Question from Darlingz23

HELP!!!!!! I can't beat the Mad Doctor. Can you help??

I Need help fighting the Mad Doctor's Beetleworks. I've destroyed the first 2 generators, but can't destroy the last one closest to the Mad Doctor's Hovercraft. I don't have any tv's or anvils and I can't kill the pirate in the front cuz he keeps killing me!!! What do I do???


Lilraptor answered:

The one closest to the Mad Doctor is the paint/thinner sprayer Beetleworx. Get on a ledge, thin it from afar, swoop down, damage it, retreat, repeat until it's dead. Then, use a watch if you have one and spray the mouth-looking thing behind the now-opening door with thinner.
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tabstis answered:

You need to kill the pirate - once you thin him, wait until he spins his sword for the first time and then spin attack him from the front before he can spin again. Repeat this three times to kill him. Once all the Beetleworks by the machine are dead, thin the red eye inside the generator to destroy it.
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psychogurl answered:

Actually, the only beetleworx you have to kill is the tanker, like Lilraptor said. The other two are just distractions.
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riida answered:

You can solve this whithout beating any enemy! From the start turn right and thin out the red spot. When the doors close, it will kill the beatleworks for you. Then jump on the tracks to your left, avoiding the thinner and paint spraying beetleworks. Jump to the floor, you will find the doors next to the mad doctor open, thin out the red spot, and you enemies will explode.
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XombieKO answered:

All i did was thin the machines red eye off .
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adamant91789 answered:

If you want to defeat him so that your paint capacity gets bigger, then put a tv on the orange power pad. then quickly put a anvil on the pressure plate opposite of where the mad doctor is. then quickly put down a watch sketch and get on the other pressure plate as quick as possible. the track that was lifted when you first entered will lower and the ride cart will race across it, jump to the other side of the room, and will crash into the last beetleworxs genarator
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inmediasres answered:

I just figured out a pretty easy way to do this if you have no anvils like I did. So long as you have some WATCHES - use one watch as you start moving forward (the red eye on the third generator will still be open for a little bit) go forward as far as you can. As soon as the watch runs out, deploy another watch. You'll be able to get right in front of the third generator. Then just start thinning the ever-loving hell out of that red eye, and boom. You're done!!
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