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Is the Yagoo Map Street software (yagostr.exe) in Gate of Guidance missable?

At the beginning of the game, before I realized the true scope of this HUMONGOUS game, and with my usual tendency to stray from the walkthrough and explore just for curiosity's sake, I placed a weight on the dais in the room with this item and activated the spike trap. I don't remember if I saved after doing that or if I reloaded after it, but I probably saved. But today, reading ahead in the FAQ for something else, I found out that in order to open that chest, you actually have to put a weight there after coming in from the Gate of Illusion and pressing the switch. If I saved after using the weight there, have I screwed myself out of being able to get that software, or is there a way to make the dais reappear?

LinkSamus3 provided additional details:

Right, never mind. I just took the time to go back to the Gate of Guidance and check, and the dais was there again. This time, I'm leaving it there, and I'm not going to put a weight on anything else that the walkthrough doesn't specifically say, unless I save right before that so that I can reset if it doesn't do something good.

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Tensuda answered:

No, there's no way to prevent yourself from getting "any" blue chest in the game. If you mess up a puzzle, if you off-screen it the puzzle should reset.
Ultimately, if you just walk off-screen or do what's required in the Gate of Illusion, the dais should appear again.
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