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Can HVS make it feel natural to ADS?

You know how in call of duty where everyone ADS(Aim Down Sight). Well can they do that for Conduit 2. Make it feel like its necessary to do that. It would feel more like call of duty. Just make the ADS mode feel right that it makes everyone ADS and maybe it wouldnt be so easy killing people. You might actually have to develop some decent skill then. Anyone else think this should happen?

Voltage360 provided additional details:

Thats actually why i want ads to be natural cuz in conduit 2 the movement is too much so u kinda have to work hard to kill someone and that can sometimes be a pain for having to work hard to kill someone everytime u see someone. for some people its way to hard to kill someone and that might sometimes not be fair. so thats why i wanted the ads to be natural


mode333 answered:

No, this game is already like CoD enough as it is, not to say that I don't like this game, because I love it, but it's not neccessary. And compared to CoD, it is a lot harder to kill someone.

This really doesn't belong in the answers section, it belongs in the message boards, but whatever.
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