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Asked: 3 years ago

Is it possible to unlock Darth Vader's Apprentice?

I search through the character screen and I see battle damaged darth vader so is it possible to unlock him

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Yes it is and it's for any version just in case you are wondering. Get the 10 minikit in the fourth count dooku episode, it's called defender of peace. I'll even give you a check list of what type of character you need: A sith, fastest one would be savage oppress using the code MELL07, bounty hunter would be cade bane in the enemy ship, just where you land, protocal droid, both are pretty far away, but the grevious chapter 3 is easiest. astromech, and either robonino or magna guard for electric charge. Everything is pretty straight foward except there is a generator somewhere on the top left corner and it has a big lego plate covering one of the slots connected to the generator. Destroy everything if there is anything there and build three buildings from that generator, but make sure you DO NOT build on that lego plate. After building three things you should see that lego plate blow up and reveal a canister underneath everything else is simple, also you gotta build a minikit generator by getting to level 8 in building

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The apprentices name is starkiller. if u have the force unleashed 1 u juno calls u star killer that is his name.

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Get all the minikits from "defenders of peace" and vaders apprentise will appear in one of the bacta tanks leaving from the left exit of the character customization room

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Yeah buddy! All the minikits from Defenders of Peace pay off! Anyway, check out a walkthrough if ya cont find them.

Force lightning is boss man.

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