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Where exactly do I find Small Pete's log?

In epic mickey is it in the asia part of the ride or in another part?

crossinggirl asked for clarification:

At the risk of sounding stupid, I still don't know where it is. Is it around the asian boatride? And is the stage the part with the little figures standing in a circle that you break to get the e tickets? I'm just riding around in circles and don't see the boat.

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psychogurl answered:

It's in Gremlin Village. You'll need to start the rides back up again, and then the ride closest to the entrance of the stage will take you over to his boat. Hit the valve in the back of the boat to open up the door in front, which reveals a treasure chest containing the log.

You can either turn it in to the gremlin near the entrance in order to prove his innocence (paint route) or turn it in close to the tower for a pin (thinner route). You won't be handing it directly to Small Pete either way. However, the events in the European section are changed depending on how you dealt with the log.
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Xendyl answered:

Gremlin Village. His crashed boat is hard to miss if you know where to look.
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crossinggirl answered:

I found it. I was so afraid to leave the area I was in because you can't go back and I hate to have failed missions. But it is in the Gremlin Village which is after the Asian boatride, right?
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