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Where can I find Dragon Skin?

Where can I find this item? I found 3 doing sidequests but what about the other 2 I need to deliver to the "Dragon Master"? Anyone know where I can find them?

LuigiMaster provided additional details:

I'm currently on the chapter 20ish (my last one was 24). Dunno what golden treasure chests are.

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Externica answered:

Once I reached chapter 20, I redid the haunted mansion and the thief's hideout.
Both can drop dragon skin in golden treasure chests.
Keep in mind, it's a rare drop. The thief's hideout is easy and you should make it through the haunted mansion without a big problem on your second time.

golden treasure chests replace normal chests when redoing a dungeon. They refill whenever you reenter.
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RhapsodyBreeze answered:

I'm afraid you'll have to keep on doing sidequests and opening treasure chests in town. If you are pretty far in the game, you can try and replay some dungeons, I found a couple of them from the golden treasure chests.
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