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How do I get past Asajj level?

I am a mom trying to help my 5 year old get past this level. Unfortunately I don't have mad Wii skills and need some help. We are stuck right at the beginning of the level. We grappled across to the two rooms with all of the droids and now are stuck and don't know what to do. Please help.

esanborn75 provided additional details:

Thanks markjr1234! That was exactly the part I was talking about. For some reason we can't force the doors. Any suggestions?

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markjr1234 answered:

I think i know what you're talking about. In the first room with droids, use the Force on the door(s) the droids are coming out of and use the Force again to move the purple power coupling(?) to the thing on the left. In the second room, use the Force on the door on the left that droids are coming out of. Then use the Force on the coupling connected to the cannon and use the force on the cannon. I think after that, you can go in the elevator in the middle.
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