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Classic Controller?

I know that you need a Wii Motion plus for this game but if you hook a regular remote to a classic controller, will it still work?? Or do you just need a wii motion plus for everything??


072396 provided additional details:

I know that this game can use classic contoller and wii motion plus but can you use a classic contoller with a regular wii mote, or do you have to have it connected to a wii motion plus.

(hopefully thats clearer for you)

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lilzay33311 answered:

Conduit 2 will support a wide variety of peripherals such as Wii MotionPlus, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, and the PDP Headbanger Headset
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Samu5_ answered:

You dont necessarily need a Wii Motion Plus, since its used to have a better experience and complex motion when playing this game, either offline (in Campaign mode or Splitscreen) or online. With that being said, you can play Cobnduit 2 without a Wii Motion Plus, since this equipment is optional.
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demomhunter answered:

You can use a classic controller without a Wii motion plus hooked into the remote :)
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Averyminya answered:

Wii Motion + does nothing for your CC/P controller.
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