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Asked: 4 years ago

how do i play guitar with a wii remote. I know all the frets, it just only lets me play volcals?

Please help me?

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From: GaryAtEastern 4 years ago

Im going to give you the benifit of the doubt and assume your not having trouble figuring out how to connect the wiimote to the plastic guitar.
So if your wondering if you can use just a wiimote without the guitar to play guitar... No. I believe GH3 was the only game to use that feature. You need a guitar controller if you want to play guitar or bass.

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there's a slot in the guitar where you need to put a Wii-remote. put the wii remote in that slot and then turn it on and it should let you play guitar and bass. this worked for me and this is my first time playing guitar hero on wii.

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Although what i put is for playing with the guitar, if your asking about playing with just a wii mote then you can't do it.

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If your asking about playing with just a Wii Remote then no. you half to use guitar to play bass and guitar, drumset to play drums, and the Wii Remote only lets you play vocals. Guitar Hero III: Legends of rock and Aerosmith were the only ones that let you play guitar and bass with a Wiimote. GH, GH2,GH80's, GH3, and GHA were the only ones that let you use controllers for anything they had

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