Question from mrbagly22

Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find Silver Thread?

I have found the one in the chest protected by the panthers and I upgraded Calistas gown with it but now I need another one. Anyone know where I can find it? Also does anyone know if it changes its appearance by the time its 9+? I was hoping I could make it white :(

Accepted Answer

From: runaway_angels 2 years ago

No, you can not change the appearance. The white dress in unobtainable. But answering your other question, the only Silver Thread you can get IN-GAME is the one guarded by cave cougars. Silver Thread is also found ONLINE, on DeathMatch, but you have to be first place to get them.

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Outside of the multiplayer, that chest the only source of silver thread in the game. And yes, that means that, if you won't or can't play on-line, you'll have to play through the game several times to fully upgrade it.

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