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Hidden games after breaking out of the chair?

I broke out but when I type DOA it doesn't recognize the word and when I type Zork it says at your service, but i don't know how to play. So how do I unlock DOA and how do I play Zork? and DOA after I unlock it?

clouxstrife asked for clarification:

How the hell did you manage to get out of your chair? Pressing the "Shoot" button just takes me back to the title screen where you need to press A.

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Coolerics10 answered:

You can also break out on wii by shaking the wiimote + nunchuck sideways.
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Turbo_X_Vile answered:

You break out by looking down at you with the right stick (assuming you're using classic controller) and then keep pressing ZL and ZR to break free. As for the DOA thing, I had the exact same problem.
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jerenator answered:

There is no DOA on the wii, sorry.
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Coolerics10 answered:

For info on how to play zork, use the GAMESPOT guide in the FAQs section.
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