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How do you kill Li?

What weapon or strategy do I use to kill LI?

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creepercool answered:

It's good to have a SMAW and an ARC eclipse with you for this. All of his attacks are easy to avoid except the fireballs, and this is where the ARC eclipse comes in handy. Turn invisible about 4 seconds before he begins throwing them at you. If you do it too late, he will somehow be able to see you even after you turn invisible.Then when he is crouching and vulnerable, the SMAW does a wonderful job of damaging him. Each hit takes down 1/3 of his health, so you only have to hit him 3 times. During the final stage where the he summons Jade Stalkers, don't bother trying to kill them. Avoiding them is your best bet, but you can also fill up on frags from the ammo cache and chuck about 4 of them at the spot where they are summoned from(when one is about to spawn). This will kill them quickly, but avoiding them is still your best bet.

I'm not good at getting answers to flow, but i hope this helps.
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coolnerd07 answered:

I agree with creeper on pretty much everything but I found that the only unavoidable attack to be the one where he sucks you in and then breaths fire on you. to take the least amount of damage from this attack you have to run away from him while staying away from the jade warriors. to avoid the fire balls just get to one side of the arena and sprint sideways.
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redsteeler answered:

The breathing in/fire breath combo is pretty hard to escape, as coolnerd mentioned, but it can be avoided. Sprint to the side while jumping constantly and the fire will barely clip you or miss altogether. Either is preferable to incineration, I say.
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vyledust answered:

I found that grenades were the best bet when he was weakened. I would spam them, since you can restock anyways, and they would chip his health away nicely. As far as the breath in attack, I would run in the opposite direction. It gave me more airtime to turn back to him and shoot the entire way. I do not recall it doing any real damage (compared to the grenade damage), but it was a lot of fun. I do have to note though, I had the phase rifle and shotgun, so I sorta had to rely on the grenades to begin with.
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