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Asked: 2 years ago

Cannot carry anymore?

Ok, i am having an odd glitch on new game plus, i am currently trying to upgrade quite a few of my weaponary to lvl 99, for some reason it suddenly says cannot carry anymore, how the hell does this happens or i fix it, also i only have a copy or 3 in case of the nigthmare weapon.

Additional details - 2 years ago

I actually found it was a cheat code i am using, i need to quit then reload the game for it to work properly, plus i only carry like 5 of every armor, including the dragoon armor.

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I haven't tried it myself yet, but have you considered that the limit of how many you can carry may be lower for level 99 weapons... I know most weapons and armor are limited to 10 of each level, while most other items are limited to 99, so it is possible that the limit might be different for other items.

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