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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you plan a Wedding, Birthdayparty,and party?

Well when I got married i seen have private wedding.For birthdays I didnt even know you could plan one but it says it in the guide,and also parties in the the guide it has a trait called party animal but not on the game so how do you have a part?

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Okayi never played the sims 3 for wii but i have it for ps3 and im pretty sure they are the same
just typed on the sim you are controlling and then choos your cell phone , throw a party then plan the reason of the party and the time and the clothing they are gonna wear ;)

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The sims Wii version is very different from others. You can't do many things you could otherwise do on the PC for example. I don't believe that you can throw parties.

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