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For that achievement that says to crouch several times near an injured player, exactly how many times is "several." It is talking about teammates waiting to be revived in team online multiplayer games, right?

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Samu5_ answered:

I dont know the exact number of times but no I think it means to almost dead opponents because when I got my achievement, I crouched for about 10 seconds (which was the respawn time) on the near dead opponent until he just vanished. Right after that, I got my achievement which showed in-game on my yeah I think you have to crouch on or very close to your opponent not your teammate.
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ThePrisoner06 answered:

From what I can remember, the way I got mine was to crouch next to a wounded opponent about 4 or 5 times. Hope you get the achievement.
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boxdude123 answered:

yeah it was definitely an opponent because I was in the same spot as you crouching next to teammates then I trid opponents and it worked instantly[good luck]
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BobbyJones2828 answered:

You can do it to an enemy as well because i did it to an enemy & it worked but i tried it about 10 times in total before i got it sry I don't actually know how many times i crouched but it worked in the end (it is technically tea-bagging)
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KoRT_DatOneGuy answered:

Really, the achievement is just is a reference to tea-bagging, so just do that to an opponent to get the achievement.
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