Question from Yami_Tantei

Noir Takedowns?

Goblin level says there are six takedowns:
-up close
-elevated ground

I can't figure out how to do crawling, please help.

Yami_Tantei provided additional details:

I tried crawling on the walls but that just gives me a wall takedown, I'll keep trying and hopefully I'll get lucky.


Dokurai answered:

This is what I think:
1. Extremely close
2. Not close but take-down is available
3. when you are on a perch you hang them I think
4. Close to a wall and you take them down onto the wall
5.Elevated ground
6. Crawling on wall I believe, although I'm not sure...
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DarkArceus10 answered:

How do i get to hammerhead?do i use the yellow opening up top? i cant get thru?
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cripster1971 answered:

The only place you can crawl is on walls, so you must keep moving while on the wall while still maintaining the Takedown stance.
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pengincloud7 answered:

The crawling one can be tricky, but what i've found to work is to crawl to a point directly above them and keep your distance, and tilt the camera so that you have both you and the enemy in frame
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Molluga answered:

On the wall,like-hiding his back,up to him on a street-lamp,not hiding but near to him,when you perched to another thing and he's under you,crawling to his foot like:

____--> Enemy is here
| ______________________________________________
|-->Noir is here | Make a Takedown |
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master_gamer11 answered:

1. Up close: Just as it says on the tin. You have to approach your target really close up from behind. You'll know you've done it right because Noir will usually begin the takedown by grabbing the target.
2. Ground: The standard takedown. You'll need to be standing on the ground, on the same level as the target.
3. Perch: You have to be standing on a small perch (Places you can normally reach by Web-Zipping), above the target. The target will be left hanging after this.
4. Wall: This is just like a standard takedown, except you need to be standing next to a wall to do it. Noir will proceed to knock the target unconcious against the wall and stick him there if you've done it right.
5. Elevated Ground: Self explanatory; the platform you're standing on (NOT a perch) must be higher than the ground or platform your target is standing.
6. Crawling: Noir must be Wall-Crawling while you perform a takedown. He'll leave the target stuck to the wall afterwards, just like a Wall Takedown. The important thing is that in order to perform it, you must rotate the camera so that the target appears in your sight.
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