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Will there be episodes 1 through 6?

Will there be episodes 1 through 6. that would be so cool if u could be people like storm troopers?

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LordLundar answered:

Lego Star Wars 3 is centered around seasons one and two of the 3D animated series. A large portion of characters from the movie series is in the game though (including basic stormtroopers). If you want to play through the storylines of the movie series, then you need The Complete Saga.
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sonicyogurt122 answered:

Maybe they have not anounced that yet But maybe
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zjCHICKEN12 answered:

They have announced that there would only be levels from the STAR WARS: The Clone Wars animated TV series. However, other characters like arth Sideous (The Emporer), Princess Leia, Old Ben Kenobi and Han Solo are set to appear as unlockables.
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SiriusXXX74 answered:

There are some "Classic Characters" from the movies. However, the majority are from the CGI animated series and Clone Wars movie.
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