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Asked: 4 years ago

how do i defeat the slobber in the Carousel of progress?

I keep spraying him with thinner and he won't die. Very frustrating.

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Shoot into his open mouth while he tries to suck you in.

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You can only harm him when he is trying to suck you in. he uses that attack after hurling thinner at you so try and keep your distance for him to use that attack

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I find it's easiest to just let my guardians deal with him. Two guardian hits kills him dead every time.

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Try not to stay stationary or too close to him. After he vomits out the thinner vapors everywhere, he will begin to suck you towards him in an attempt to eat you. Lock onto him and shoot him with your weapon of choice until he stops sucking you in. This is a bit tricky because you need to try and run away to slow how quickly he draws you in. Because of this it may take you several dodging/resisting of the sucking in to completely thin or paint him. You can use guardians to help you since they do much more in one hit.

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First l'd use my guardians then use paint/thinner ( depending on the guardians nature ) and shoot it in his mouth when he's sucking you towards him

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Slobbers will go down after hit with three Guardians. If you don't have enough of those, you'll need to spray it when it tries to inhale you.

Once you have TV sketches, you can distract Slobbers for a few moments and get a few hits in (their mouths hang open while they watch the show).

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