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Are there any missables in this game?

I'm hoping to get this game soon, but as I'm a completionist I often look ahead to ensure I get anything that becomes unavailable after a certain point, which spoils games a bit.
I'd rather avoid spoilers with this game as much as possible, so if there is anything, can you just give it's name and at what point (chapter) it becomes unavailable.

Accepted Answer

Externica answered:

Well~, there are optional chapters. some of them are missable.
Then there are "One Time only"-Dungeons. If you didn't collect all treasures there, they are gone until NG+. Though most chests have random drops you can get at other areas as well. Some have fixed loot, but I don't know if they are unique.
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CO_Mel answered:

There are a few weapons that are exceptionally rare and require a bit of item grinding to acquire, such as the Air Blade from the second season of the arena
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