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    Walkthrough by shockinblue

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 09/16/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ´╗┐Game: The Last Story
    Creator: Mistwalker
    Platform: Wii
    FAQ: Walkthrough
    Version: 0.4
    Author: Lillian Yeung (shockinblue)
    Last Updated: n/a
    Table of Contents
    I.	Introduction						[intro]
    II.	Characters						[chara]
    III.	Walkthrough  						[wlkth]
    		Chapter 01 - Reptid's Cave		  [001]
    		Chapter 02 - Lazuliz Road		  [002]
    		Chapter 03 - Ariela's Tavern: Day	  [003]
    		Chapter 04 - Lazulis City		  [004]
    		Chapter 05 - Ariela's Tavern: Night 	  [005]
    		Chapter 06 - Bandits' Warehouse		  [006]
    		Chapter 07 - Stargazers' Tower		  [007]
    		Chapter 08 - Lazulis Castle: Great Hall	  [008]
    		Chapter 09 - Lazulis Castle: Ballroom     [009]
    		Chapter 10 - Cliffside Pass		  [010]
    		Chapter 11 - Gurak Warship		  [011]
    		Chapter 12 - The Mercenaries' Warship     [012]
    		Chapter 13 - The Vono Islands		  [013]
    		Chapter 14 - Shipwreck			  [014]
    		Chapter 15 - Mysterious Forest 		  [015]
    		Chapter 16 - Gurak Military Base	  [016]
    		Chapter 17 - Asthar's Warship		  [017]
    		Chapter 18 - Lazulis Castle: Dungeon	  [018]
    		Chapter 19 - Underground Tunnel		  [019]
    		Chapter 20 - Haunted Mansion		  [020]
    		Chapter 21 - Flame & Lizard		  [021]
    		Chapter 22 - Dark Spirit Passage	  [022]
    		Chapter 23 - Tower of Trials		  [023]
    		Chapter 24 - Reptid Catacombs		  [024]
    		Chapter 25 - Sea Cave			  [025]
    		Chapter 26 - Lazulis Castle		  [026]
    		Chapter 27 - Lazulis Castle: Dungeon	  [027]
    		Chapter 28 - Lazulis Castle: Courtyard	  [028]
    		Chapter 29 - Gurak Castle		  [029]
    		Chapter 30 - Lazulis Castle: Great Hall	  [030]
    		Chapter 31 - Place of Secrets		  [031]
    		Chapter 32 - Lazulis Castle: Count's Chamber  [032]
    		Chapter 33 - Lazulis Castle: Great Hall	  [033]
    		Chapter 34 - Turret Basement		  [034]
    		Chapter 35 - Port Lazulis		  [035]
    		Chapter 36 - Sewer			  [036]
    		Chapter 37 - Fortress Island		  [037]
    		Chapter 38 - Raging Ocean		  [038]
    		Chapter 39 - Reptids' Cave Revisited	  [039]
    		Chapter 40 - The Last World		  [040]
    IV.	Copyright						[copy]
    I.	Introduction						[intro]
    This is my second walkthrough. I'm still not good at doing these, but please
    put up with me. At least this time the game's in English so I can't mess up
    on the language.
    As for the game, The Last Story is a game from Mistwalker, founded by the
    creator of the Final Fantasy series. So really, you know this game is going
    to be awesome. And rock your socks.
    The game itself is pretty linear, you do get chances to get away from the
    main story and just fool around town.
    This walkthrough is composed of what I've played through. There might be
    sidequests and stuff like that that I'll miss the first time around, but I
    can always come back and fix it later.
    Please do not copy or re-post this walkthrough to any other websites without
    permission. At this point in time, the only place this walkthrough should be
    is here on GameFAQs.
    II.	Characters						[chara]
    For your band of mercenaries:
    Zael   The main character you control. He gains a mysterious power that 
           allows him to Cure his party members and Gather enemies' focus.
    Dagran He's the only original member along with Zael. He's kind of like, the
           big brother figure. He's also the leader of the group.
    Lowell An absolute flirt. A cool, handsome, flirt.
    Yurick An anti-social young mage who wants little to do with you outside of
    Mirania She's calm, kind, and always hungry. The healer.
    Seyrenne She loves meat, and alcohol. Especially alcohol. She likes to
             complain a lot too, but she's awesome.
    Other important figures:
    Calista A member of the House of Arganan, a powerful magic user. She longs
            to escape the prison that is her life.
    Arganan The current Count who took over after his brother's death. According
            to Calista, he will stop at nothing to gain power.
    Jirall  The nephew of the Count, and Calista's fiance. He looks down on
            everyone that doesn't have more social power than him, and he isn't
            nice, or brave.
    Asthar  The General of Lazulis' military forces.
    Therius Asthar's pupil. 
    Zangurak The bad guy from a foreign nation, he's after the mysterious power.
    Other characters:
    Ariela   She runs the tavern your party stays at.
    Meredith Ariela's sister.
    Horace   Meredith's husband. He runs his own shop to the right of the
             tavern. He upgrades weapons and also knowns how to un-curse them.
    III.	Walkthrough      					[wlkth]
    Pop in the disc and start up the game. You'll hear that famous tune, but
    there won't be any opening MVs. Press A for the title screen. The screens
    change from time to time based on how far into the story you've progressed.
    Press A one more time to enter the Menu. Select New Game. The multiplayer
    option will be available the next time you start up the game after creating
    a save file.
    	~ Chapter 01 - Retid's Cave ~				[001]
    Controlling Dagran, press A for a tutorial on Camera and Movement. Dungeons
    are pretty straight-forward. So just follow after Seyrenne and there will
    be a battle against reptids in the next room. There will be another
    tutorial on hiding, blocking, and lock-on.
    After switching control to Zael, you will get a tutorial for his Seek. Move
    on to the next battle and use Seek to lock-on to the pillar and have Yurick
    blow it up. 
    In the next room you'll meet up with Seyrenne and Dagran. Use Seek to zoom
    the bridge and have Yurick take it down. As Zael, make sure you keep the
    reptids away from Yurick so he can cast uninterrupted. There will be a
    scene afterward, a flashback of sorts.
    Eventually move forward to find a save point. Save your game and continue.
    In the next room will be a battle against more reptids; swordsmen, healer,
    and sorcerer. Usually you'll be given a chance to survey the area and note
    the enemies before beginning the battle.
    When you press Battle Start (A), your characters will automatically hide,
    waiting for your signal. Hide behind the stone slabs on the ground and use
    your crossbow, aim at the healer. If you have Wizard Slayer Arrows, use it
    to take them out quick. Next, take out the sorcerer. After the first hit,
    your other members will start fighting.
    After the battle, check the stone on the ground. It'll open up the path.
    When you reach the dead end, swing your camera to the right, but either way
    a Check (A) should show up. Crawl through the opening and you'll be in
    another part of the cave with soldier skeletons littering the place. Move
    ahead and Dagran and Yurick will leave the party momentarily. Move towards
    Seyrenn and a scene will start. The back door that was previously a dead
    end will now open up and she'll tell you to run.
    So run all the way to the end and she'll tell you to find an exit. Check
    both doors and you won't get much because they're sealed shut by the Curse
    of the Dead. Anyways, a scene should then take over with Seyrenne getting
    shot by an archer. This causes Zael to remember his mother's death and he
    cries over Seyrenne.
    The next thing you know the frozen door behind him glows and speaks to Zael.
    It gives some of it's power to Zael in his right hand. Press C to use the
    new skill, Gathering. This focuses the enemies attention on you and lets
    your other party members do more attacking and casting.
    You will get a tutorial for Gathering and Cure. Cure is when you've
    activated Gathering, just go up to a member that has the red DOWN above them
    and they will get back up.
    Anyways, the other members return so defeat the undead and the locked door
    will open up. Seyrenne calls you an idiot, haha. Move to bridge to get
    attacked again. You'll notice that there are white/black things on the
    ground on either end of the bridge. These are bombs, you should get a HINT
    at the top of the screen.
    White Bombs = Healing
    Orange Bombs = Explosive
    Green Bombs = Stun
    Press and hold A to find a place to throw it. Then press A to actually throw
    it. Use it if you feel like you have to.
    At the other end of the bridge is a giant door, and a red summoning circle
    on the floor. If you use Gathering (C) while standing on the circle, it'll
    call enemies for you to fight. You can use this is you fell like earning a
    bit more EXP.
    Open the gates and continue through. When you're in the next room, there
    will be a boss battle that you simply cannot win. Eventually Dagran will
    tell you to use your new power, Gathering, to lure him out onto the bridge.
    So press C and start running to the bridge. When the monster catches up
    with you a scene should take over where Yurick blasts the bridge and the
    monster falls to oblivion. 
    When it's all over, your party will notice white stuff falling from the sky
    and Seyrenn will comment on how it looks like flower petals. What this stuff
    is, no one really knows.
    	~ Chapter 02 - Lazulis Road ~				[002]
    Exit the Cave and a bunch of people will run by saying there's a beast up
    ahead. Your team will go forward and confront it, while trying to rescue
    children. Use Gathering to focus the Forest Beast's attention on you and
    Yurick will rescue the children.
    When both children are out of harm's way you can start to focus on pounding
    the Forest Beast. After taking down a certain amount of health, a scene
    will take over where the beast stares at Zael before taking off.
    If anyone's wondering, I think this is the same white tiger that appears on
    the cover of the game. I also think it's the Outsider. Just my own thought
    Anyways, leave and follow after your team. When you talk to the man, you 
    will learn that mercenaries aren't very well liked in this world. Zael will
    have a flashback regarding this. Continue along the path to reach Lazulis
    	~ Chapter 03 - Ariela's Tavern: Day ~			[003]
    Use Seek on the tapestry to your right. After the scene, talk to your mates
    one by one.
    Dagran: talk about why he has to constantly clean his sword.
    Seyrenne: learn how much she likes to drink, and how she hates handsome men.
    Lowell: learn how he likes to charm the ladies, and insists Zael doesn't
            turn into a raging drunk.
    Yurick: tells you leave him alone, and he'll leave to rest.
    Ariela: learn of Calista's wedding
    Talk to Dagran a second time and he'll give you the earnings, 2000G. Use
    them however you wish. You'll probably spend it on equipment though.
    The doors next to him lead to a merchant who sells weapons. Go upstairs and
    into the door marked as Ariela's Room. Talk to the boy in the bed and learn
    that the white stuff from the sky is actually making him sick. Hm.
     --------------------------  The only real thing of interest is the Killer
    | Merchant Woman / Tavern |  Cutter, everything else is a starter weapon
    |                         |  from team is equipped with.
    | Blade.............700G  |
    | Rogue Edge........920G  |  In this game only Zael and Syrenne can equip
    | Killer Cutter....1290G  |  two weapons at a time. Zael has sword and a
    | Dagger............390G  |  crossbow. Syrenne has two swords. She's just
    |                         |  awesome like that. Exit through the front door
    ---------------------------  to continue.
    	~ Chapter 04 - Lazulis City ~				[004]
    There's a lot of stuff to do while in town. You can do whatever you like.
    First, start with the Fortune Teller across from the tavern. She'll tell you
    to go to Horace's Shop, so go there and find get one free upgrade as the
    1000th customer.
    As you walk around town, you'll notice speech text appearing on the bottom
    of your screen for some kind of good at a cheap price. This is the Traveling
    Merchant. Find him in the area for the deal, he's got a red flag stationed
    behind him. Try to get WHEAT at a deal because you're going to need it for
    From Horace's Shop go east into the windy street and if you're lucky enough,
    use Seek on the stuff that flies by to get free stuff.
    Head to the market on the upper east side. There are only two accessible
    shops here, a green grocer and a dye shop. DO NOT confuse the bananas here
    for the prank bananas used to make NPCs slip on the ground. Those are bought
     ------------------------  Head north of Center Plaza when you've had enough
    | Green Grocer / Market |  fun and Dagran will find you saying he wants to
    |                       |  go see a bunch of Knights arriving. If you have
    | Banana...........200G |  some other stuff to do, you can find him later.
    | Coconut..........230G |  If you're good to continue, then follow after
    | Almond...........200G |  him. 
    | Egg..............280G |
    |                       |  We've still got stuff to do. So see Dagran later,
    -------------------------  and continue on. To the west is an Upgrade Shop.
    Outside the shop you'll over a pair of guards talking about an important
    girl that they've lost sight of. 
    If you head back to Ariela's Tavern and go south of there, there's an
    Archery Shop. This is where you buy arrows and prank bananas, and fireworks.
    ------------------------------------ Talk to the boy south of the Archery
    | Archery Shop / Lazulis City      | Shop and he'll want to play a game with
    |                                  | you. The point is to find all 6 coins
    | Wizard Slayer Arrows (10)...100G | that he's hid throughout the city. 
    | Prank Banana (10)...........200G |
    | Fireworks (10).............1000G | When you're good to go, head to the
    ------------------------------------ north end of the city, Castle Gate
    Plaza to continue. If you've had enough exploring, you can choose to go back
    with Dagran. 
    	~ Chapter 05 - Ariela's Tavern: Night ~			[005]
    Night will come and Seyrenne and Ariela will send you out to get more booze.
    Leave the tavern and head north past Centre Plaza. You should then hear
    sneezing. Seek on the cart to your left to continue.
    Meet Lisa, for some reason, she's running away from home. She'll ask for
    your help, so run all the way to the Market. Eventually Lisa will manage
    a death wish with a pair of guards and you'll have to run away to shake
    them off your tail. If you catch either of you, move your control stick left
    and right as quick as possible to shake them.
    Run all the way to the Arena area (north west) and try your best to shake
    them off. After that, take her back to the tavern with you. Seyrenne will
    borrow Lisa, and you'll be left to your own devices. Head downstairs and
    talk to Lowell to learn about Warren's situation.
    Then head up to Ariela's room to speak with her and talk to Lowell again.
    If you're ready to continue, talk to Lowell. But before that, if you head
    in to Seyrenne's room and go to the door at the end you can either choose to
    go in or not. If you go in, you'll get called a perv. If you stay out, you
    get to hear their conversation.
    Speak to Lowell to continue.
    	~ Chapter 06 - Bandits' Warehouse ~			[006]
    Move across the pillar and drop down at the bottom. Hide behind the crate
    and use the crossbow to take the guard out. If you didn't manage to do this
    and instead talked up to him from behind like I did, you'll have to take
    him and his two other friends as well. When the fight's over, the door will
    open and the rest of the team will join you. Search around the room for
    the medicine. There's a chest in front of Lowell, one by the save point. And
    to the left of the save point is a crack opening you can shimmy through for
    another chest. Opening all these chests will trigger the next scene where
    Lowell finds a switch to open a door.
    Head down and your party will encounter an old enemy. During the fight, make
    sure to use Gathering to keep enemies away from Mirania, she's your healer.
    Eventually Zoran will drop you into the underground waterway and you'll be
    separated from Dagran and Lowell. Climb out of the water and fight a group
    of Reptids. Climb up to the drainage channel and continue to a dead end
    where you'll get attacked. Head through the hole they opened and open the
    chest. Move on and find the rest of the boys. Fight the Reptid Gladiator
    and go through the gap for a save point. Down the hall to the left is a
    Head through the door to battle a group of reptids. Collect your rewards in
    item drops, and move on. At the end of this room is an ogre. Use Seek and
    have Lowell cast magic on the pillar to take it down. This should take care
    of the ogre. Defeat the reptids and go into the next room.
    Open the chest at the dead end and save. Go through the next door for a
    battle against 4 reptids and a terracot. The point here is for you to go up
    to the landings and slice at the terracot's head when it gets close. This
    will cause it to roll and get stuck in the cage door and you can slash at
    it's behind.
    At the end you will get an Enchanted Weapons and Chain tutorial. Climb up
    the ladder and confront Zoran in the same room. Mirania will take him down
    with a frying pan, you will get the medicine, and Warren will be saved. 
    Talk to Syrenne downstairs and Lisa will take you to the Stargazers' Tower
    before reluctantly going home.
    	~ Chapter 07 - Stargazers' Tower ~			[007]
    When prompted to find Lisa's star, she'll tell you where to look for it.
    Turn the camera left and target the Goddess statue with the sword facing
    right. Then turn the camera right until you hit a blue star. Then finally
    move the camera up until it lands on a pair of stars.
    Lisa will then recall a melody of a song from her mother from childhood.
    When allowed to move, walk up to Lisa and choose to either Talk to her or
    Touch her. I chose Talk. You will automatically return to the tavern. Head
    into your room upstairs and talk to Dagran to rest.
    In the morning he will tell you the next job has been decided, you will be
    guards at the ball. 
    You can also start doing sidequests now, so for now, ignore Dagran.
      [DYE MAKER]  Find her next to Yurick. Collect 4 Angel Thread for her.
                   Bluebirds can be found in the Centre Plaza, you need to use
                   Seek when prompted. REWARD: Incredible Invisibility Dye.
      [ROY]        Talk to Ariela to get her Homade Lunch. Behind the Fortune
                   Teller and down the stairs, Roy will stop you and ask for
                   the lunch. Hand it over. REWARD: Absorbent Towel.
      [CRAFSMAN]   In the Artisan's Way (the strip north of the Arena Square) a
                   man will ask to trade your absorbent towel. Do so. REWARD:
                   The Art of Magic.
    	       West of the Crafstman in a shaded area is a girl leaning
                   against a wall. She wants ingredients to make Coconut Milk.
                   Give her: a banana, coconut and sugar. REWARD: 2 GNOME COPPER
    	       Head to the market & find a guy walking around in a red top.
    	       He caters to events for free. For the monthly birthday party,
    	       he needs: wheat, coconut, egg. REWARD: 2 GNOME COPPER.
      [MINA]       As you exit the Market a girl will bump into you dropping a
                   bag of lemons. She will leave in a hurry for work and hopes
                   to see you around.
      [TRADER]     At Castle Gate Plaza a man standing by the save point wants
                   to make a pocket watch. He needs iron and copper to make the
                   items. You can find these at the Goods Shop in Artisan's Way.
                   REWARDS: LIGHT OF THE OUTSIDER.
      [CATHAY]     If you talk to a lone girl sitting in the south end, she's
                   actually a pick pocket. Your wallet will be stolen and you'll
                   have to chase after the hoodlums to get your money back. For
                   me, the kid that had my wallet was on top of the tavern.
                   REWARD: Dragon Skin.
      [COOK]       Outside the Arena, the cook's run out of ingredients and you
                   need to buy her more. You will get money for these purchases.
                   Get: 1 banana, 2 eggs, 3 coconuts.
                   REWARD: Dragon Skin.
      [COMEDIAN]   Sitting on a bench opposite the north dead-end exit of the
                   Arena area is a man who will give you 50 Prank Bananas in
                   exchange for 1 banana. How does that even add up? I'm not
                   sure. But I did it anyways.
    ----------------------------------------------------- The Arena is now open.
    |		    ARTISAN'S WAY                   | Walk to the entrance
    |---------------------------------------------------| for a hilarious scene
    | WEAPON SHOP		  | EQUIPMENT SHOP          | between Seyrenne and
    |			  |                         | Zael. It's funny
    | Rogue Edge +1.....1920G | ARMOR & GREAVES;        | because of 1, the 
    | Killer Cutter +1..1290G |   HUNTER	HEAVY       | innuendo, and 2, the
    | Gladiator +1......1560G |   LEATHER   BRAVE       | way Zael moves and
    | Magic Dagger......1140G |   FEATHER   STEALTH     | where he puts his
    |			  | ...............300G/ea. | hands. 
    Anyways, I don't think there's much left to do. So head back and talk to
    Dagran. Don't forget to save first!
    	~ Chapter 08 - Lazulis Castle: Great Hall ~		[008]
    When prompted, as Zael, seek the Knight talking on the left. After the scene
    you will have a Castle Pass - this is used to go between the castle and town
    at will. For now, feel free to explore the Great Hall, although your choices
    are rather limited. Walk around and you'll overhear a couple of nobles
    talking about Lady Calista's marriage to Lord Jirall.
    Go up the stairs and move forward, the guard in front of the door will ask
    you to take care of your loud friend outside. Head into the courtyard to
    witness Seyrenne picking a fight (while sober!) with a knight dressed in
    white. Another man will come in to pull a ceasefire, and the scene contiues
    with the two knights walking off. Meet Therius and Asthar. Two more figures
    you should remember.
    When in control, go down the right side of the courtyard and at the end of
    the massive door, the guard can't let you in but he can give your a prize
    for coming all the way here. You'll get a GNOME COPPER. By the way, these
    are needed to upgrade your armour.
    If you go down the left side, you'll simply be told that it's the Forbidden
    Door, and you won't get anything much else.
    Head back inside and Lowell will be there. Talk to him and he'll tell you
    that Dagran has now moved to the third floor. So head up there and talk to
    him to continue; there isn't much else to do.
    	~ Chapter 09 - Lazulis Castle: Ballroom ~		[009]
    You can only watch from the sidelines so don't think you can walk up to the
    royalty. Anyways, move to the right and use Seek on Count Arganan. Then a
    scene will take over and Lisa/Calista will enter! By the way, just my two
    cents, by Jirall is a total jerk. I hated him at first sight. Anyways, use
    Seek on Calista and she will go outside for air. Try to follow after her and
    the guard will stop you. Dagran will come over to help and you'll be able to
    get through. Use Seek on her to start the next scene.
    Jirall will interrupt just when it gets good, damn him, only to be
    interrupted again this time by a surprise attack on the city. Jirall will
    run away with his tail between his legs, saving only himself, and you'll be
    left to fight the enemies while protecting Calista. You shouldn't have any
    trouble defeating the enemies here. Use Gathering, block, and attack. At
    the same time, dialogue should run in the background where Calista says she
    will help by using magic. Calista, expectedly, is a healer with power
    without rival. Awesome.
    Head instead and fight more enemies with Therius and Asthar. He will entrust
    Calista's safety to you and you two will be left alone again. Follow her to
    the hall where you fight more enemies. After, if you check the middle door,
    Calista will wish to change out of her outfit. You will receive her dress as
    a piece of armor for the female mates. Cool.
    Head across the hall and seek the tower to the left when prompted. Work your
    way to the Great Hall where you will meet Zangurak, the evil guy, and his
    twin minions. You can't win against him and Calista will end up going with
    him willingly in return for your life. Zangurak will also mention something
    about this attack being a test, and they were really looking for the
    When you can focus again, Dagran will be there and together, you'll chase
    after Calista. Head to the courtyard, the injured mage along the way will
    upgrade your equipment. Defeat the enemies in the courtyard with the help of
    some knights and continue on. If you wish to fight more enemies, you can
    talk to the knight dressed in black.
    Follow after Dagran and you will fight more enemies at the base. Lowell and
    Syrenne will join you until the battle's over and you'll be separated again.
    	~ Chapter 10 - Cliffside Pass ~				[010]
    Help the mage defeat the beast. Basically you'll have to fight your way to
    the other end of the pass. At the end is a save point. Confront Gurak, you
    can't win, but try to stay alive. A scene will interrupt and Calista will
    save your hide. With a barrier around you you can hack away at Zangurak.
    Another scene and Zangurak and his minions will leave. However, because the
    cannons are firing at your area, you have no choice but to board a Gurak
    	~ Chapter 11 - Gurak Warship ~				[011]
    When in control, use Seek on the area in front of you. Before you go down
    the ladder, turn around for a save point. Go down the ladder and move to the
    right. When you're back on the boat, head all the way to the right for a
    chest. Return to the left and head into the door. Hide and snipe the marine,
    take him down and open the door in front of you to let the others in. The
    man you saved wants you to save the others. He can also upgrade your weapon.
    Go through the door and lure the enemy to you with an arrow. It might take
    two arrows for them to come through the opening. Slash at them to bring them
    down. Repeat for the second gurak at the further end of the room. At the
    dead end, open the chest to your right and then climb down the ladder.
    You and Calista will fall down into the hull. Okay, after the lengthy soon,
    open the door and follow the path. When you sight the first enemy, turn in
    the opposition direction for a room with a chest.
    Turn back around and defeat this guard here. You will receive a Rusty Set of
    Keys. Behind the guard, use the Rose key on the door and you'll free Yurick.
    Head back a couple of steps and use the Lily key on the other door for a
    Go through the next door and follow it down to a save point. Open the door
    and you'll have to go through the water alone to find Mirania. Move the
    control stick as fast as you can when prompted to free her. Back in the dry
    room, she will hand you a Storeroom Key for the wider door. Fight off the
    creepy crabs/spiders and climb your way up. Rescue the man here and open the
    chest next to him. There's another chest behind the barrels too.
    Open the door and continue on. You'll have to fight another battle. Try to
    lure the first enemy and take him out while he's alone. And then take out
    the others. After, the prisoners will be freed. Take the lift up to the
    captain's room.
    Enter through the two doors and save. There is a chest behind the save
    point. Enter the captain's room and the monster he sends at you will kill
    him first. The point of this battle is to knock the turtle on to his back,
    choose to Ride him and then strike continuously.
    When the battle's over, Dagran will claim the ship as their own and the
    group will decide to use the ship to attack the main Gurak base. Cool beans.
    	~ Chapter 12 - The Mercenaries' Warship ~		[012]
    If you talk to the crewman leaning against the post, you can appraise
    weapons that you've found marked with a ?. For a fee of course, and then he
    will tell you how much the weapon's worth and you can sell it if you want.
    I wouldn't sell anything yet there, there's a better opportunity to make
    a bit of money later. So collect, collect, collect for now.
    For now you need to find Calista. Head back to where you first boarded the
    ship to find her. After the scene, head back to where you started on this
    chapter, and go up the stairs for a save point. Head to the top for another
    scene. You guys need to make a temporary stop to make repairs. When prompted
    seek the island to your right and you'll be forced to make a pit stop.
    	~ Chapter 13 - The Vono Islands ~			[013]
    Dagran will tell you that Yurick and Mirania want to explore the island,
    each for their own reasons. Obviously it's too dangerous for them, but
    Dagran will let them go if you supervise. Haha. Either way you need to talk
    to them both, do both sides before the story can continue. For the next two
    chapters, you'll learn more about their pasts.
    First up is Yurick, he's located in the room before the Captain's Room. He's
    leaning against the wall beside the door, in front of the weapon shop. Talk
    to him and choose to go exploring with him.
    	~ Chapter 14 - Shipwreck ~				[014]
    After the scene, seek the hole in the floor and you'll find yourself inside
    the ship. Follow after Yurick and open the door. Head forward and defeat two
    crabs. From where you entered, on the other side of the room is a chest.
    Then, to the left of Yurick is a chest. Open the door Yurick is in front of
    to continue. He wall fall from poison and you need to get the antidote. Open
    both door on either side for rooms with chests. Beyond Yurick is a wide
    ladder, take that up and turn right immediately for a chest with the cure.
    Head downstairs and talk to Yurick for a scene. Together, go up the ladder
    again and Dagran and Mirania will join the party. You will split up again to
    take either side of the room. Choose the left room and defeat the crab that
    breaks into the room. OPen the chest on the left side of the room as well
    as another one south of the exit door.
    In the next room you'll be attacked by some skeletons. I REALLY recommend
    the UNDEAD EDGE if you managed to snag one through the treasures. The
    further you upgrade it, the more damage it will do to undead monsters. Yay.
    Defeat a group of groups in the room after this one with the rest of your
    group. Then Yurick will elaborate on his past. Climb the ladder and find
    a room filled with prepared food.... what? Anyways, inspect the mirror and
    it will push itself back. Yurick will run through the open door and ahead
    of you. Go through the door and turn an immediate right for a chest. Follow
    after him to a save point. Save and go through the next door for a scene.
    Yurick has found his dad's skeleton as well as his diary. A noise behind the
    curtains and you will have to walk up and check it out.
    Zael will only see his reflection but as he moves, he realizes that he
    reflection doesn't exactly mirror him 100%. For the first part, if you get
    to close and attack your Doppelganger, it will counter with an attack and
    take a good chunk of your life. So take a step back and prepare to use Gale
    because the only thing that can affect it are Yurick's magic circles.
    Eventually the Doppelgangers will break free from the mirror and they will
    each copy your teammates. Now the problem is making sure you strike the
    enemy and not your friend. Make sure to diffuse circles a lot, and hopefully
    you'll make it out of this battle alive.
    At the end of the battle, Yurick will read through his dad's diary and find
    out that his dad actually fought the monsters before the rest of his
    villagers did. He takes the diary and leaves behind the family photo. Looks
    like his parents were quite the attractive couple. Anyways.
    That ends this chapter and you'll end up back at the ship. Yurick will
    receive the Momento Dagger. When you're ready talk to Mirania, she's in the
    room in front of where Calista is. She'll be examining some medical herbs.
    Accompany her to the island to find the Guardian of the Forest.
    	~ Chapter 15 - Mysterious Forest ~			[015]
    Head forward for a scene and check the fountain to get a sword. You will
    then fight a big group of undead. So your best bet is to try and lure them
    one by one and finish them off. Your group will not move from their place
    until the battle begins. I would suggest starting with the skeleton on the
    far right of the map. 
    If for some reason you manage to alert ALL of them then I suggest using
    Gathering and just running around the map while Yurick casts Flare. Lure
    them into the circle and diffuse it with Gale. It should help take a chunk
    out of their health. With you and Dagran equipped with upgraded Undead
    Edges, it should make for a quick fight.
    Your team will then move to the north end of the map where a footprint is.
    Mirania will insist that you continue further in. Seek the gate and have
    Yurick brun the vines. Head through and before you cross on the floating
    stones, turn right for a chest.
    Up ahead you'll have to fight a Mystic Spider. This is one nasty fellow.
    Basically this guy can shoot threads at your characters and drag them in and
    eat them. DO NOT let that happen because then you're short a character to
    deal with him and his spawns.
    He'll go for Mirania first and then the others. If they get trapped, Dagran
    will give you a warning and you should use Gale on the characters to free
    them. If you get caught, shake the control stick until you're free.
    The annoying spawns can also paralyze you. So do your best to stay a whole
    team, stay moving, and win.
    There will be a scene at the end of the path. The Guardian is dead, and as 
    the scene ends you will catch a glimpse of the forest beast from Chapter 2!
    Anyways, you will return to the boat automatically.
    Head back to the room before Yurick's room, where there are two doors. The
    door that you couldn't get into before has been fixed and you should be
    able to get in now. I'm not sure if you need the repair guy's notification
    to actually get in, if you do, he's in the same room as Yurick.
    Anyways, when you get inside, Seek the purple book on the table and Zael
    will learn little to nothing much on the Outsider and the mark on his hand.
    Calista will come in and tell you a bit about the book and her family's
    history. You will then receive a Cabinet Key.
    Head into the captain's room and on the right is a chest. On the left, Seek
    the cabinet, open the chest next to it for Slyph Bowstring to upgrade your
    Open the cabinet and instead will be a map along with a scene. Before
    talking to Dagran, make sure you prepare, appraise and upgrade. Talk to him
    when you'er ready.
    	~ Chapter 16 - Gurak Military Base ~			[016]
    After getting in successfully, tread water until you notice a lookout.
    Climb up to where Dagran is, hide, and snipe the guard and he'll fall into
    the water. Collect your reward. At the next point, take out the guard first
    so he can't command the ogres. Through the next door, there are two chests
    to the right. Head through the opening and fight a group of gurak soldiers.
    Use the arrow to draw the leader to you alone and take him out first of all.
    Here the game introduces DAMAGE CIRCLES. This is constantly lower your
    health bar, so you do not want to be stepping on to one of these. The best
    way to deal with this is to use COMMAND (up) with Zael. Have Yurick use
    Reverse, and Calista use Heal. Zael and Dagran should choose Retreat.
    Follow the team and fight enemies down the passage. After being separated,
    go through the door that magically opens. At the bridge you will be attacked
    from both side. You shouldn't have a problem taking care of them. Use
    Gathering to keep them away from Calista and hack away. Eventually a scene
    will take over. Therius and Asthar will come to the rescue.
    You should then receive a tutorial for Vertical Slice. Help Yurick, and then
    ahead is Dagran. Together go through a door for a battle with a Damage
    Circle covering the whole area. Not fun. Use Reverse and Heal. 
    Move ahead for a scene and then backtrack. Open the gate and then another
    gate. Save and through the opening. Therius will help you guys out. After
    the scene when you land, fight another battle and head through the door.
    Save and get ready to fight your way through.
    The tips here are to hide and use your arrows on the snipers up along the
    walls. Use Seek on the stones hanging from the ceiling and have Yurick take
    those down. Use burst arrows on the snipers, paralze arrows on the soldiers,
    and wizard slayer arrows on the healers and sorcerers. Eventually you'll
    want to come out and use Gathering and beat away at the more resilient folk.
    When you're done, you'll be asked if you want to keep fighting the forces
    here. If you feel like you're low on life, choose to move on. You will gain
    EXP and your lives will return to full. Open the door at the end.
    Save and open the chest and the other side of the room. You can use the
    summoning circle here to summon 3 gurak soldiers to fight at a time.
    Save before continuing. Seek and choose to shoot Zangurak to continue the
    scene. He will set his beast, Marbas on you and leave. Dagran will chase
    after him, so you're one man short. Dang, oh well.
    Marbas is -fast-. He will run around the room and cause earthquakes and
    flash-step around your like a ninja. It's annoying, I know, but there's a
    remedy to this problem. Around the centre of the room are a bunch of bombs.
    Pick up and launch the green bombs around the outer circle where Marbas
    likes to run around. When he steps on one it'll stun him and he'll stay
    stll for a little bit. When he flash steps around a teammate, use the bomb
    on him, too. If you need to, use the white bombs to heal your mates. I used
    it on Yurick a couple of times cause he likes to back away from the party.
    Soldiers will also start popping up in the room. Then would be a good time
    to protect Yurick/Calista and make sure they can keep casting.
    Afterward you will receive a ? Sword. Chase after Dagran. Zangurak gets
    away and Asthar will choose to retreat.
    	~ Chapter 17 - Asthar's Warship ~			[017]
    --------------------------- After the scene, your first task is to find
    | GOODS SHOP              | Calista. Head towards the weapon shop and go
    |			  | down the steps beside him. You will sight her
    | Wine..............1020G | but she'll move without seeing you. Move further
    | Banana.............240G | into the room and you'll find a Goods Shop. Buy
    | Sugar..............200G | a sugar from him for the BUDDING CONFECTIONER's
    | Giant Shark Fin...1010G | sidequest, if you haven't managed to nab one
    --------------------------- already.
    Move forward for another scene and Zael will note that she's crying. Head
    to the cannons and it looks like a dead end, but to the right is a tight
    path you can shimmy through to reach Calista for a scene.
    Also in this room is a cloaked man that can appraise weapons.
    After, talk to Asthar when you're ready to go back to Lazulis City.
    	~ Chapter 18 - Lazulis Castle: Dungeon ~		[018]
    Dang, got thrown in the slammer for no real reason! Sucks. Not much you can
    do but talk to your fellow cellmates. The first guy to your left is a shop.
    The second guy beside Mirania will tell you how much of a jerk Jirall is. A
    scene should take over and you'll be taken in for questioning. If you choose
    the option with Calista's name, you'll stay quiet from telling the truth and
    receive a whipping. Zael will pass out and remember a flashback.
    When you wake up you'll be in the cell. Talk to Horace and he says to wait
    for the guard to go away. He the guard's gone, talk to Horace again and he
    will show you the hole he's dug. Yay for possible escape. Lowell will keep
    guard, so the other three and Horace will go with you. Make sure you save
    and upgrade weapons if necessary before talking with Horace to continue.
    	~ Chapter 19 - Underground Tunnel ~			[019]
    NOTE: Have Horace check the walls. If you check the walls, you'll just get
    injured. Seriously.
    Seek and open the wall to the left for a chest (the wall under the torch).
    Open the other wall and crawl through.
    Open both walls, one contains a chest, the other leads to a room with a 
    healing spring. Seek the ceiling for a spider. Fight it, if you get poisoned
    just step on the spring to heal yourself.
    Have Horace open the walls, one has a chest. In the other you will have to
    Seek the statue to the left. Fight this Stone Blaze Lizards. All doors will
    open afterward. 
    Go out and save, then turn back around to the last room. Turn right and go
    down the stairs. Fight spiders and undead (remember your Undead Edge!). Have
    Horace open a wall for a chest. Open the door on the other side.
    Open another wall and Horace will try for the treasure only to fall through
    a trap. Follow after him. At the end of the path, open the wall for a set of
    stairs. Examine the coffin to start a fight.
    Hide behind a bench of use Wizard Slayer arrows. After the room gets dark,
    save your arrows. Horace will light up the room and the necromancer is gone.
    Go down the stairs and fight more uindead. Go towards this coffin and the
    necromancer will be back with back-up. He will summon undead and stone
    lizards so chase after him and beat him into submission. Use Gale when he
    teleports away. Or use Command, have Mirania use Heal, and Yurick use Flare.
    After, examine the back wall covered in ice. Check the coffin to continue.
    You will receive a Sun Stone and return to the cell automatically.
    Save and check the cell door to continue. Eventually all influential people
    will step in the save Zael's hide. When in control in the Great Hall, head
    to the courtyard to talk to Asthar. On your way back, a guard tells you to
    go see the Count on the third floor. He's the first door down the hall,
    there are two guards in front of his door.
    Step inside for a scene. Count Arganan proposes that you pledge absolute
    loyalty to him in exchange for knighting your group and possibly Calista's
    hand in marriage as well.
    Exit and you will see Calista pass by. Zael believes she overhead, so chase
    after her. Through the second door, across the bridge. She's not in her room
    so go to the ballroom balcony to find her. After the scene, the maid behind
    has the option to go back to the tavern automatically. But actually, you can
    go back to Calista's room and talk to her again. The room to her left is
    empty except for a save point. The room to her right is Jirall's, and he is
    so full of himself.
    Right, more sidequests!
      [CHARISMATIC CHEF]  For his Merchant Banquet he needs: pumpkin, almond,
    		      coconut. REWARD:
    		      Man his stall for a while and you can sell your own
    		      wares. Use Seek to target potential customers. The old
    		      man will buy your materials to make dye. The buff man
    		      will buy your armor. The lady will buy your weapons.
    		      If you sell most of your Blunt Silver Swords, you can
    		      make 10,000G each. Freaking amazing. I walked out of
    		      there with almost 30,000G. When you've had enough,
    		      walk away from the stall.
      [DRAGON MASTER]     A cloaked man in the area between Castle Gate Plaza &
    		      Arena Plaza will claim to have been a dragon in his
    		      previous life. Bring him 5 dragon skins so he can show
      [LUCKY FROG]	      Talk to the Fortune Teller and she'll tell you that 
    		      catching a Frog by the river will make you a lucky man
    The rest aren't exactly sidequests, but it is optional.
    Basically, from the east side of town, head down and walk under Centre Plaza
    and you should come out noticing someone on the Arganan Bridge. Seek the 
    spot to find Horace. Anyways, from where you stand, to your right should be
    a boy that will teach you how to catch the frog if you've talked with the
    fortune teller about the lucky frogs already.
    Right across from the boy is a frog. Approach from behind and choose check.
    Zael will be all smiles. Anyways, go up to the bridge and talk to Horace. 
    He will tell you the reason behind his arrest. Apparently his wife has gone
    missing and he believes her to be in that mansion on the north end of town.
    He asks that you come and help him save her. Before anything, back off and
    save outside the tavern.
    While you're here, go inside the tavern and speak to the man in green at the
    back of the room. Agree to help him rescue his daughter. This starts the
    next optional story. On the way out, a guard at the bridge will tell you the
    Count has summoned you, this is the continuation of the main story. Once
    you're all saved and ready, talk to Horace and agree to save his wife.
    	~ Chapter 20 - Haunted Mansion ~			[020]
    I did not save at all while I was in here. I was afraid to be stuck in this
    mansion if I couldn't handle it. I only save on one file unlike a lot of
    other people, haha. Anyways, if you by any chance die, you can always choose
    to restart from the Checkpoint Save.
    You'll understand after you finishing watch the first scene. You'll be
    locked in and you can't get out until you finish off the boss. Your party
    will consist of the boys. Yay. I think.
    The first part is pretty straight forward, every time you get into a new
    room, you lose another member. When prompted, seek the books to read the
    diaries of the original occupants. When you've lost all your members, and
    you end up in a hallway with two other locked doors, you need to go outside
    across from the first door. It's a graveyard. Among the coffins, each of
    your members are in one of them. The others are traps. If you do get caught
    by a trap, make sure you use the white bomb to heal right away because you
    do not want to lose a life.
    NOTE: If you ever lose a member, you need to come back here and free them
    or else you can't continue.
    After releasing them all, you won't be able to leave because you've been
    locked out. You'll have to fight a terracot for your freedom. Defeat it and
    go back inside. Go to the room at the end of the hall and outside again.
    Another terracot (or is it the same one?) will attack you again. In the next
    room go through the other door to find the key you need out of the pile on
    the floor.
    Now the next problem is all these possessed armors. To make your life that
    much easier, the first thing you should do is SMASH ALL THE SUITS ON THE
    GROUND FLOOR. They will break with one attack. That means you only have to
    deal with the possessed ones from the top of the room that you can't break.
    Make sure you keep a close eye on your teammates. If they go down, the
    black skeleton will appear to drag them and remove them from battle. You
    don't want that.
    If he does appear to start dragging them away, use Gale right away to free
    your friend. Always have that on hand. If you can spare, use Command.
    Have Yurick use Prominence (upgrade from Flare), Dagran and Lowell should
    focus on attacking, and Horace can either fight or hide. He tends to go KO
    the quickest either way.
    Once you come out of this alive, take the key back to the room with the
    bookcase and keyhole. You'll have to try and fail only to have Horace open
    the door. He'll go inside, find his wife, and be attacked by "The Vampire."
    That's what Dagran calls it anyways.
    Anyhow. For this guy, he is invincible while being all orange and scary.
    What you need to do is run from room to room finding the little ghost kid.
    He'll leave you behind a Silver Arrow and will supply you with more when you
    run out. Use the Silver Arrow on the vampire and it'll make him vulnerable.
    He usually circles around the entire mansion. So slash after him or cut him
    off or something. When he goes invincible, Dagran will let you know.
    Eventually he'll go down, Meredith will be saved, and you can finally get
    the heck out of here. And make sure you listen to Lowell and Yurick's
    conversation as they leave. Hilarious. You receive a DEATH Sword for this.
    You will return to the tavern automatically. Go downstairs and talk to
    Horace. Meredith promises to give you the cheapest their store can afford.
    Yay? Anyways, if you go to their store, Horace will mention something about
    dropping a book to the bottom of the well in the city and wants you to go
    and get it for him. Agreeing to do so starts Chapter 24. For now, decline
    because there's other stuff you can do.
    	~ Chapter 21 - Flame & Lizard ~				[021]
    Time to save that man's little girl like you promised. Head to Fountain
    Plaza for scene, sight the guy in the cloak and follow after him. You'll end
    up outside a store you previously couldn't get into. Well now you can. Go
    inside and seek him twice to your left. Confront him and fight him and two
    goons. You can attack the lanterns/torches to make a Flare circle. Awesome.
    After they go down, your friends join you for the next round of goons. Go
    upstairs after and Dagran will take one room while you and Seyrenne take the
    other. Defeat the enemies and nab the chest in this room across from the
    entrance door. Go to Dagran's room and grab the two chests on the left wall.
    Unlock the door back in your room and go out through the window. Move to the
    right and climb in to save the girl from the goons. The rest of your team
    should join you after you take down the caster, and actually, the little
    girl is a healer. Cool.
    Go back downstairs and fight the lesser shade. When it bursts, the girl
    gives you a warning. Heed it and diffuse her circle. Defeat the goons and
    continue to pound away and the lesser shade. Have Yurick cast Prominence and
    diffuse it around the lesser shade. Makes life easier.
    Receive ? Crossbow from the enemy.
    You will end up at the tavern, talk to the man who is eternally grateful. He
    will give you 3 Dragon Fangs. Awesome.
    Go outside for another funny sidequest. Talk to the Fortune Teller and she
    can now divine your love life. All right. So ask for your fortune on love
    and go out the east door in the centre plaza. The whole point of this
    is to choose the correct answer to the lady that comes, and then meet her on
    the second floor of the Flame & Lizard to earn yourself a groupie. It's
    hilarious actually if you care. 
    All right. Now for the next string of sidequests!
      [SECRET MEDICINE]  Head to South Gate Plaza and talk to the man sitting on
    		     a bench in the west. If you've been to both doors in
    		     the courtyard, he'll give you something to pass on to
    		     his grandson, the guard standing in front of the
    		     "Forbidden Gate". REWARD: DRAGON SKIN
      [DYE MAKER]	     Find her in the Artisan's Way, she wants you to chase
    		     after the pickpocket that stole her dye. If you accept,
    		     the pickpocket will walk in and you have to chase after
    		     him. If you lose him, go back, talk to her, and try
    		     again some other time.
      [LOST KITTY]	     A boy on the roof north of the central plaza can be
    		     found using Seek. Go behind the building to an open
    		     space, go up the ladder to talk to him. Find his cat.
    		     Talk to the fortune teller and find the cat in Fountain
    		     Plaza. Follow after it and shimmy behind the tavern to
    		     find the missing cat inside a barrel. REWARD: LADLE
      [PUMPKIN PATCH]    Go to Lazulis Road, the place where you fought the
    		     beast has been turned into a pumpkin patch. Talk to the
    		     man at the back to grow your first pumpkin. Come back
    		     for them later. You can always grow more by purchasing
    		     seedlings (and fertiliser) from the traveling merchant.
      [BOOK EXCHANGE]    Head into the library on the third floor of the great
    		     hall. A boy wants to exchange your Art of Magic for
    		     Rules of Nobility. Accept. 
    There's also some others you can do:
      o  Head to Stargazer's Tower for free Fireworks (10)
      o  Talk to the maid in the courtyard to upgrade Calista's Ballgown
      o  Head to the Living Area and enter Jirall's room to see him
         eavesdropping on Calista, or trying to anyways
    Right, when you're ready, talk to the Count and receive Fallen Angel, your
    first Star weapon. Arganan will then declare war on the Gurak. After you
    leave the room, Calista will walk by. Chase after her and she'll break up
    with you. Return to the tavern and speak with everyone.
    Upstairs you'll hear the Former Mercenary mention something about a guy at
    Fountain plaza looking for a Master of Archery. Talk to him for more info.
    Head downstairs and Syrenne will force you into a chat. You can't escape, so
    just accept it. When in control, leave the tavern and choose to go see the
    guy at Fountain Plaza.
    When you find the guy in blue there, choose to help him; he wants you to
    fire an arrow at a girl to make her smitten with him. Go along with it and
    receive Arrow Damage +2 for wasting your time. You can repeat this again in
    the future.
    Go to the courtyard and to the right is a guard you can talk to for a 
    challenge letter from a reptid. Choose to go and fight the reptid and kill
    him in one hit. Then ride the bease and use it to attack the other reptids.
    Collect your rewards and receive a PIRATE RING for your trouble. This can be
    repeated a second time.
    When you're ready, talk to the Count. When in control, head to the courtyard
    and check the monument in the middle to open a staircase to the Castle
    Depths. Head downstairs for a scene, only Dagran and Mirania will join you.
    Go through the warp when you're ready. The guy standing by the elevator can
    upgrade weapons if you need to do so.
    	~ Chapter 22 - Dark Spirit Passage ~			[022]
    Head forward, there is a chest under the second torch. Up ahead, defeat the
    Dark Mage by first defeating the Dark Spirit. Beat it until it drops its
    sword, then attack the mage. Rinse wash repeat until the mage dies. You need
    to use Gathering to make the Dark Spirit visible for everyone else.
    Afterward, step on the glowing lift. Seek the door, use the lift and enter
    the room. Fight the undead, mage, and dark spirits. Collect your rewards,
    and head back. Basically, follow Dagran's prompts and repeat by seeking and
    using the lift to go into the next room. When you get out of the right room,
    use the lift and ascend the lit-up stairs.
    Head down for another fight and continue for a chest under the torch. Keep
    moving and you'll have to fight off a Shade as well as some skeletons. When
    the Shade is visible, use Command and have Mirania use her offensive magic,
    and Zael and Dagran should attack. When it fades out, it might possess
    either Mirania or Dagran. In that case, have Mirania use Heal and lure him
    into the circle to cure him. The Shade will absorb life from the skeletons
    and the possessed character, so be careful. For your efforts, you'll receive
    Watch the amazing cutscenes, and when prompted, choose to command the island
    to continue. 
    You will also learn that Jirall is out to get you. Watch out...!
    Anyways, outside the library, talk to Dagran. Around the corner is Lowell.
    Seyrenne and Mirania are inside the library. If you head downstairs, the
    Lazulis Knight by the door to the courtyard will prompt the beginning of
    Chapter 25. You can accept, but it won't start right away. Head out into the
    courtyard and fight the group of assassins. A cloaked mage will come in to
    help you. But then s/he runs away right after. Head to the military wing and
    you'll be told Therius is looking for you.
    Head to the Lookout Point and talk to Therius for a scene. After, head back
    down to the military wing for a scene between Asthar and Mirania. She won't
    offer much details when you speak to her, so be on your way.
    And as you can guess, more sidequests!
      [PRECIOUS JEWEL]  Head to Castle Gate Plaza, a girl by the tables will
        		    stop and ask for your book so she can become a proper
    		    lady. Accept the exchange and receive PRECIOUS JEWEL.
    		    If you haven't already figured where the jewel goes, go
    		    back to the Great Hall and up to the third floor, down
    		    to the end of the corridor with the count's rom, and the
    		    Noblewoman there wants it in exchange for another book.
    		    Accept and receive the next item.
      [ZORAN'S SWORD]   Take the travel log down into the dungeons, turn left
    		    and Zoran will trade you his sword for his travel log.
    		    Sure, why the heck not? Receive ZORAN'S SWORD. And I
    		    believe that is the end of this crazy swapping quest.
    At this point, you can probably go back to Lazulis Road and harvest your
    pumpkins. And you might be getting GIANT PUMPKING x10. However, it's not the
    right pumpkin needed for the CHARISMATIC CHEF quest. Blah, he needs an
    ordinary pumpkin. However, you can sell these pumpkins to the traveling
    The next thing you can do is start Chapter 23, which is part of the main
    story. OR, you can do Chapter 24 and 25 first. I recommend doing 24 and 25
    first because it makes 23 a whole lot easier. I had to redo the end of 23
    around four times behind giving up because I couldn't beat the boss at the
    end. If you're confident you can win and beat the boss at 23, get to it.
    Otherwise, skip 23 for now and go for 24. See you in three chapters, either
    	~ Chapter 23 - Tower of Trials ~			[023]
    Talk to Asthar in the courtyard and accept his challenge to start the next
    Trial 1 - Defence
    Objective: Make sure the child arrives at the other side of the bridge 
    	   unharmed. Defeat the enemies, ally must live.
    Strategy:  You will be carry the child. Hide behind the broken pillars and
    	   what not. The archers will stop and shoot in a pattern. When they
    	   stop firing, use it to run to the next hiding spot. Make sure to
    	   hide. After the child goes through the gate, unpetrify the mage,
    	   use Gathering to focus the archers' attention on you, and use
    	   your own arrows. Otherwise, the mage will decimate them all.
    Trial 2 - Strength
    Objective: Defeat all the enemies on your own.
    Strategy:  Hide and walk to either end, I would choose the side that has the
    	   healer first. Use burst arrow on the ogre, charge and attack.
    	   Head up the stairs and take care of the healer. Knocking them off
    	   the edge also counts. Then head back around to the other side,
    	   and whatever you do, DO NOT ENTER THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR YET,
    	   unless you want to wake up the chess pieces. Defeat the other
    	   ogre and take down the archers. When all that's left is the 
    	   middle group. Head inside and use the Heal Spring if poisoned.
    	   Lure chess pieces up to where the healers/archers were and knock
    	   them off, IT'S THE ONLY WAY. One/two chess pieces will stay with
    	   the final mage in the middle. Use Wizard Slayers to take care of
    	   him before dealing with the pieces.
    Trial 3 - Wisdom
    Objective: Defeat enemies with the help of one ally. Between Mage, Archer,
    	   and Healer, you can only have help from one at a time.
    Strategy:  You awaken one whenever you touch them, and the other turns back
    	   into stone. So, awaken the Mage of the left and lure the Chess
    	   Knights to you with Gathering. Let the mage cast its magic before
    	   you attack, otherwise, they will not die. Then, use Wizard Slayer
    	   arrows to take care of the Witch and Healer.
    Trial 4 - Loyalty
    Objective: Defeat a group of enemies with 6 allies.
    Strategy:  Take care of the Healer and Witch. When go after the other chess
    	   knights. Every time you defeat an enemy, Zael will let you know
    	   how many are left.
    Trial 5 - Courage
    Objective: Defeat Asthar.
    Strategy:  Equip Paladin +5, if you have it. Guard and attack. You must use
    	   all of your skills at least once to progress the battle. Every
    	   quarter of health depleted from him, there will be quick-time
    	   scene where you need to move the control stick up or down in
    	   response to the screen. Four of these need to happen before the
    	   battle ends. When he glows gold, use one of your skills: Gale,
    	   Vertical Slice, and/or Slash to make it go away. If he's glowing,
    	   none of your normal strikes will matter.
    For your efforts, Asthar hands you a symbol. Head down the stairs and find
    Jirall in the next room. He will poison you with the death spell and bring
    the ogre to life. You MUST kill the ogre within the time limit or it's game
    over. If you did Chapter 25, you should have Grand Swell. Use either that,
    or upgraded Ogre Hammer if you have it. For winning you receive Wisdom
    You will automatically return to your room and there will be a knock on the
    door. Talk to Therius when you're ready to continue on to chapter 26.
    	~ Chapter 24 - Reptid Catacombs ~			[024]
    Talk to Horace in his shop. If you refused his request the first time, just
    head back into his shop and choose Exit and he will ask you again. Accept
    and head to the well north of Fountain Plaza - the one with two maids in
    front of it. Check out the well and choose to go down. Your party: Seyrenne,
    Dagran, Lowell, and Yurick.
    Head to the end of the path, save, and enter for scenes and battles. Open
    the gate, turn right for a chest, and continue down the path for another 
    chest. Save at the next point, and continue on.
    In this room there are three separate paths, each with a scout in front.
    Have Zael lure the scouts over and kill them. Head down the paths and defeat
    the teams there. Collect Ivory Fangs from the chests. When you have all 3,
    head back to the middle of the room with the statue. Fit the fangs in and
    another staircase will open up.
    Head down the stairs and defeat the raptid gladiators and swordsmen. There
    will be a huge damage circle and you cannot escape this battle. When you've
    defeated them, open the door at the end and go through. Head forward for a
    scene and fight against more reptids and their queen.
    Basically, hack away at the magic casters and throw bombs at the queen. It
    should end without much trouble. Collect the Ancient Grimoire and a cursed
    weapon, Flame Reptid before going through the doors for, guess what, MORE
    Return the book to Horace and you can now uncurse weapons so long as you
    have the Light of the Outsider.
    At this point a couple of sidequests should open up.
      [MINA]  Talk to her, as she's finished her work, follow her to meet her
    	  cat, Mini. You can give the cat an Almond and it'll like you.
    	  She wants to make Almond Biscuits. Give her: wine, sugar, and an
    	  almond. REWARD: GNOME SILVER x4
    	~ Chapter 25 - Sea Cave ~				[025]
    Head down into the Castle Depths and talk to the two soldiers at the end of
    the hall. Agree to search for the missing soldiers inside, and go through.
    Instead of Yurick, Mirania will be in your party.
    Head inside and before you head through the first door, you'll find a chest.
    If you remember, this is where you were at the beginning of the story.
    Anyway, when you get outside, defeat the enemies along the ledge. After,
    crawl up through a hole and you'll be separated from your friends.
    At the end of a path is a battle with a bunch of reptids. You can SEEK and
    choose to destroy the pillars. But basically when you start the battle, they
    may blow up from somethign else. You can jump off the ledge and fight the
    battle at the bottom instead of firing pointless arrows. At the end of the
    battle, you will have rescued a soldier. Yay. Lowell will also join you.
    Head to the door, but make sure to open the chest first. Go through the room
    and fight another battle. After that, Mirania will scream, she'll join the
    party and you'll have to fight another battle. When the sea reptids come up,
    have Mirania use her offensive magic and the other two attack. Make sure to
    use Gathering to make it go faster.
    When you move forward and Zael mentions a suspicious wall, open it up and
    head through to find Dagran and Seyrenne. Defeat the reptids here and open
    the two chests in this room. Head back and go through the other door. Before
    heading down the path, make sure to open two more chests here.
    Go down, defeat the enemy, and continue to the end to fight the Kraken.
    What you need to do is swing at the tentacles, one hit should sever it. When
    enough tentacles are sliced, the Kraken will surface and blow the ceiling
    up. When this happens, use Vertical Slice and land yourself on the Kraken or
    close enough to deal enough damage. You WILL lose a lot of your life if you
    stick around for too long, so I suggest backing off after the first time
    unless you're not afraid of losing life. Otherwise, back up and heal in
    Mirania's circle. Rinse, wash and repeat. For your efforts you receive
    the GRAND SWELL which is awesome against Spiders and is Nature-based weapon.
    Sweet. Anyways, the last soldier is half-drowned, but will live and you've
    completed this chapter.
    When in control, head to Ariela's tavern and talk to Yurick and learn about
    his eye. Talk to Ariela to receive a message from Therius (but you can
    ignore this if you've already seen him at Lookout Point). Head upstairs and
    talk to Lowell first in your room, choose to ask about his past. Then talk
    to Seyrenn and choose to talk about Lowell. 
    When you're ready and all loose ends have been tied up, head back to the
    Living Area in the castle and talk to Therius.
    	~ Chapter 26 - Lazulis Castle ~				[026]
    Talk to Therius to start the chapter, not even a couple steps forward and
    the castle will be under attack, AGAIN. Blah. Fight your way to the military
    wing with your ragtag group of soldiers. Head up to the Turret Room for a
    scene. General Asthar will die, and heed his warning before you get thrown
    into prison. AGAIN. Blah.
    	~ Chapter 27 - Lazulis Castle: Dungeon ~		[027]
    Talk to Dagran and then walk around your cell until a scene takes over. When
    you hear a click, Seek the cell door and the mage will free you. She mage
    reveals herself as Calista. Future wife to the rescue. Cool. Your next goal
    is to find Mirania.
    She's in the library. So, given control of Calista, use sleep arrows on all
    the guards you come across and then head into the library for a lengthy
    scene. You will end up at the tavern and Dagran will say you should search
    Jirall's room for evidence. Talk to him to continue.
    	~ Chapter 28 - Lazulis Castle: Courtyard ~		[028]
    Get past the guards without being noticed. Wait until the first guard walks
    far enough to the right and then run into the centre and hide behind one
    of the posts. The guard by the door doesn't move so you can run behind him
    and open the door. If you alert the guards, it's game over.
    Inside the Great Hall, turn right and go up the stairs, make sure the guard
    at the top has moved away far enough before you run towards the count's
    room. Before you turn the corner, Dagran will make the guards leave. Run to
    the Connecting Bridge and enter Jirall's Room. Seek the desk for a scene and
    the Count will have Jirall thrown in the Dungeon. 
    Your name will be cleared. In the morning, Therius will be at your door
    again. Both of you suspect Jirall has been framed and that someone else
    entirely is behind Asthar's death.
    When in control, talk to Calista in her room, then Mirania who is in the
    library. Head down to the Great Hall and talk to Dagran. Then leave the
    If you talk to a lady walking around Castle Gate Plaza, you'll learn how to
    get that treasure in the tent down by the riverbed. Head to the east end of
    it where the kid protects his treasure. Set off some firewords and he will
    abandon his spot. Claim the treasure before he comes back. REWARD: DRAGON
    Head to the tavern and speak to Seyrenne then Lowell. Agree to go to the
    Arena and clear it for 1000G. Seyrenne will say the prize was lame and hand
    it over to Zael. You will receive another 300G.
    Return to the castle and head to lookout point when prompted. You will be
    prompted to seek the island on your left. Choose "Yes" to start the next
    	~ Chapter 29 - Gurak Castle ~				[029]
    Enter for a scene. You will find the soldiers raiding the castle and you'll
    notice that there are only women and children around. Seyrenn will join
    your party. When in control cross the bridge and go to the left to find a
    woman behind the crates. A soldier will take her away. If you go down the
    middle path and shimmy through a narrow path you will find a chest with a
    Gurak Doll. At the right end will be a scene and flashbacks. These soldiers
    are no better than bandits. Follow Seyrenn beyond the soldiers and head down
    the elevator following more scenes.
    When in control, talk to Seyrenne, then the soldiers behind her. Then talk
    to Therius on the other side of the room. Save, and head through the door
    when prompted. Head up and follow after the little boy to find a group of
    women and children.
    Return to the throne room and defeat the ogres and Seyrenne will show her
    sadistic side. I love Seyrenne. Anyways, leave.
    	~ Chapter 30 - Lazulis Castle: Great Hall ~		[030]
    After the scene, head back to town for more sidequests.
      [FROG LOVER]  If you've caught three frogs (Fortune Teller > Happiness,
    	        Catch a frog by the river bed/Catch a frog at Castle Gate
    		Plaza's fountain), talk to her boy on the west end of the
    		riverbed and he will teach you how to Dive. You can now swim
    		in the river. Swim all the way to the other end of the river
    		and climb up the stairs at the end to find an old man. Talk
    		to him to receive a whole bunch of stuff. REWARD: DRAGON
    		Hand him the 5 Dragon Skins you've collect. Depending on
    		which body part you choose, he will make you Dragon armor
    	        for that part of the body. Bring him more dragon skins to
    		make the ultimate equipment.
    Talk to your party at Ariela's and then return to the castle to continue.
    When you hear Calista's song, way your way to the Castle Depths and back to
    the entrance of the Sea Cave. There you will find Calista. Break down the
    wall twice for a scene, and then Therius will join you.
    	~ Chapter 31 - Place of Secrets ~			[031]
    Head down the staircase. You will be attacked by trackers. Use Gathering and
    then Guard. Wait until you see "BURST MAX" and then release Gathering to
    freeze the trackers. Take them down and continue forward. You will have to
    fight them three or four times. At the bottom you will have to fight two
    battles before the gate opens. Check the gate and you and Calista will go
    through for a lengthy scene on the Outsider.
    Manually go back up the stairs and listen to Therius and Zael's chatter.
    When in control, talk to Mirania and Lowell in the Great Hall. You'll find
    rest in the tavern.
    Return to the castle when you're ready.
    	~ Chapter 32 - Lazulis Castle: Count's Chamber ~	[032]
    When prompted, seek the sword in Therius' hand. When the Count prompts you,
    choose to refuse; it's the only way to continue. Watch the awesome scene
    that comes with it, and then go find Calista in her room. Watch all the
    following scenes. 
    When in control, head to the turret room through the military wing, and go
    to the room in the back. Check the device for a scene.
    	~ Chapter 33 - Lazulis Castle: Great Hall ~		[033]
    You will be in control of Lowell. Make your way to the turret room. You will
    fight ogres, soldiers and archers in the courtyard. Then, you'll fight a
    group of reptids in the military wing. When prompted, seek whatever it is in
    the background and blow it up. 
    Head to the control room and there will be another battle. As Zell, take out
    the healer and the leader. Watch the following scene. Lowell and Yurick will
    leave the party.
    	~ Chapter 34 - Turret Basement ~			[034]
    As you go down the staircase,  you will be fighting battles on each flight.
    For the first fight, take out the scout and then the gladiator at the back.
    In the second fitht, defeat all the magic users first. For the third fight,
    run all the way to the end of the room and kill the healer and sorcerer,
    especially since they can hurt you pretty bad will explosive blasts. 
    OPen the chest at the bottom before continuing. In the next room, the party
    will tell you to head down. However, continue to the end of this hall for a
    chest. Then head down and Seyrenne and Mirania will leave the party. Further
    down, you will find Zoran. He's quit thieving to become a merchant. You can
    now purchase arrows and the like from him. And upgrade weapons too.
    Save at the point, I would recommend equipping an upgraded Fallen Angel if
    you have it. Enter the door for a scene. This boss is weak against Star
    element, hence the Fallen Angel. You have to destroy his barrier first, 
    before you can do any actual damage to him. The shield will come back up
    eventually. Avoid his red arrows, if you get struck with one, guard until it
    explodes, that should reduce the damage by a lot. Eventually, the rest of
    your party will join you, making this a whole lot easier.
    Pick up the Chaos Blade.
    Head through the door, save, and use portal. Move forward for a scene. 
    Arganan will cause the Outsider to fly into a rage summoning the beast, 
    Mitra. Arganan will be removed from battle, and you must find a way to 
    defeat Mitra.
    Have Zael use Command. Mirania should be using her offensive magic, Calista
    should be healing, the others can either use magic or attack offensively. 
    When Mirania casts her magic, use Gale to diffuse the circle causing Long
    Silence and Mitra will come down and you can hack away at it.
    Make sure you keep this up, and have your characters retreat often to the
    heal circle to keep yourselves alive. If you're feeling brave, use Gathering
    and block-counter those beams back at Mitra.
    When you've depleted enough life from Mitra, a scene will take over and 
    Arganan is now out of the picture.
    	~ Chapter 35 - Port Lazulis ~				[035]
    When in control, run forward for an ambush, defeat the gurak here along with
    the snipers up on the rooftops. Head forward for another scene where a 
    soldier tries to help and dies at the end. You must now use BURST ARROWS to
    defeat the wyrms flying above the sky. All three of them. 
    Further ahead, a Dark Murak will jump out of the water, and you must defeat
    it. Have Yurick use Prominence and then enchant your weapon and hack away.
    Eventually you should be able to Ride it and then put it out of its misery.
    Collect the General Sword. Then you'll find Therius on the other side of the
    dock, you must go to his rescue. Seek the Gate and have Yurick destroy it.
    On the other side, fight the first group of soldiers surrounding you. Then,
    more will come up from the water. The third wave off to the side is mostly
    archers and magic users. Run up to them and kill 'em all!
    Watch the scene afterward - he isn't dead yet. He will hand over the Sewer
    Key. So turn away from him and head towards where you broke in through the
    gate and head in the opposite direction - you should see Seyrenne and 
    Mirania in front of a gate. Before you head in through, turn yourself around
    and you should see two chests. Open them.
    Head through the door and save. Head forward to rejoin Lowell and Calista.
    When in control, talk to the boy next to Mirania to receive a SALAMANDER
    BONE. This can be used to upgrade Sanctuary into Caliburn. Yay. Take to
    Warren for a Light of the Outsider. Everyone else in this room that isn't
    playable is a merchant of some sort and they will sell you goods. Stock up
    if you need to. 
    Zoran will now sell you Gnome Copper and Gnome Silver, which is pretty neat.
    At the end of all this upgrading and what not, if you have enough money,
    purchase a pack of Silver Arrows. You will need it. 
    Save, and when you're ready, talk to Calista twice. Open the door next to
    Ariela to continue. You will receive a Summon Stone from Horace. This will
    come in handy.
    	~ Chapter 36 - Sewer ~					[036]
    Head down the long path until you reach the first intersection. If you move
    the camera around, there's a crab to your left, a chest across from you, and
    a path to the right. Claim the chest first. Then if you head right, Seyrenne
    will tell you the defeat the crab first. It heals when it's in water, so
    head further down the right path to draw it on to dry ground. Then, if you
    have Caliburn equipped, a few strikes will kill it.
    Move forward and two more crabs will burst through and you must defeat them.
    If you head through the hole closer to the dead end, there will be a save
    point and a white summon circle. Use Gathering on this circle to bring up
    Horace if you need him.
    Go through the other hole and head towards the opening the wall to go down
    further. Here, save and go up the stairs. In this next room, you will fight
    a whole group of crabs. Use Gathering to draw them up into dry ground, they
    will run away into the water to heal when they're low on health. If that
    doesn't work, follow them into the water and attack them, pushing them 
    towards the dry stairs. 
    When that's over, there's a chest in every corner of the room, open them. Go
    through the door your party's standing in front of. Here, go right twice to
    find two chests. Then backtrack and go straight this time, turning left as
    you go. You will find yourself back in the same room. Except this time, you
    must fight a demon (remember this thing from Haunted Mansion?)
    If you bought a pack of Silver Arrows, then you are in luck. Strike it to
    make it vulnerable and then chase after it. Defeating this guy should be a 
    lot easier this time around simply because he's slower, you're stronger, and
    you have Caliburn!
    When that's over, a door in the lower level (with the water) in the room
    will open up and that's where you need to head next. If you're not sure,
    just follow the big arrow. 
    In this next area, swim through the sewer will listening to Seyrenne
    complain about it, and save at the end. (I may have missed a possible chest
    next to the save point, if I did, open it before moving on). Head forward
    for a scene, and you will drop down into the room below. Start attack this
    spider and eventually the Gurak fortress will crash into your side of the
    island (yay?) and Gurak will swarm in. Defeat them AND the spider, claim
    your rewards, summon Horace if you need to upgrade, save your current game,
    and then head into the enemy base when ready.
    	~ Chapter 37 - Fortress Island ~			[037]
    Head forward for a battle, then head back to the intersection and open two
    chests. Head forward again and open another chest next to the save point. Go
    up for a scene. In this next room, try to pass the guard without being seen.
    I wasn't able to do so successfully and go into a scuffle with the guard,
    and the ogres. 
    Collect whatever's dropped and move on. In the next room is, haha, another
    battle. Head down the lifts and fight more battles. For the first wave,
    open holes in the wall to defeat the obstructor. For the second wave, go up
    the ladder and defeat the snipers, then the obstructors. Collect whatever's
    dropped and move forward.
    Go down the lift, save, and continue for another scene and another fight.
    Hide and use your wizard slyer arrows to take care of the sorcerers at the
    edges of the room, then have someone open a hole in the wall to take out the
    obstructor. When it's over, and just when you think you can collect those
    items, the ceiling crashes down, splitting the party. Damn. Luckily, the
    system gives you Calista.
    Go through the door, up the lift, and and open the chest on the left side of
    the room. Steer clear of the four statues for now. Open the door next to the
    chest to find Lowell. Now you can go for the statues. Halfway through the
    battle, Seyrenne will announce herself, but don't try to free her until you
    have defeat the monsters. Free Seyrenne after and head through the doors for
    another fight. 
    Mirania and Yurick will join you for this one. Defeat the Gurak that come
    through the wall, have Yurick create and opening in the wall to defeat the
    obstructor using whatever arrows you have. And then, go up the stairs and
    around to take care of the last two at the very top. Head back to where the
    stairs split, and go through the door. Open the chests at the end, use 
    Horace, and save.
    Use the lift, and head to the centre of the room to fight against the 
    glowing twins. Fun. What you need to do is go after Zepha (the one making
    the barriers), depending on the colour of his barrier, use Command to make
    your other characters break down the barrier with their spells.
    Green = Mirania
    Yellow = Calista
    Red = Yurick
    Blue = Lowell
    When the barrier is shattered, rush in and attack Zepha before he jumps away
    to make another barrier. Rinse, wash, and repeat. When you've hacked away
    enough life, they will retreat. Head up the stairs and through the door and
    save. And head through the warp.
    Move up for a scene. This time around, the beast will grab Calista and Zael,
    leaving the rest of the party to take the stairs. While you wait for the
    rest to catch up, I suggest using Gathering and running around the room,
    hiding behind the pillars.
    When the rest of the party joins, again use the same strategy as Mitra. Try
    to bring him down with Long Silence and hack away. The only problem is,
    Atra is a lot more violent.
    His beams can cause silence. He can make bolts of lighting rain down on the
    field - not cool. And he thrashes a whole lot more than Mitra. The only plus
    side is, you have more room to run around.
    Eventually Calista will say something about using her Ancient Summoning, and
    leaving the timing to you. When your characters have not been put under
    silence, use Command and have Calista use Ancient Summoning. Mitra will come
    and put Mitra in his place by clipping his wings and taking a chunk of his
    The rest of the battle involves you hacking away at Atra until he goes away
    for good. 
    The scene will switch to Jirall, and, seriously, he's still hung up on Zael?
    	~ Chapter 38 - Raging Ocean ~				[038]
    All you need to do is swim around pointlessly until enough scenes take 
    place. You should get two scenes in first-person, then when prompted, seek
    the ship and you will be dragged on to it.
    When prompted, seek Jirall, and the loser has finally gone mad. You will
    have to kill him in a one-on-one fight. There's probably a number of ways to
    do this. But since Jirall can jump into the air and then land a fatal blow
    on you, and you have no healer, this is what I did.
    I used Caliburn for the attack power. And then I used the uncursed Healel +5
    to keep myself alive. I switched from each weapon depending on how much life
    I had left and timed it to get a couple of good strikes against Jirall.
    Since he is insane, you can attack freely when he laughs like the lunatic
    that he is. There will also be scenes where you must use combos to dodge
    or counter his blows. The actions are up-down-up, and if you don't succeed,
    the next set-up is up-down-left. If you end up behind him, attack him good.
    When you've dealt the last blow, a scene will take over and he will die by
    his own sword. He will then, well, blow up into a bunch of roses. 
    You will receive the cursed weapon Emperor. What to do with this weapon?
    Uncurse it and then sell it for the gold. It's not worth equipping,
    	~ Chapter 39 - Reptids' Cave Revisited ~		[039]
    When in control, summon Horace if necessary and then head up and save. Up
    the stairs, open the door, turn right to find a chest. Break the wall behind
    it for another chest. Head back and follow the path until you see a gap in
    the wall with a chest. Shimmy through the open it.
    Up ahead is another battle. Run close to the enemy and they will run away,
    closing off exit. Damn them. Seek the wall next to the exit and check it.
    Check the wall at the end of the path.
    Follow through and fight a battle. Use Command and have Yurick and Lowell
    take care of the enemies in the area above, assuming you're out of Wizard
    Slayer arrows. Continue down the path and through the door.
    Left of the red summon circle in the corner are two chests. Summon Horace
    again if you need to and save. Head to the dead end of the room and open the
    wall. Head forward for a scene and fight the last cocoon. Attack it is 
    pointless so just hold out until a scene takes over and you'll be somewhere
    else - Zael's hometown to be exact. Kill the bandits one by one revealing
    them to be your party - not that Zael knows. 
    When the nightmare ends, attack Yurick to knock him out. More scenes will
    follow. In the next stage, you will have to fight Last Cocoon's beast form.
    It'll run around the edge of the room and then climb the pillars. When it
    does, use Seek and have the party blow up the pillar. When the beast falls,
    go in for as many blows as you can land, then back out. When it runs around
    the room, retreat to a heal circle and wait till it climbs the pillar again.
    As soon as enough damage has been down, it will change forms again - this
    time the final, real one, and its health will be full and you'll be back in
    the original dimension.
    What you need to do here, is to lure it to the altar, and then, heaven bless
    you have the Burst Arrows, aim for the sword dangling above the altar and
    use an arrow to make it fall on to the stupid beast. This should pin it to
    the ground and you can hack away at it.
    However, you only get one chance. Should this fail, Lowell suggests using
    brute force. To which, I then suggest having Lowell and Yurick use magic,
    Mirania use heal, and having Seyrenne use her Shadow Switch because it'll
    land a direct headshot. Have her use this whenever possible because it does
    quite a bit of damage. Otherwise, Zael and use Gathering and be bait really.
    You will receive a Nightmare for your trouble.
    Save, upgrade, and head through the portal.
    	~ Chapter 40 - The Last World ~				[040]
    Move up for a battle, try to lock on to the original to make this battle
    easier. There will be a scene afterward and the party will split. Thank the
    heavens the system gives you Mirania. 
    This is probably the only point the game where you get to control Seyrenne
    and Yurick. 
    As Seyrenne, try to live long enough for golems to burst through the door,
    and the scene should change to Yurick. While waiting for this scene change,
    I suggest using those heal bombs (the white ones) and standing in it while
    killing a Gurak or two.
    Anyways, as Yurick you have to fight three waves of battles. For the first
    wave, what you need to do is run up to the enemy and kill them, start with
    the one on the left and make your way around.
    The lift will move and in the next wave, use magic to take down the enemies.
    For the third wave, you'll have to go up to the enemy and attack them again.
    You will change back to Seyrenne. What you need to do here is use Command
    and have Lowell use Glacier on the Golems. One hit and they should fall. Go
    up to the Golems and use the directional pad to Reboot the golems to work 
    for your side and take out the gurak.
    Go through the door and you'll switch back to Yurick.
    For this battle you're going to have to switch between attack and magic
    because there are some enemies that you won't be able to reach. 
    When you change back to Seyrenne, dodge the trackers until a door opens up,
    and head through. Save and head down the walkway. Behind the second-last
    archway is a chest with Dragon Skin x3.
    Watch the hilarious scene at the end and you'll switch to Mirania and Zael.
    And your first fight is against Zepha. He will continually cast a damage
    circle on the majority of the room while keeping up a barrier around
    himself. You'll have to use Command and have Mirania take down the barrier.
    While she does that, you'll have to use Gathering to keep the gurak pawns
    away from her. And because of the damage circle, you'll have to go to a
    corner in the room while you wait for the circle and barrier to disappear.
    You'll probably get two strikes in before Zepha teleports to another corner
    in the room, and you'll have to repeat the whole process again. Yurick
    eventually joins the battle making it easier. Switch between Nature/Heal and
    Once you've taken down Zepha, you will receive South Wing and North Wing -
    twin swords.
    Next up is the other twin - Zesha - and he is that much harder. Because he
    hits super hard and he's super hard to hit. You MUST attack Zesha from the
    back for another to count, and make sure you steer clear of his front.
    Luckily the odds will even out when Lowell and Seyrenne join. Eventually,
    Lowell will block a killing blow for Seyrenne, he will fall, and they will
    both be removed from the party. However, Zesha isn't done just yet. He will
    start attacking again and since you only have Mirania and Yurick, you must
    flee from the room when they tell you to.
    Go through the door where Zesha was lying in front of earlier to continue.
    You will find yourself in a hall, move forward for a red summon circle. Keep
    going and you'll come to a door with a save point.
    Zangurak is beyond this door. Save your game and prepare for the last
    VII.	Copyright						[copy]
    This file is copyright 2012 Lillian Yeung.
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