Question from Dudemen1

How do I get past the Haunted Manor Attic?

I'm at the attic in the Haunted Manor, and I've watched videos on youtube but there are three doors. You have to kill all three doors to beat the mad doctor. Evertime i get to the third door, IT NEVER OPENS!!!!!!! what do I do??? PLEASE HELP!!!


Xendyl answered:

You have to kill the car-thing Beetleworx (the ones with guns) to get the machine to open.
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psychogurl answered:

If you feel particularly cheap you can snipe the other two off with televisions and then cross over there and kill the tanker with an anvil to the head. He'll die in one hit, the door will open, you can thin it and beat him. If you're worried you won't have enough time to hit the eye, use a stopwatch once the tanker is dead.
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crow12599 answered:

You don't even have to take out the doors instead you can put an anvil on one of the two preasure plates in the attic and then slow down time to put a tv on a power spot and stand on the other preasure plate which will get you the paint upgrade. If you want the thinner upgrade and do what your doing use anvils on all of the robots and destroy the door. P.S. either way you can get concept art and a gold pin behind the 3rd generator.
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