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There have been two update patches since this game launched. I don't see any changes. What were they for?

I was wondering if anyone knew what the past two update patches did for Conduit 2. I haven't noticed any significant any case, the frame rate tends to drop a bit when the action gets really heated and the audio becomes somewhat static. I was wondering if High Voltage Software has noticed this issue.


Kirby_Pwns_All answered:

The first one was, as far as I can tell, for the Double Exp. The second one was to fix a big glitch on the first level where the player was blocked by a gate and couldn't fight the Leviathan.
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Scythereap answered:

There's now been 3 patches. The first two mentioned above and the latest one is the end to the double XP
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bananapowers answered:

Both are wrong ^ o.0. Check the boards. They have clearer results. Plus, the patches did end and start double exp, but they also fixed a few glitches here and there too. Check the boards. They are 500x more active and have Devs and a decent community. o.0
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