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Blunt Truth Sword?

Does this Item have a purpose?
It says it can be sold for a good price but does not allow me to sell it.


LuigiMaster answered:

If I'm not mistaken, you can only sell that weapon to Appraisers. Try to sell it to them.
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xRaTiOnX answered:

You can only sell them on your second playthrough of the game, and to the appraisers only.
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Ajand answered:

You could use it as a weapon for Lowell since he can function as both a Melee fighter and Mage. There are better weapons out there, so if needed, you can sell it and fetch quite the penny for it.
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purple_mage answered:

Like mentioned. The Blunt truth sword can only be sold during your New game + playthrough, you can also upgrade the blunt diamond sword into a blunt truth sword by then. The attack isn't up to par with any other weapons that needs PotO to upgrade so don't waste them on it.
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ADM6984 answered:

Each Particle of the Outsider used to upgrade it increases magic and attack by 100, so it might be worth it for that.
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