Question from ERNIEISCOOL

Asked: 3 years ago

Did they really have to change the voices?

The game is pretty awesome, as I expected, but one thing that disapionted me greatly was the voicing. The other thing was that andromidas mouthing is WAY off. WHY?

Accepted Answer

From: Babbo_The_Great 3 years ago

Changlini doesn't really answer the question...

In any case, the original voice actors most likely could not be re-hired (whether it be for contract issues, insufficient funds, or whatever). Yes, the lip syncing IS off and noticeable. That is a fault on High Voltage Software's department. (That would be inexcusable if I were in charge.) I suspect that MIGHT be patched later through an update, but I'm not going to keep my fingers crossed. If you turn on the subtitles, you'll notice even MORE problems in the form of missing dialogue and extremely long pauses.

Still, this game is a graphical masterpiece. Andromeda does look like a a stone cold fox.

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She becomes nicer as you progress through the game.

After the end of the game, she has a very funny reference to Sega's old commercials

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