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How do I open the cells in the detention block?

Technically, I only need help with one. The last door we need to open has a block on the wall that needs to be rotated or manipulated in some way to activate a lock on the door, but we are having zero luck figuring out how to do it. If we physically run into it with a character, it rotates a bit, and we have lit up three lights, but getting it all the way around is not happening.


Relbourne answered:

'Use the force". Using a Jedi is how I did it. You'll need to rotate your joystick starting at the bottom and go counter clock wise.
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rslqk186 answered:

On a WII. Untill I got to the last 2 Separitist Ground Missions I could not open the last 2 cells. They contain the Separatists needed for these missions. I also found that using Robonino to open the last cell and brining a Jedi for the red brick quickens things.
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Fred102 answered:

Beat the Republic Assault on Naboo and Nute Gunray will appear in the 5th cell. After that you can use a Sith or a Jedi with dark force to spin the block counterclockwise.
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