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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I finish the Gate of Guidance?

From the FAQ I seem to be close to finishing it but I have no idea what "Spawn Amphisbaena's Altar" means or how to do it. I found the boss room, but I have the ankh jewel from the Mausoleum instead of the right one, so I assume that to finish the Mausoleum I'd need to get the jewel from here...

Additional details - 2 years ago

I don't see any switch other than the one that opens the lower right area, I'm guessing I have to trigger that to appear first?

Accepted Answer

From: Tensuda 2 years ago

In order to access the area, you need to solve the puzzle just above the Giants Mausoleum entrance. You have to break the tablets in the correct order given to you by the skeleton on the screen right of that one. The tablets are holy, so hitting them out of sequence will cause divine judgement to be cast on you.
Once solved, place a weight on the pedastool on the screen right of that. A ladder to the route DarkLordShadow enclosed should now have activated.

Also you use any Ankh jewel from any area on any Ankh, however you would have to find the Ankh Jewel from the area of the respective Ankh eventually due to there being 1 jewel per area.

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Yes. You need the Ankh jewel from the same area to unlock the boss. The jewel is in the room with the giant whitish pillar, and three pink enemies that explode. The pillar is also holy, you take damage if you strike it. Enter this room from the bottom left corner. The room before has a one way door. Place a weight on the switch and the rest should be self exlpanitory.

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