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How do I beat the Malastare Space Mission?

I've got the tentacle ship that shoots missiles and pink torpedoes, but I can't seem to blow up enough stuff in time. I have to be right on top of the asteroid things to blow them up to shoot the pink torpedoes, and I can't seem to get to them in time.

Any advice?

Relbourne asked for clarification:

My asteroids seem to have a magnetic repeller around them. I can't seem to hit them even when lined up with the. They will either go under or around. If video is needed, I'll try hooking it up to my DVD recorder. In the mean time if anyone knows of a cheat to get all gold bricks that would be cool. This is the last one I need to get.


ade196 answered:

The asteroids have three different stages. The first stage is the dark force outer shell which has to be hit several time by missiles to remove. The second stage can only be destroyed by the pink torpedoes and will give you a decent amount of studs. The final stage is where the asteroid blows up into 5 different pieces and will give you the most studs.

The Trident Assault Craft is the only ship you can use to beat this mission. Focus on destroying the first two stages and blowing up 3-4 pieces of the smaller asteroids before moving on to the next large asteroid. Using this method you should be able to beat the mission after destroying 5-6 asteroids within the time limits.
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