for them to go -- they have 
very little time until the eclipse.  Adieu and Paffy want to stay and protect 
Eldogear until the Elrunst reinforcements arrive, but Kyaos tells them that 
they have to protect the Earth Blade.  There are some dissensions, but 
everyone realizes that they have no choice but to leave the Eldogear and head 
for the Earth Blade, no matter what the consequences.  God Gundam, Braiger, 
and Goshogun stay behind to protect Eldogear -- Adieu wants to stay with them, 
but Naji tells him not to forget his mission, and Paffy agrees that it's time 
for them to go.  Adieu finally agrees.  The Jaryu try to follow them, but 
Braiger covers their exit.  Just as things are looking bad for the heroes, the 
Elrunst reinforcements finally show up, and all Eldogear can do is trust in 
the Ryu users for Earth Tear's future.

Stage 38

The Jaryu Emperor is in the Mystic Shield Destruction Device, which has now 
powered up to full.  All they need to do is wait for the eclipse, which is 
almost at hand.  Soon, the thousands of years of shame that the Jaryu have 
endured will be at an end.  Rigel arrives, and the Emperor chastises him for 
his failures.  Rigel says that the heroes have been divided into two groups 
and begs for one last chance to destroy them.  The Emperor allows him to do 
so, but tells him this is his last opportunity.

The Ionia has shaken off their pursuers, but they can't establish contact with 
Eldogear so they have no idea how the defense is going.  The Ionia is able to 
camoflauge itself so that the radars of the enemy ships can't detect them; 
some mechs go out on the deck to snipe away the few enemies around, and they 
break through to the Earth Blade.

The Emperor is receiving word of the Ionia's success, and just then the Ionia 
appears.  They broke through, but there's no way back -- all they can do is 
win.  Rigel appears with a force of Jaryu.  Their time is short, so they have 
to win quickly. (You don't actually have a time limit yet.)

When there are only 5 enemies left, Rigel comes out himself with a large 
force.  When you take Rigel down to about 55K, he regenerates and brings out 
more enemies.  The heroes see that they need to finish the battle quickly or 
they'll be surrounded with no hope of victory.

When you defeat Rigel, he dies, but he points to the moon -- the eclipse has 
started.  The machine powers up and begins to weaken the barrier.  You only 
have 5 minutes (turns) to defeat it before the barrier goes down and the Jaryu 
invade in full force.  When you take the system down to about 120K, a huge 
fleet comes in, and it looks like the end of the line for the heroes.  But 
Domon, Braiger, and Goshogun show up and destroy all the ships with the help 
of Elrunst.  Not only Elrunst is here but also people from Arara Kingdom, 
Pafricia Kingdom, and even bandits.  They're all fighting the Jaryu, which 
gives Adieu hope.  Kyaos leaves to guard the heroes.

Once you beat the device, it turns out that you've just disabled it, not 
destroyed it.  It will take some time to fix it, but the Emperor comes out in 
his personal huge Doom.  (You have no time limit right now, but once you take 
the Doom down to 150K HP, he regenerates to 246K and you then have a 5 turn 
limit to beat him because the device goes online again, so be careful.  Don't 
blow all your strength now.)

Once you finally beat the Emperor, he regenerates (big surprise).  It looks 
like there's no chance for victory, but Garden wants all the Ryu users to 
combine the energy of their Spirit Stones.  They get together, and the Emperor 
comes to MAP attack them, but it has no effect.  Adieu takes the power of all 
the stones and does a Meteo Zapper, destroying the Emperor for good.  The 
Emperor wonders how the Ryus got so much power, and Adieu says that the 
spirits of everyone defeated in battle supports him.  After the Emperor is 
gone, it's an easy matter for the heroes to destroy the device.  Once they do, 
the hole in the mystic shield disappears -- they've won.  The Ryus have 
fulfilled their destiny, and Adieu thanks his parents for their support.

White Dragon and Naji congratulate the heroes -- now the Jaryu won't be able 
to try attacking for thousands of years.  Paffy's parents congratulate her; it 
looks like the decision to give her the Spirit Stone was right.  Everyone also 
thanks Domon and the others who stayed behind at Eldogear.  King Yokkora also 
shows up to congratulate Lamune, Da Cider, and the sisters on their fight.  
He's also seeing Cafe Au Lait for the first time (as an adult).  She just 
wants to make sure she's going to get all the kingdom's riches when he dies.  
Now they've cleared away all the threats to Earth Tear, so it's time to go 
back to Earth and defeat the remaining enemies there.  Everyone from Earth 
Tear offers to come along; they want to travel with the heroes until all the 
fights are over.

Stage 39

It seems that the Drago Empire is also waiting for an eclipse to revive Drago, 
but they need Yui to unlock the seal.  Zara sends Doll Geist to their hideout 
to capture Yui.

The hero parties have rejoined.  Kotaro tells them that two other demons 
besides Gokuark were revived by Yaminorius, but they were able to beat them.  
Kotaro's dad has turned back into a human.  Now the only remaining threat is 
the Drago Empire.  They've discovered that Yui is necessary for the enemies to 
revive Drago.  The next eclipse is tomorrow, so the enemies will try to take 
Yui before then.  Mai appears, dressed as Yui -- she fools everyone except Ryu 
Dolk.  This is an actual strategy, though, to save Yui if necessary.  Ken 
doesn't think it will work, though, because Mai can't imitate Yui's 
personality.  Mai runs off, chasing Ken and Dango, and Ryu Dolk goes after 

A soldier comes to Mai (as Yui) and tells her that Takeda wants to talk to 
her.  But Mai sees his hand is cold, and it turns out he's a Drago soldier.  
There are a bunch there; too many for Ken and Ryu Dolk to take on alone.  They 
take Mai out of the compound.  Ryoma comes in to help; he holds off the 
soldiers while the rest chase after Mai.  But they're unable to save her; she 
gets taken by Doll Geist.

Geist brings Mai back to the Drago Temple.  Zara tries to use her to revive 
Drago, but it doesn't work -- they see that this is Mai rather than Yui.  
Geist wants to kill her, but Zara thinks they can make use of her...

Back at the base, Yui thinks it's all her fault that Mai was captured and 
everyone else is troubled.  Ryu Dolk tells her not to give up.  They can go to 
Tokyo, where the Demon Rock is, and try to save her.  The Ionia crew is 
already aware of the Rock and will meet up with the rest of them in Tokyo.

At Tokyo, Zara is sure that the heroes will come to save Mai, and indeed they 
do.  Dolk and Ken declare that they will stop Zara, but the eclipse has 
already started.  All they need to do is give Yui to Drago and he will revive.

Once you beat the initial enemies, Geist goes out to get Yui.  He threatens to 
kill Mai if Yui doesn't go to him, so she does.  First she makes sure he 
releases Mai by threatining to kill herself if he doesn't.  Yui gives Mai her 
bracelet and then goes with Geist, promising to come back.  Geist takes Yui 
back to Zara.  Zara orders Geist to hold off the heroes while she makes the 
final preparations.  You need to take the fortress' HP below 20% (but not 
destroy it).  (Even though Ryu Dolk says you have to hurry and do it before 
Zara finishes preparations, you don't actually have a time limit.)

When you take Zara's craft below 20% HP, she regenerates a bit and tells the 
heroes it's too late -- the ceremony is complete and Drago will revive, then 
nobody can stop them.  Something begins to happen to the Demon Rock.  Yui is 
drawn into it and appears with purple glowing eyes.  Zara thanks Geist for all 
his help and asks what reward he wants.  He tells her to come out of the 
fortress -- he will be the one to control the world not her.  Metal Knights 
come out, and Zara realizes that when Geist made all the Drago soldiers into 
Metal Knights, he also took full control of them.  But she's able to use her 
power to turn the Knights back on him anyway, and she manages to blow him up 
pretty quickly.  She calls for Drago to revive, and Mai falls into a trance 
saying that Drago will revive soon.  The heroes are determined, though, so 
they decide to blow up the fortress.

When you destroy the fortress, Zara says it's too late, Drago is reviving.  
She points to the Demon rock, which begins to shake and glow...

Stage 40

(Since CO Adder's FAQ doesn't cover this stage, I'll explain the way the stage 
works:  You start out with just Drago and no other enemies.  He can't move, so 
if you want you can use the cheap tactic of sitting outside of his range and 
repeatedly ending the turn until you max SP and Will.  Once you get him down 
to 285K, reinforcements come in.  After this, all of your units take 2000 
damage every 3 turns.  There are two more waves of reinforcements if you 
destroy them all, but if you get Drago down to 76K he regenerates and a scene 
occurs, and after that there won't be any reinforcements.)

The heroes are hit by a blinding light and end up in some area with lava all 
around.  Dolk tells them this is a separate dimension made by Drago.  Drago 
himself soon appears; a huge demon.  Zara says that she gives everything to 
Drago, and asks him for unlimited power so she can be a god.  Instead, he 
destroys her and draws her spirit into himself.  Drago tells the heroes that 
it wasn't Zara that revived him, it was the blood shed by the humans and their 
hatred for each other.  Through long years of warfare they revived him -- 
Drago is the god chosen by humans.  He tells the heroes to worship him, their 
chosen god.  Of course they don't want to listen, so it's time to fight.

When you damage Drago some, he brings out some reinforcements.  He absorbs two 
of them to regenerate his HP to full, and then releases his power as a huge 
MAP attack that does 2000 damage to all units, and he also freezes them in 
place.  The heroes are surprised, but will continue fighting.  Meanwhile, Mai 
is in her trance, hearing a voice tell her that the time of darkness is 
coming, and that she should use the power in her bracelet.  Her bracelet and 
Yui's combine to become a pendant.  The voice tells her that she needs to put 
her life into the pendant to lead Liger and Drago to victory and seal Drago 
again.  Mai wakes up, and finds the pendant there -- it wasn't just a dream.  
She prays to Argama to let her put her life into the pendant to save everyone.  
She appears above the Ionia as a glowing ball of light and tells Ken and Ryu 
Dolk to put their hearts together with hers to defeat Drago.  The light 
shines, and the heroes can move once again.  They need to damage Drago even 
more while keeping Ken and Dolk alive.

Once you hurt him even more, he absorbs more guys to regenerate (but not all 
the way) and then uses his MAP again.  Ken says he'll never give up fighting, 
but Drago tells him that all his fighting so far has been useless -- he hasn't 
protected anyone.  Humans never stop fighting, and they never succeed in 
anything but creating pain and sorrow.  Even if they manage to beat him here, 
humans won't stop fighting and causing sorrow.  This makes Ken start to lose 
heart; Mai tries to get him to be strong, since if he becomes too depressed, 
everyone will be unable to move again.  Everyone else starts yelling back at 
Drago -- sure, humans fight a lot and sometimes do bad things, but they still 
have hearts that let them protect others.  Drago will never know the joy of 
trying to help another person.  He doesn't understand humans at all; they're 
not just about suffering, but about kindness as well.  They are weak 
individually, but when they all work together they have great power.  All of 
this cheers Ken back up and he says that he believes in the human heart.  
Power comes out of Mai, healing everyone (and restoring EN).

When you finally defeat Drago, the heroes think they've won, but Drago tells 
them that even if his body disappears, as long as humans have evil in their 
hearts he can never die.  He laughs at them and then turns back into the Demon 
Rock.  They see Yui still in the Rock, which begins to glow with the hatred 
and evil from humans.  If they don't do something soon, not only Yui but the 
entire universe will be consumed by it.  Dolk decides to take the evil energy 
into his mech to get rid of it; it's his proper duty as a descendant of Argama 
who has done so many bad things.  Ken and Mai try to stop him, but he is 
resolved to save Yui.  He disappears into the Demon Rock, and it vanishes.  
But Yui comes back.  They're sad about Ryu Dolk, but then he reappears as well 
-- he doesn't understand, but decides that Argama spared him because he still 
has things to do.

Back on the Ionia, everyone is happy about Drago's demise, although they don't 
like the idea that he'll come back again later.  Isaac and Dolk say that there 
will always be those with good hearts to stop Drago, even if he reappears 
again.  For now they should be happy that they have brought peace to Earth.  
Now it seems like all the enemies have been defeated, and everyone starts 
planning a party.  They'll have food, a video game competition, and maybe the 
Leaguers can play a match.  However, Amane has a serious look on his face.  He 
feels like he's being called by someone or something, although it's a 
different feelingfrom the Arsignosis.  And just then, the ship starts shaking.  
Who could it be, since they've defeated all the enemies?  Amane thinks he 
knows, but as he's about to say, the ship gets taken into a space-time jump, 
and thrown into some dimension.

Stage 41

The heroes appear in a dimension similar to the one that Amane/Larva sent them 
to.  Kakeru is about to use the Armed Fantoma to get them out, but enemies 
show up from various factions.  Then everything starts shaking, and tentacles 
appear on all sides of the area, and finally a huge torso and head.  Amane 
tells everyone this is Larva.  Larva tells them that they can't destroy him no 
matter how hard they try.  What they destroyed before was only the Arsignosis, 
which held his spirit.  But his true form is here.  Amane tells them that 
Larva was sealed here.  During the time of the Elrunst Kingdom, Larva made 
himself into a weapon, which is what they see here.  When Larva was defeated 
in that war, they sealed his body and spirit separately.  The spirit was 
released by the Getter Rays earlier, and when they beat the Arsignosis, it 
just moved to this body.  Larva tells them that he waited for them to defeat 
all the other meddlers, and now once he defeats them, he can continue with his 
plan to wipe out all life on Earth and Earth Tear.

(Larva has a +75% terrain defense, but for each of the tentacles you destroy, 
it goes down 15%.  The Signics will spawn every odd-numbered phase; if there 
are less than three, one will appear next to a random tentacle.  If you beat 
all the tentacles they won't come out.  For the other grunt monsters, it's a 
little complicated but basically every odd turn, most or all of the grunts 
will disappear and be replaced with 8 random new ones.  Larva himself does not 
regenerate and there are no events tied to him, but there's still a part 2 to 
this battle and you don't get to heal between it, so you may want to heal 
before you land the final blow.)

When you beat Larva, he says he won't allow himself to be beaten here, and he 
appears again in a stronger form.  Kakeru asks why he hates humans so much -- 
didn't he initially create the Armed Fantoma and the Sigzaur to protect 
people?  Larva says that humans never realize that the things they make to 
protect people can also be used for destruction.  They can't be trusted to 
control the power because it corrupts them.  Larva will become the one to 
cleanse the Earth of humanity; they've done nothing but fight since the dawn 
of creation.  Kakeru sees that he won't listen, and says that Larva will see 
the shining power of the human spirit.

(I hope you had fun with the earlier part, because all the tentacles are back.  
This time the first one takes off 15% of his defense, and the rest 20% each.  
However, the tentacles now regenerate.  The exact circumstances seem to be 
poorly understood; the wiki I looked at said every 2-3 turns, although there 
were some exceptions.  You also take 2000 damage to all your units every so 
often; the guess is that this occurs when a tentacle would revive but you 
haven't killed any of them.  The other enemies work the same way as with the 
first part.  Larva does not regenerate at all.)

Once you finally beat Larva's second form, he is in utter shock that humans 
could amass so much power.  Kakeru tells everyone to gather their 
thoughts into the Armed Fantoma.  They all tell Larva that humans make 
mistakes, but they can overcome them, and their hearts and friendship can lead 
them to overcome any obstacle.  Kakeru shoots the power of believing in 
friends and the future at Larva.  Larva feels a warmth inside him, and Kakeru 
tells him that's the warmth of the human heart that he's forgotten.  Kakeru 
tells Larva to watch the future of humanity; they can overcome anything with 
the power of trust and with companions.  Even if humanity continues to make 
mistakes, they'll correct them.  Larva doesn't think they can accomplish the 
impossible, but he realizes they shouldn't give up before they try.  Amane 
understood some of Larva's pain when they were joined together, and he 
promises to tell everyone about it.  Larva sees that this is another way to 
live.  He thanks everyone for helping him remember the heart he had forgotten, 
and vanishes.

Everyone gathers at Arara Kingdom so that the Earthlings can go back to Earth.  
Sharu thinks that Kakeru has grown a bit.  The kings thank everyone for saving 
Earth Tear, and the commoners outside the castle cheer them on as well.  The 
Leaguers think it sounds like the cheers of the fans, and want to get back to 
their sports.  The Eldoran kids start fighting over who is the best robot 
(again).  The Mazinger team is happy too, although Tetsuya reminds them that 
heroism isn't just about being labeled a hero.  The Goshogun and Braiger teams 
aren't really used to being cheered like this.  Domon also thinks it's 
different than when he won the Gundam Fight.

Time for the heroes to go back to Earth.  Da Cider says farewell to Lamune 
with a pun, and Lamune actually laughs at it for once.  Milk, blushing, makes 
Lamune promise (with a pinky promise) to come back again.  Cocoa activates the 
transport device -- the Earth people say goodbye, although they promise 
they'll come back to visit.  

After they're gone, the Iron Leaguers depart to start the sports again (which 
have finally restarted).  Magnum invites Watt and Amp to be in Silver Castle, 
but they want to keep travelling.  Leska hires Da Cider as a palace guard 
(although Milk thinks that she just doesn't want to be apart from him, which 
Hebimetako doesn't like to hear).  Garden leaves to go back to his own land; 
after that he doesn't know what to do.  Paffy reminds him that they're 
friends, even though he did take over Pafricia before.  Gesshin heads off to 
do Bushido again, and Graches is going to find the remnants of his people and 
try to restart his clan.  Katze is going to try to build houses for people who 
lost their parents in the last fight, and also wants to try going to Earth to 
sell stuff.  Adieu decides it's time to go off and resume his training.  Paffy 
blushes and doesn't want to part from him, so she decides to go along with him 
as well -- Izumi and Sarutobi tag along too. 

Outside, Kyaos is trying to go off by herself.  She has quit the Elrunst 
Organization and is going to travel around Earth Tear trying to atone for what 
she did.  Rivalis, of course, wants to go along as well, and Brass and the 
other Elrunst soldiers still respect her enough to want to help her out.  
Surprisingly, Zampa shows up to join them, with his new group -- not bandits 
anymore, but guards.  They'll protect everyone from the roving bandits.  
Fighting with the Ionia awakened his spirit of justice.  Kyaos agrees to have 
everyone along, although she wonders if Brass is worrying about Sharu.  Brass 
says that Sharu will find her own path, and that he's not worried.

Back on Earth, things have pretty much gone back to normal -- all the kids are 
back in school.  Belzeb and the others have gone back to the 5th dimension to 
try to make things better there, and Hiryuu transfers to the same school as 
everyone else.  The Gosaurer team has extra work to do, and Ken'ichi can't get 
anyone to do it for him.  The Ganbaruger team wants to play baseball again, 
although Kotaro's dad tries to get him to do ninja training like before.

Ryoma takes off to travel around aimlessly like before.  Michiru tells him 
that he'll never be able to escape the pull of the Getter Rays, but he doesn't 
care.  Benkei still wants to know what Getter Rays are -- do they have 
intelligence?  Michiru doesn't know, and unless the Professor comes back, they 
may never know.  Hayato thinks that human actions affect how it works, but 
they won't be able to predict what they'll do in the future.  Kouji heads back 
to NASA to continue studying, and the rest of the Mazinger team sticks to 
protecting Japan.  The Braiger team decides to stay on Earth to make money by 
helping out after the war, and Goshogun is going to follow the Beamler energy 
again.  Ken bids farewell to Liger as the scar disappears from his hand.  Ryu 
Dolk disappeared after the final battle, but Yui and Mai are sure he'll return 
at some point.  Lamune is back to normal life; the experience he had seems 
like a dream, although he knows it wasn't.

Amane and Kakeru are running, late for something.  They returned Ionia and 
Sigzaur to the place they found it; they're too strong to leave out in the 
world.  Sharu comes up, surprising both of them -- she's decided to stay on 
Earth for a while, to see everything there (and to make Kakeru fulfill his 
promise to buy her donuts....also she wants to stay with him).  Amane is happy 
to have a big sister, and Kakeru seems happy about her staying too.  They all 
run off into the future.