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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you choose game modes for a public match?

In the first Conduit, everyone voted before a match on what map and weapon sets they would play with. In C2 they've now updated the multiplayer with personal weapon loadouts, so I understand why we don't choose weapons anymore, but the only hint at which game mode I will soon be subjected to seems to only lie within choosing categories, Free-For-All, Team Grab-Bag, Hardcore, etc. It seems as if the modes are selected at random.
I only played two or three matches, so I could easily be missing something. I hope I am. Or do I really have THAT little control over public matches?

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Well, you actualyl vote which of the two maps/mode that the room is given, like in Call of Duty.

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Unfortunately, its not like The Condiuit, since now you have lost mostly all control of your favorite game mode and map, you just have to wait until your game mode and map is at voting so you can choose it. (and hopefully that map wil be chose)...

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They did this to stop the abuse of streets and other certain maps, and also explosives set (with custom loadouts)

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