Question from utahutesfan

Is anyone else experiencing frequent multiplayer freezes?

I have played invasion a lot and if I ever get far on it, the game freezes losing me alot of credits and has pist me off several times. Are they planning on making a patch for it? I have downloaded all the current patches but the freezing is still going on. This is the only real problem i have with the game.

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creepercool answered:

Every time I reach about round 4 on serenity, the game freezes and i feel the same way you do. Currently they have not addressed it, but lots of other patches have been made for multiplayer online. I just gave up and am playing online until they fix that...
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Shiranui777 answered:

I often freeze online during matchmaking and get stuck and have to turn off my wii to get out of it. Hopefully they will clean up with some new patches. Im sure people's complaints will bring this to their attention.
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