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Asked: 3 years ago

Can't get into that door (Not The Oil Rig), Siberia. Suggestions?

So I'm going through the level like I always do, "Hey Joe, how's the kids doing?"
"Oh, their doing fine Dave. You should really se- WAIT! You're not Dave!" *pew pew*
Ok. So that's not what happened but there's a locked door in Siberia where some sentences are experimenting on a Drudge soldier. I decided to help the Drudge out by pulling out my Phase Rifle and shoot the scientists. Heh heh. Off on my way. However, going through the level it occurs to me that THERE IS NO WAY IN THERE and redoing the level WITHOUT shooting the scientists GAVE ME THE SAME RESULTS. I personally think the Dark Star is in that room though it's found in Preiciple. Any help? 100% Completion needed.

Accepted Answer

From: coolnerd07 3 years ago

Go through the next room (with cyborgs on the level below and to the right of the door) after that there is a hallway with cyborgs at the end, the door is about halfway down on the right side.

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Go on till you find the hallway with robots at the end. The door is on the right side.

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