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Nothing happening?

I got to the part where I was told to go scan the bomb in D.C. and I only had ten seconds, and before that I got to a checkpoint ant the institute, but I was too late and it blew up, but when I respawned, a torpedo stuck in the ground exploded, and there were no enemies, the train was back, the bomb wasn't glowing, and I could walk through the train, what do I do?

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If that happens, will I lose all my money, because I'm saving for something?

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I tried to get into the institute, but I can't.

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If I notify the company, won't they just make it an update?

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BulbasaurusRex answered:

It's probably a bug, since you're not supposed to be able to get that checkpoint until after you stop the bomb. Contact High Voltage Software about it, and hopefully they'll patch it.

Unfortunately, it puts you in a bad spot. See what happens when you try to continue the campaign after restarting the game. If it still won't work, you'll probably have to restart the campaign, which may mean also restarting your profile. In that situation, make sure you include that part in your e-mail or form submission to HVS and wait for their response before trying anything.
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creepercool answered:

That happened to me, but I was able to go inside the institute and continue on with the level.
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