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Republic or droids?

How can you be the droids in this game?Did i do something wrong.It went right to the republic?what do i do

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thank you LordLundar.

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If you're playing through the story mode, you can only select the characters they give you. as you progress you'll be given the option to buy other characters that you encounter through the game and play as them in Free Play mode, which allows you to switch and select amongst a random selection of characters that have all the abilities you need to get all the collectibles.

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If you're speaking of the ground battles theres 2 seperate ones theres the seperatist and the republic they have 2 different icons in the console (bottom left and bottom middle)

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If you actually want ot buy them then you have to go to the Republic Hanger, you have to go down 2 elevaters. Buy one of the ships if you havent unlocked any yet. You will notice you can ride in it. Jump in and you will be transported out of the ship into space in the midst of a battle. Go to the far right and you will be at the Seperatist Ship. Go to the hanger and land as normal in a space battle. You will then see Seperatist Characters available to buy. As for if you are trying to play as Speratist in a Ground Battle i believe you can only do that in Multiplayer mode. I am not exactly for sure for i have not even been playing for a week. As i aquire more info i will be more then happy to share it with you.

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