Question from tyransu

Asked: 4 years ago

Where do I find Moody's cousin?

I heard that he was in Tortooga, but I found that out after I left Tortooga. Would I be able to go back to Tortooga and find him? If I can, where is he?

Accepted Answer

From: psychogurl 4 years ago

He wasn't in Tortooga, so don't worry. He's actually in Pirate Voyage, right after you've filled up the pumps and hopped onto the boat ride. He's on the right side in a cage, but if you want to free him you'll have to jump to the left and thin out the bars to free the gremlin over there. Then you can hop over to Rigger Green and get some treasure from him, as well as get the quest done.

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Just make sure you speak to Greene, or it won't count towards finishing the quest.

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