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Asked: 4 years ago

When Can You Save The Game?

In Epic Mickey, can you save the game any time you want, or only after you finish a level?

The game Lego Star Wars only let you save the game after each level, so if you're like me where you often only have 20 to 30 minutes at a time to play, I constantly had to quit before completing a level, then I'd have to restart the level later from the beginning. Lego Star Wars was a great game, but this flaw made it unfinishable for me.

Does Epic Mickey suffer from this same problem?

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From: Xendyl 4 years ago

Epic Mickey uses auto-save. One you reach certain checkpoints (Activating a level's gear, completing a quest, warping to a new area, etc.) it saves automatically. There's no manual saving (that I'm aware of). The good think about it is the there's many checkpoints so it saves pretty often, bad news is if you messed something up, there's no going back.

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The creators did this so that you couldn't go back on your choices. However, it is very frustrating when you've finished all but the very last part of the puzzle and end up dead, having to start all over again because you didn't hit any checkpoints.

So the short answer is: You can't save the game.

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