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Bertram Level help?

I am stuck on the Bertram level and cannot find any help on the internet. I have tried to defeat him using Corinne, Viveca, and Renee. Renee seems to be the best bet b/c her arrows can shoot down some things from the ceiling and possibly fall on him, however, the controls don't work that well & it's difficult to get her to shoot diagonally. Any help would be much appreciated!

Melanniep asked for clarification:

How can you change from girl to girl?


jncarr answered:

You don't have to shoot at an angle. Just stand under it and when the guy comes near you,keep shooting up then move away. It will fall on him. When he is dazed, keep shooting at him. At one point he will send the dog after you. Swing from either hook on the end of the scene and the dog will run into the wall. When he is dazed, hit him with your ribbons. Jump back up to the hook when he revives and keep swinging. He will hit the wall again and then repeat everything. The last stage the guy comes at your again really fast. Again stand under the chandellier and shoot up instead of the ange shot which is harder.
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