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Is there a shop to get people in the clone ship?The resloute?Help?


LordLundar answered:

No shop that I have seen. Characters seem to roam around and you buy them by talking to them.
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onedementedsmrf answered:

There is no shop whatsoever in this game which IMO is pretty annoying it was always a lot easier going to one central place to buy all the characters. You just have to wander about to get them all and make sure you kill off the characters after you purchase them as it will send in new people.
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Denokiller answered:

No once you complete levels they are either waling around on one of the 2 ships or if you compleate mini-kits you can unlock them below the hospital bay (Where you create your own people)
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gameguy1138 answered:

As you clear levels, more characters will show up on the ships. As you unlock more gold bricks, you can find more people wandering. also, getting 10 minikits in a level will allow you to purchase classic characters from the Complete Saga. Be warned: villains will attack you if you are a good guy and vice versa.
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