Question from xcheeselordx

What are all the pokemon in pokepark and where can i find them?

I want to finish and i have quiet a handful.

Rubyyoshi asked for clarification:

What pokemon do you need?


clubpenguinlove answered:

Well, I haven't gotten that far, but you can unlock the different zones. Say, you wanted to unlock the Lava Zone; then you would have to get to the Carvern Zone and fix the mine cart.
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KairuLeonhart26 answered:

I wanna know what Pokemon are numbers 83, 84, and 130 and where can I find them?
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clubpenguinlove answered:

Cavern Zone: 83 (digglet), 84 (dugtrio)
Haunted House: 130 (spinarak)
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Skystar_warrior answered:

ive beaten the game (my father helped XD) and we went on here and we printed out the friend list and highlighted the pokemon we already befriended. Anyways, to get and print out a friend list you go to the "faqs" section of this game inbfo. Then, you click on (NOT the walkthrough) the friend list guide. Hope this helped!!
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The5thDimension answered:

1. Check with Abra in the meeting place (treehouse-top floor), he'll tell you zones and numbers. He cannot help with legendaries (just beat all the bonuses on all the attractions for them)
2. Check the walkthrough at this link:
(search for the pokemon above a missing pokemon, there aren't numbers to help, passwords do NOT provide the friendship, only the appropriate attraction will do that.)

3. Some of the harder ones are extremely frustrating to get the rainbow friendship marker, make Mew look like a cakewalk. (Flygon, Garchomp, Archenine, Groudon-if you bother to fight him, ridiculous health for a first time-)
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