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How do I get past Weapons Factory?


Am having some problems on SW CW for the Wii. Am stuck on Weapons Factory and am trying to defeat the gold/silver bases outside of the factory itself.

I believe I need an RX200 tank, but no idea how I get one. Any help?

Many thanks


christopher8231 answered:

ok, I found this really hard too at first. whenever you first begin go ahead and capture all of the bases to the North, South and West of you first base. There should be a total of 6 blue bases on your side BEFORE you cross that land bridge to the red base. take taht one out, collect studs and so on until you get to the level with silver bases on the other side. With all of your first bases captured go to one of them that has an open spot and click on Air Support (not click but put the pointer on or whatever). For the Gold Objects you need the RX200 tank, However it wont work on silver objects. For Silver objects i recommend the AT-TE walker cause nothin there can kill it. Enjoy the game :)
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christopher8231 answered:

you can also look in the GAME FAQS if you cant figure out my way.
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