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What does Q4 2010 mean?

I know right now it says release date Q4 2010 but what does the Q4 mean? And i also see Q2 or Q3 too.


tefird answered:

Q1-January, February, March
Q2-April, May June
Q3-July, August, September
Q4-October, November, December
In this case, since there still isn't a specific date and we are in Q4 now, I think it means the game still isn't ready. At this point it might not ship until next year.
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tefird answered: is listing November 5, 2010 as the ship date.
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zjCHICKEN12 answered:

Q means Quarter, or 3 months. So Q4 would mean October, November or December. But if this is about the release date, it is now March 22, 2011.
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LordLundar answered:

The Quarters are based of the financial calender, not the conventional one. Q1 is the start of the fiscal year, which is in April.

Q1 = April, May, June
Q2 = July, Aug, Sept
Q3 = Oct, Nov, Dec
Q4 = Jan, Feb, Mar

So the release of Q4 2010 translates to Jan 1, 2011 through until Mar 31, 2010
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