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                           Tales of Monkey Island:
                     Chapter 2: The Seige of Spinner Cay

                        This Walkthrough is lovingly 
                           written by Evil Sponge

                         Version 1.0 December 4, 2009

Table of Contents:
  I. Introduction  [int]
  II. Version History  [his]
  III. Walkthrough  [wlk]
      A. Guybrush Isn't Really Left-Handed  [wlk1]
      B. Summoning Artifact Scavenger Hunt  [wlk2]
         1. Find the Noble Seahorse  [wlk21]
         2. Find the Cranky Fish  [wlk22]
         3. Find the Wise Turtle  [wlk23]
      C. The Seige [wlk3]
      D. Rescue Chieftan Beluga [wlk4]
  IV.  Legal Stuff  [lgl]

|                          PART I. INTRODUCTION     [int]                     |

     Well, here we are at the walkthrough for the second part of the fifth
Monkey Island game.  So far I have mixed feelings about this game as a whole...
but those details are not suited for this document.  Overall I'm enjoying it, 
and it gives me an excuse to get back into video game writing.

     At any rate, there are a couple things that should be noted here.  The
first is that I'm downloading this for the Wii, so I'm about a month behind
everyone else.  The next is that I like to break things down in referance to
what you need to do when.  What does that mean, you ask?  Simply put, I'll
only tell you to pick up an item right before I give you the solution to the
problem. So I won't tell you to grab the U-Tube until near the end of the
chapter.  This is to avoid any backtracking through the document to find the
pertinant info.  

     Another thing you may have noted is that I do not go into detail about
the control scheme.  The controls can be easily gleaned by looking them up in
the Operations Manual.  I don't feel the need to copy those down.

     Once more ancilary note.  You can easily navigate this guide by hitting
CTRL + F and typing in the short string of text found in the table on
contents.  So for the Legal junk, you would type "[lgl]".

     Well, that's enough out of me.  Enjoy!

|                          PART II. VERSION HISTORY    [hst]                  |

     Version 1.0: first version, added everything.

|                         PART III. WALKTHROUGH  [wlk1]                       |

|                       Guybrush Isn't Really Left-Handed  [wlk1]             |
     When you first gain control, talk to Morgan and pick any dialogue choice
to vault onto the deck.  Nothing you can do here, so talk to her and again to
move near the stairs.  To the left of the Seagull is a Hook hanging from the
rail.  Pick it up, then talk to Morgan and move up to the wheel.  Use the Hook
on the Cable above your head to slide to the crossbeam of the mast.  Click on
the Rope holding the fish barrel in place to slice through it.  Now talk to
Morgan to hop back down to the deck.  Talk to her twice more to move back up
to the wheel.

Click on the wheel to make Guybrush spin it, moving the fish barrel.  Talk to
her twice more to end up near the stairs.  Click on the Seagull, who will then
cause the fish barrel to fall on the plank and launch Morgan over the edge.
Once you're back in control, click on the Map and select the Jerkbait Islands
to proceed.

|                       Summoning Artifact Scavenger Hunt  [wlk2]             |

     Follow the dock until a Vaycaylian pops out of the water.  Work your way
through all of the dialogue options, the head onward.  Walk along the dock
until you trigger a scene with Elaine.  After it ends, head up the stairs to
the Royal Chamber and talk to any of the folk standing there.  Work your way
through the dialogue to learn about the ancient Summoning Artifacts that will
summon sea creatures to lead you to la esponja grande.  Ask about using the
raft to obtain the Travel Pass.

****  [wlk21]   Find the Noble Seahorse   [wlk21]  ****

     Show the Travel Pass to Anemone and then board the raft.  Head to
Spoon Isle.  When you arrive, you'll find two pirates arguing about where to 
bury the Noble Seahorse.  Wander over and talk to them.  Suggest that perhaps 
there's a fair way to settle their dispute, then suggest a staring contest.  
Once they begin, you'll be prompted with three dialogue choices.  Choose the 
bottom one to distract them, then toss your Pyrite Parrot into the treasure 

     Head back to Spinner Cay and up to the Bait Shop/Mast Repair and have
Anemone repair your mast.  Board the Screaming Narwhal and click on the map.
Set sail for Brillig Island, which you will find in the northeast corner of
the map.  There are no toves here, slithy or otherwise, but there is a talking
Pyrite Parrot.  Walk around the sand and find the large boulder.  When you
approach it, the parrot will announce its presence and Guybrush will dig it
up.  You now have the Noble Seahorse!

****  [wlk22]   Find the Cranky Fish   [wlk22]  ****

     Head to Spinner Cay and wander towards the Royal Chamber.  At the foot of
the stairs, along the wall, is a statue.  Click on said Statue and Guybrush
will pop out the statue's glass eye.  Hop on board the raft and set sail for
Roe Island, the tiny island to the north, to find the last known whereabouts
of Coronado De Cava.

     Once there head into the ramshackle hut.  Use the Locket with the singing
manatee thing to make it spit out a piece of paper.  Go into your inventory
and combine the Glass Fish Eye with the Eye of the Manatee.  Now combine the
Fish Eye of the Manatee with the apparently black piece of Paper.  You'll now
be able to read it!  Hmmm...101 Fish Jokes, eh?

     Head back to town and follow the dock past the chieftain and make a right
at the next intersection to arrive at the library.  Talk to Tetra and tell her
you want to check out a book.  Choose 101 Fish Jokes and receive the requested
book.  Open up your inventory and examine the joke book to find a coupon for
free bait, Gustanos de Castino to be precise.  Head to the Bait Shop and cash
in your coupon to receive the glowing bait.

     Head to Spoon Isle and walk up to the Fishing Well.  Combine the glowing
bait with your hook and Guybrush will go fishing in the well, and catch the
Cranky Fish.

****  [wlk23]   Find the Wise Turtle   [wlk23]  ****

     Head to Spoon Isle.  Enter the Jungle and head east to find the Fishing
Well.  Head north, follow the path west, then north again.  Keep following the
path until it leads you to the top of the cliff, where you will find LeChuck.
Ignore him for now and pick up the coupon for free Oysters lying nearby, along
the rocks left of LeChuck's clamshell.  

     Head back to Spinner Cay and hand your Oyster Coupon to Anemone to
receive an oyster.  In your inventory, examine the Oyster to crack it open and
find a big pearl.  Now return to Spoon Isle and ascend the cliff to where
LeChuck stands puzzled.  Hand him the Pearl, then talk to him.  Ask him how
much longer he'll be taking to figure out what to do, and he'll ask for a
hint.  Ask him what he's carrying with him to discover that he has an Ancient
Tool of his own...only minus the Pearl.  Which you just gave him.

     From the dialogue, pick Use, Claw Thingy, The Pearl.  He's still a touch
clueless, so talk to him again and tell him to use the Merfolk Key with the
Clamshell Lock.  Use your key with the other lock to open the nearby chest and
reveal the Wise Turtle artifact!  Now just walk over and click on it to...oh,
it's stuck.  Back up just enough to leave the top-down view, then nab the
prying tool leaning against the side of the chest.  

     Try to use the prying tool on the Wise Turtle and you'll be met with
failure.  Hand the tool to LeChuck.  He'll retrieve the artifact, but with
disastrous results.  Pick up the Prying Tool and head east to find LeChuck,
who hands over the Wise Turtle artifact!  

|                                The Seige [wlk3]                             |

     Head back to Spinner Cay to find it under attack.  Jog to the library and
click on the statue to rescue Elaine.  She fills you in on the plan, then runs
off to set her part in motion.  On the ground where Elaine had been trapped
are some Hot Coals.  You can't pick them up, cause they're hot.  Head up to
the bait shop and pick up the Bucket found by the waterfall.  Use the Bucket
on the Hot Coals to scoop them up. The last thing to do before we leave is to
walk up to the royal chamber and nab the Hot Tub Control from Beluga's throne-
pool-thing.  Now board the raft and set sail for Spoon Isle.

     Enter the jungle and enter the screen north of the Fishing Well to find
LeChuck ambushed by McGillicuty's crew.  Hmmm...so they want the artifact, do
they?  Head to the west to encounter the Vaycaylian Barbeque.  Toss the Hot
Coals in, then use the Hot Tub Control with the barbeque.  Click on the
Controls to turn up the heat.  Place the Pyrite Parrot on the Barbeque to melt
it.  Pick up the bowl and quickly run to the top of the cliff.  Use the bowl
with the Cliff Edge and Guybrush will accurately dump the blob of molten
pyrite into the turtle alter below.  

     Descend to the bottom of the cliff and use the Prying Tool to retrieve
the Pyrite Turtle.  Return to LeChuck and use the fake turtle on him.  The
pirates will nab it from your possibly-former nemesis.  When he asks you what
Elaine wanted, pick any of the choices.  No matter what, Guybrush will tell
LeChuck and he should man the cannon while Guybrush rescues Beluga.  

     Hop into your raft and set sail for the southern wall of the blockade.
After the brief interruption, sail through the gap and out to the Screaming

|                            Rescue Chieftan Beluga     [wlk4]                |

     Once on the Screaming Narwhal, click on the map and then select
McGillicutty's ship to sail there.  You'll come across the deranged pirate
trying to torture Beluga by trying to drown her/him.  Talk to McGillicutty and
insult him to make him fire the cannon into your mast.  Now we need a new
mast.  Head to Brillig Island to find the pirates whom you previously tricked
into burying treasure here.  Seems they're here to find the Seahorse they
buried to win back their captain's favor.  Walk away and click on the Palm
Tree near the rowboat.  A rubber tree could certainly come in handy...

     Talk to the pirates.   Prompt them about forgetting where they buried the
treasure and Guybrush will offer to help.  Suggest the palm tree, and they'll
dig under it a bit.  Exit the convo and click on the rubber tree to knock it
over.  Click on the rowboat and head back to the Jerkbait Islands. 

     Head up to the Bait Shop and talk to Anemone.  Tell him/her that you
found a suitable tree for a new mast.  She/he'll then hook you up with a
rubber mast.  Hop aboard the Screaming Narwhal and head back to McGillicutty's
ship.  Once more talk to the deranged pirate, and once more insult him.  This
time the cannonball will bounce off the mast and sink his ship.

     Head back to the Jerkbait Islands.  Beluga is grateful for your efforts,
and rewards you with your Pyrite Parrot.  When prompted, tell the chieftain
that you need to find La Esponja Grande.  You'll be given the Summoning Ball
Artifact and the ritual words.  Head to the end of the pier and use the Ball
with the Ocean.  Pick a response, and you'll set sail.  After the scene, start
picking responses until you're able to sit back and watch the ending to the

|                          PART IV: LEGAL STUFF    [lgl]                      |

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